Sunday, 25 December 2016

"Rekindling the fires"

"Rekindling the fires"

In sending Jesus Christ into this world, its mission was more than just a physical redemption as the chosen people desire, but rather a spiritual one. And being born in Bethlehem, known by its people as the "House of Bread", that man will later identify as the "bread of life", whose body and blood shalt cleansed fourth the earth, or rather say "who taketh all the sins of the world".

Quite spiritual of not totally Christian to hear that yuletide message, for in a season where people being preoccupied in gifts, quite too true to say that they forgot the reason to celebrate Christmas if not reducing the idea into a mere statement such as "celebrating Christ's birth".

What more of rekindling his message, such as to bring the good news and his view on justice on earth. In a third world country such as the Philippines, the desire for peace is more than just the absence of conflict, but rather the desire to create an atmosphere of justice where everyone felt being redeemed from every existing social ill, be it ignorance, repression, discrimination, anything that hinders their lives, communities, and its development.

Yet people thinks about the season as just mere time for sharing. Sorry to say but Christmas is less Christ-like and more materialistic thanks to an order synonymous with being unjust.

In fact, in an old post from a Lutheran "Liberation Theology" page, this person finds it true that people afforded to spend money for the holidays yet failing to act Christ-like such as resolving the issue on poverty like clean water, as it said:

"The ever-wonderful Jim Wallis reminds us of what our holiday dollars could have bought: "Last year, Americans spent $450 billion on Christmas. Clean water for the whole world, including every poor person on the planet, would cost about $20 billion. Let’s just call that what it is: A material blasphemy of the Christmas season."

Quite sobering, what more that there are much serious issues be like extrajudicial killings, demands for free education, the need for agrarian reform, the desire for a just living wage, as well as the right to be informed on state affairs being sovereigns of a goddamned society! Of what is being Christ-like if it is not for justice? Should Christmas be limited to mere exchanging of goods and not a reaffirmation and assertion of hopes and and aspirations? Should peace and goodwill be like submission and fear?

Sobering indeed even in a season of supposed joys. People may have enjoyed wine, food, song, and gifts given, but it isn't enough to call it a season with all the sobering realities people tries to disregard in favour of colourful ones. People's desires remain no matter the system frustratingly creates an "atmosphere" just to cover up their interests that is, contrary to those of the people's.

That even affects holidays such as Christmas. Quite un-Christ-like if not making those whom desired for redemption as fools. Or even compelling to go further in spirit of "Creating God's realm on earth".

And perhaps in order to have those "profound goals" in a setting where repression and injustice as rampant one would assert its desire by any means necessary to the point of taking arms. Sorry for the idea but the desire for a just society is not limited to what they call "peaceful" means that is, unbecoming of a code for mere "meekness", but instead to make it more further its assertions such as those by force.

Or to use a phrase from Christ himself, he saidth (Matthew 10:34):

"Do not ye deem, that I came to send peace into earth [Do not ye deem, that I came to send peace into the earth]; I came not to send peace, but sword."

Force in a sense that means to struggle for the truth, by any means, of accepting sacrifice as one of its vows in pursuit of a greater goal such as justice and fulfillment of hopes. Sounds hardcore isn't it especially in a post meant to be in a season calling for forgiveness?

And in speaking of forgiveness and reconciliation it is meaningless without justice. For sure everyone is desiring for justice before forgiveness than vice versa, otherwise, of what is a just peace if repression and unfairness prevail despite words like "rule of law"?

Such truths comes the desire for freedom, and in that desire lies struggle in various forms that sometimes costs life. And like Christ, it is a duty of Christians not just to spead the good news but to bring good and just works in every individual, in every community, all in pursuit of foreseeing a just and lasting peaceful future on earth.

Or rather say a duty to rekindle the fires and to brandish thy swords according to his word. All to bring both those words like peace, freedom, mercy, and justice.

Not just in this season.