Wednesday, 21 December 2016

"Sleepless in Hong Kong"

"Sleepless in Hong Kong"

(A Photo-poem essay)


Everything seemed usual as any other city
Heavily urbanised yet desperately keeping nature
All for the sake of a generation that is to nurture
If not to save an almost disappearing beauty

As I arrived from Manila to the once proud colony 
One would say it is better than the usual Makati
Or even Escolta as its preserves its heritage, prestige
Amidst the present order this time getting besieged

The cranes continue to move its heavy cargoes
While the double decker buses moves from one to another
Its taxis and trams, old school as one would see
Enough to describe a British style legacy

And as I rode in a subway train
Somehow it is better than Manila's tracked insane
From Central to Fortress Hill, Kowloon or Lantau
All is but fast everyday is every "now"

And at night the yuletide setting makes everyone enjoy
The resident and the visitor together in rejoice
Lights and sounds together as if holidays are forever
And end in pictures enough to be remember

And this person, felt so sleepless as he left so early
From the airport to the hotel then to subway to the ferry
And while his family enjoying, pictureing trying to be happy
Actually he wants to sleep, thanks to that Harbour plaza, time for some nappy

And as he sleeps he felt least the comfort
That goddamn bed after watching a chinese drama and "Regular Show"
For tomorrow there is another event in a row
That fragrant harbour once called, a product of a centuries-old "royal" effort


Like yesterday, everything seemed fine although marred by some annoyance
Especially after seeing elders insisting what pleases to them
And this person is still seeking that is for a convenience
Especially in his sojourn at the "Fragrant Harbour", where now coexist with then

In seeing the trams and of the subway
Every day is an every "Now", life is seemed fast
People bustling in the streets, throroughfares and pathways
Life seemed "Busy" before weekday lasts

While others out of yuletide wanted to enjoy for a single day
Such as an almost replica of a theme park owned by a Californio
And like all others, this person have moved all from Quarry Bay to Sunny Bay
And see an illusion where dreams realised that day then called "tomorrow"

Wandering on its "magical sights"
They all say from time to time that "it is where dreams come true"
While for him it is ususal like any other known sites
Perhaps it all depends on you

For sometimes "Theme parks are like drugs" as what he realtalkly expressed
Especially after riding every ride and seeing fireworks
And while seeing visitors with their smiles expressed
The tea and even the mineral water in its dimsum restaurant seemed too much in its price worth

Quite annoying especially after with this person's mom Seeing an expensive cost from a goddamn restaurant
Thinking that the serving of the tea is free at home
Before ordering a dimsum or any meal one would want

Again find it common as any other urban area
As this person and others returned to that hotel
Welcome back to room 1018 hello there my bed
All's prepared before he sleeps, hope dreams aren't hell.


Like to see those beautiful clothes
Be it displayed or be it worn
Quite recognisable in every row
And end sketched in his pad he owned

Frock coats, Vests, and French Berets
Boots, Scarves, classy as I say
Everything's cold after that "Fragrant Harbour" sunset
Especially at Victoria where life goes from day to day

And admittingly speaking it seems that going there is worth fine
Sadly the bucks is not enough to buy just for mine
But it's okay since there is a sketchbook to draw it away
Every dress, every coat, every attire worn on that day

Especially in the streets where there are numerous shops
Of well-known names expensively priced
Quite nice to see on that cold nights as I hop
from one way to another, anything full of surprise

Especially in seeing nice couples
Looking at dresses no matter it is expensive
Perhaps afterwards they will go somewhere to eat waffles
Since it is cheap and the guy's gal's appearance seemed impressive

Or the old Indian as if reminiscent of the British past 
With his turban regularly worn yet walking almost fast
His attire smartly looking like others in that lane
His coat to his shoes for sure no one complains

And if one may ask why he loves to sketch dresses?
Of frock coats and of cherry red vests and berets for the lasses?
Perhaps I would say that life in Hong Kong is incomplete
Without Pam Diel whose beauty seemed quite sweet.


The skyline remained the same as any other scenes
Be it in the magazine or in an online page one would seen
Again, quite nice although common as any other town
Happened to have a name that is renowned

And again, seeing tramways and of buses 
And of walking briskly masses
From day till night the harbour is full of life
As in the past when the union jack in its might

Ships of various kinds sailing on its sea
That made this writer afforded to see
Like the books perhaps it says "they carried that is, for trade"
Coming from Canton or other lands where it was craftily made

While on the other side be like those from Makati
But orderly despite having cars, trucks, or Masserati
Yet in fact days and nights rather full of people, than cars as I see
Such as in Central or in Kowloon, life be like "always free"

And that guy on the isle's other side as if contented in his well-spent craft
Despite lying in a pavement featuring his well-made drafts
I wanted to see myself in his artwork and willing to pay
If not for his mom who chose to look such as "Crocs" on that day

Like all others everyone took the city a picture
Such as the one near the sea sometimes with their family for a pleasure
The scene seemed changing as new and old buildings steadily erected
As if the once barren place's future has been carefully directed

And here I am, tiresome, end like a plank
Lying with forehead on the floor that night on a store near a bank
So 2010 if one would say sorry if you ought to see
Perhaps just to finish this post as it supposed to be