Thursday, 8 September 2016

When midnights comes poetry

When midnights comes poetry

As everybody sleeps, and this person remains awake at midnight, it seems worth enticing to write some literary works such as poetry besides reading if not brainstorming for a tract that's meant to be written.

Inspired by his past experiences, of books, and perhaps those meant to cherish for all those happy and saddening times, this person feels that in making those poems in the middle of the night (as shown below, as well as others posted earlier) tends to stimulate the mind and let its imagination flow, translate into words, that is, suitable for a literary work such as a poem.

And in speaking of midnights that sometimes creates an ire particularly those who caught him awake all because of these, then pardon him for having himself dwellth into the nights if most have to rise on morning days.

"When the moonlight fades away"

When the moonlight fades away
And the sun shows the way
When the night ends its starry casts
And the day comes cloudy masts
Fragrant flowers spread their scent
Lies the call of thy freedom
Lilies, roses in the land
A renewed word that is love

When the stories have been told
They wake the people up
When the battles end fought, won
They wake all the people up
Legends rise from blood soiled fields
The way roses end up bloom
Faithful prayed for hope came soon
So is love with fruitful tunes

When the writer makes his wish
As he sought the battlefields
His pen creates poems and songs
Thoughts oe'rflown, never yield
Then he read the old letters
That sends its lasting thanks
It brought smiles into his face
And tears end as new hope makes

When the world ends away
We all stand on judgement day
Till the end as one day
Final struggle paves its way
With your love, Karen Mae
Paradise's gates will open up
And in Freedom lies hope comes alot
Out of struggle that once erupt.

"Sweet water of Pinipisacan spring"

Sweet water of Pinipisacan spring hear it flowing
From the mountain through the fall lies its tunes sing
With its cool waters refreshes thy soul
Quite thankful for it quenches me all

Your call reaches my ears and passed through the river
And in the fall comes the fairies with its joyful laughter
The mystery may've been unfold besides the cool water
That quenches my thirst and soul after a saddening temper

For in the past I feel life as just narrow
Marred by the problems brought me to sorrow
As if the world with all its damnations creates a prison
If not forcing my mind in a state of illusion

Again I hear it calling the sound of that spring
From its mountain, fall, river lies its tunes sing
Beckoning me, myself bring
Without anything that makes one trembling

That amidst the darkness I have to cross
I have to evade threats that may likely rose
Nevermind the threats as what others say
For the message that brought to me lies its way

And then a fairy came so beautiful and bright
Is it the girl who entices me in the middle of the night?
Her charm her love her joy and delight
That wipes away my tears in those dreadful plights?

"Take in your hand this pearly glass" she said
"Drink all you will as much as you wish" as I rested in its shed
This sweet water will slake your thirst
As if cures a soul from an eternal curse