Friday, 16 September 2016

To Stand Up as a Nation Or to be Contented as a Neocolony?

To Stand Up as a Nation 
Or to be Contented as a Neocolony?

Notes on the popular idea of clinging to its inherent Americanism
And the aspiration of building a better, independent nation

It's been a series of discussions, or rather say hecklings to deal about especially after President Duterte expressed his disgust in front of both local and international media.

With words such as "Who are you? What right do you have to try to push and lecture me, a head of an independent and sovereign state, on what I do for my country and my people!"  It seems that people are again babbling about the benefits of being a vassal of a bigger nation if not a hodge podge of cold war hysteria and concerning about loss of "development packages" coming from those who currently thinking about their own problems instead of others (yet seeing its government choosing to spend more on wars as if necessary to maintain dominance and interests.)

But the irony is that these people also afforded to babble patriotism the way they fly the flag and sing the national anthem; but their view on becoming self reliant seemed half hearted if not reluctant as they continue prefering to depend on outside aid such as the United States or any of its allies like Australia or any other country whose geopolitical orientation smacks of Atlanticism.

And as in the past, there are those who seriously yearning for a return of US Bases thinking that besides arms and development packages, possibly there be provisions ranging from both US and Philippine flags will flown side by side and both US and Filipino military commanders be as if brothers in equal footing.

Quite nice though at first to hear statements coming from both the United States and its brown skinned apologetics, with all the promises of immediate action and equal yet preferential treatment entirely in paper or perhaps meant for the papers in case of actual actions.
But reality be like Uncle Sam is the boss while Juan de la Cruz as the servant; the former may as if earning for some hot cash brought about by its taxpayers and the perks of living outside mainland with all its tropical wonders, but their goods meant for the latter be like state of the art trash if not a series of scandals meant to suffer.

And ever since this person and others concerned sees most of the time people assuming to be "patriotic" if not "nationalist" be at the same time crying for Yankee aid most of the time, then its better to ask why not let the country and its people stand up for itself? For sure time and again seeing dependence on Yankee aod shows a country's mendicancy on the pretense of additional development and security.
And also to think that for a country wherein having rich resources and hardworking people, standing up independently as a nation would truly make Uncle Sam's supposed conscience thinks how his brown brother he bullied truly knows how to be himself as he faces Fu Manchu in the other backyard.

And also if president Obama once afforded to say that "Peoples and governments all around the world look to America for leadership and security," lies the fact that the United States, in order to maintain its interests, has to consolidate its allies even closer, or rather say trying to insist its unwritten dictum that its vassals has to follow nonetheless "America's way or no way and the highway."
Apologetics be like trying to repackage statements into something correct and pleasing to the ears, as if all the nations "are looking to the United States as they set and write the rules in a rules-based world!"

How strange then, that if they afforded to assume themselves as patriots or nationalists, then how come they chose to be as much American as the Americans themselves? Is it because of the illusion that the United States-Philippine relations are in an equal footing? Or the idea that the United States will provide packages of development as in the good old days? Again, Big BothSam is the boss while Juan is the servant; the latter as if earning for cash and perks of living outside mainland with all its tropical wonders, but their goods meant for Juan be like state of the art trash if not a series of scandals meant to suffer.

Imagine, the Chinese afforded to reverse engineer every good be it guns or cars, of Kalashinov copies by Norinco or imitations of BMW limousines under the name "Red Flag", while Juan chose to get contented on second hand stuff with alibis such as "least it is good quality and cheaper than rolling sleeves". Sorry to say but despite describing it as cheap ass copycats and fakes, why not learn from their experiences for at least to make some good quality ones really enough to counter theirs?

Perhaps that damn Sam, with his usual incorrectness be like:

"If Victor Charlie did defeat that Fu Manchu alone from 1979-1980 with few aid and same weapons, then how about Juan? He's a good soldier anyway, what he needs is his own initiative to cultivate over to counter that sleeping dragon."

Hence, no need for agreements be it the "Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement", "Mutual Logistics Support Agreement", "Visiting Forces Agreement", and scrap all illusions for another "Military Bases Treaty" and an illusion of "Parity Rights"; but instead there are more lessons to learn how to be ourselves given that there are good and intelligent personages willing to break from decades old mendicancy from both west and east. After all, of what is "change starts from the self" if that self is meant for the individual and not also for the nation?

Perhaps, let the awakened make heaven out of that goddamn hell.
That's all for now.