Saturday, 31 December 2016

May the year 2017 means a showcase of fulfilled hopes!

May the year 2017 means a showcase of fulfilled hopes!

At first, it may sound idealistic to say that the year 2017 as a hope-fulfilling year. But let everyone expect that this year is also a year full of existing and upcoming challenges man has ought and yet to overcome. For reality isn't full of luck but creating conditions paving way as such.

And in speaking of that reality, everyone noticed that every society be like in a stage of success or a stage of decline. China's rising dragon status been heard much in mainstream media while the United States of America has gone in an irreversible strategic decline, and thus affects every countries such as the Philippines, that as in the past, still facing numerous contradictions and still failing if not trying to overcome.

Sounds bad news in hearing words like contradictions, decline, or even the rising of China and America's dall to those whose minds remain pre-1991; but despite these, it shous that there is a need to wake up and face the contradictions the country has ever faced, that people from all walks of life should still strive together for a best future in a better society.

Ideally, people should have the will to save and forge for that future, but that ideal is useless if not for unity and solidarity, if not for the fact that for a rising nation needs a common salvation, if not for patriotic fervor and a sense of communitatianism, wherein Freedom cannot be merely privilege extended, but rather enjoyed by one and all.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, on behalf of this page, this person is ought to say that despite numerous successess and shortcomings, 2017 is like any other year, and it is not a year merely to sit, relax, and enjoy, but rather a year wherein everyday is to sieze the day.

May the year 2017 means a showcase of fulfilled hopes, but to realise it, man has to create conditions, turn thoughts into actions, strike when the iron is hot.

Dare to struggle, dare to win!