Sunday, 27 November 2016

Commandante y Jefe, Presente!

Commandante y Jefe, Presente!

This page is sending condolences to the people of cuba on the death of comrade Fidel Castro y Ruz, the man who served as light and guide of the Cuban revolution towards its victory, development, and its survival amidst hardships in that said "free zone of the americas".

A good friend of the people, Fidel Castro asserted his country's independence against Yankee domination, especially after Fulgencio Batista's ouster and the failure of the U.S.- Sponsored "Bay of Pigs" Affair at Playa Giron.

Cuba's freedom as a liberated country is a proof that despite its nearness to the "enemy", it chose to resist and undertake its path of development, especially amidst embargoes and attempts to subvert its intended path. It had improved education and social services, contributed in the realms of medicine and culture, increased its literacy rates, and helped other developing countries in its path to development, in am amazement by international organisations such as the United Nations.

And to think that despite many attempts to kill him by the Central Intelligence Agency, Castro rather survived the odds and remained firm in supporting the welfare of his people as well as stood in his principles both as a patriot and as a socialist. There were controversies that surrounded him, and yet his devotion to the people is the proof that history will truly absolve from his shortcomings as a leader, as a comrade, and as a person whose devotion is beyond from his privileged background.

That in the end, with all his contributions, hardships, and a legacy of hopes, Fidel Castro is not dead, and like all the martyrs and survivors of the Cuban revolution, they are all alive and youthful in the hearts of the people.

Commandante y Jefe Fidel Castro? Presente!
Viva Cuba Libre!