Friday, 25 November 2016

"To fight rather than to forget"

"To fight rather than to forget"

Notes on the November 25 protest at Luneta park, Manila

One would say that Friday is a most proprituous day for protest.

For all after the mixed reactions in social media to those of spontaneous protests from Katipunan to Ayala, that fair day of November 25 as people from all walks of life marched all down to the spacious grounds of Rizal Park.

As the marchers sang, waved, chanted aloud on that afternoon, that event may have tried to be as radiant as earlier events, especially that the issue is related  on the recent burial of the late Dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

For sure the familiar "Marcos Hitler Diktador Tuta" hath been resound again as in the past, along with various chants assailing the Marcos family and even the present Duterte administration for allowing such a controversial act, that even the left wingers he afforded to deal with end criticizing him for his deed if not assessing the ties between the left and the present regime.

The marchers came from various points: some are from EspaƱa, others from Taft, one other group came from UP Diliman, and others from Katipunan or even Caloocan. They all converged at Luneta park where they even faced some "Duterte-Marcos" fanatics, a few of them so to speak, trying to insist the burial as just, if not urging the left wingers in Duterte's cabinet to "resign".

But still, the protest continues at the designated place, sounds of struggle being played, speeches from Martial Law victims and survivors expressed sentiments, of Ferdinand Gaite from the "Confederation for the Unity Recognition and Advancement of Government Employees" sung some old anti-Marcos Songs, and Rene Saguisag expressing disgust over a fellow Bedan who proceeded with the burial.

To some spectators in social media, they afforded to say that the place didn't fill up with protesters, one critic even called them as fools compared to that person and "others" as yearning for quiet (or as what they say "peace") if not urging them to "deal with the pain" (or as what they say "move on"); but the rally isn't limited in Luneta, but also in other parts such as Cebu, Surigao, and even Duterte's own Davao. And perhaps regardless of its numbers, least they assert, or as what they say "fight on" over those who say "move on."

From Inday Espina Varona
But admittingly speaking, that amidst the protest and its calls for justice, of shouts and raising of lighted cellphones, that friday event is as simply a reunion of sorts at Luneta.

That this person did met again some Professors, churchmen, academicians, Facebook friends, activists. Whom he befriended for so long if not lately just acquainted in the middle of the program.

And with that event, as in the past few days, be like a time to continue the fight than just to forget as if nothing happened. That regardless of all the slurs in social media, of those who desire for an unjust "reconciliation", sorry to say but to struggle for justice is also means to create a just closure and to move forward. In fact, it isn't limited to the Marcos burial but also on the actions made by the present order against the people, be it the Aquino's action against the farmers to those of neoliberal policies that meant burdens against low paid consumers. 

Also to think that with those events, lies a reaffirmation so as to uphold the aims of the revolution as well as to attain that, be it land for the landless, employement for the unemployed, welfare for the masses, freedom and justice for the nation. Call it subversion, knowing that one may have wanted to uphold the status quo. 

To "move on with justice" requires a revolution. But to "move on just to forget" is a reaction.