Saturday, 24 December 2016

As Christmas draws near (in a days of apathy and fear)

As Christmas draws near
(in a days of apathy and fear)

Seems that christmas is being near
And my heart felt its tunes of cheer
How lovable its ringing tunes
Despite loneliness I felt so dear?

Alone despite enjoying brewed coffee
And a book to read trying to make oneself glee
But inside with some cherished memories
Of loved ones that's yearning for him to see?

Of those who brought joys in ones life
Inspiring one in this reality full of strife
That sometimes end translated into poems
Notes that brings hope and love with its might?

And seeing all the realities of life
And that is unfairness and endless strife
Of what is love knowing that it is totally radical
Yet treated most as any other matters resolving by anything material?

The bells are ringing by the nighttime breeze
And candles been lit in the altars shedding light over mist
And everyone awaits for the sumptuous feast
If not escaping from the fact that everybody's pissed?

And there are those who rather chose to move on
Escaping from the reality that is full of wrongs
Are they pure in heart to go forward till kingdom come
Or running away as fire and brimstone comes falling undone?

So surreal for a person to think if not see
After drinking his coffee alone in the night trying to be glee
Unless there's an absinthe with the friendly green fairy
An imaginary companion comforting a lonely me

And as the bells still playing and I trying to sleep
After all a days work of pen, papers and ink
Of getting inspired if not trying to think
That is to be end the agony almost deep

Anyways quite recalling those times
As one after feels the yuletide spirit
With all its tunes, its wind, its beat
And in it made me pray that hope there is a time to meet
To reminisce and rekindle a love that is a feat.