Sunday, 25 September 2016

"Take a Sip and Think!"

"Take a Sip and Think!"

All after having Iced Latte at "The Den"

At first, this person is ought to say that while that cozy, grey-coloured area is as seemingly out of place, the newly opened cafe simply known as "The Den" offers a pleasant respite from one's work if not a chance to take ease from the usual pressures happened everytime.

Designed by the 1/0 design collective along with 98B collaboratory, "The Den" offers a good serving of Coffee, tea, as well as pasta or even a grilled cheese sandwich in a reasonable price.


Quite strange though but despite the raw setting (perhaps because the walls aren't painted) and the uniqueness of its furniture designed for the cafe's purpose, "The Den" makes one afford to brainstorm for a good proposal if not making one's imagination flow in a way this person is making his own "art" for quite some time alongside a glass of ice-cold latte.

And with its official opening and attended by various personages mainly within the art scene, "The Den" is somehow truly shows that its creators aren't also just focusing on designing structures or the furniture, but also having time preparing coffee, tea, even pasta and grilled cheese sandwich for customers after a day of seeing things at the HUB and before drinking sprees at Fred's Revolucion.

After all, like the place and the furniture, this person is ought to say that even preparing and serving food, be it coffee in papercups or pasta served in porcelain, is a serious craft to deal with.

And perhaps, the owners did truly enjoy doing it. So have a respite at "The Den" with some coffee and some magazines (as featured in this post) sandwich as part of an Escoltan experience!


The Den is located at Ground Floor, Perez-Samanillo (First United) Building 413 Escolta St, Binondo, Manila (near Sta. Cruz Church, Old Prudential Bank main office, and Regina Building)