Thursday, 1 December 2016

"To a Muse"

"To a Muse"

You have enslaved me with your lovely body;
You have put me in a kind of prison.
Since the day we parted,
I have found nothing that is like your beauty.
So I comfort myself with a ripe apple—
Its fragrance reminds me of the myrrh of your breath,
Its shape of your breasts, its color
Of the color that used to rise to your cheeks.

- Yehudah Halevi

Ever since the day we last met
It seems that my heart is longing for you
For I felt what comes from your beauty
Be it in your appearance or your kindness
Enough to translate into love
That also made me driven into ecstasy

Amidst the rain and cold
I once found warmth in your love
The way you have once embraced me with your lovely body
And enticed with your enchanting voice
Those times be like enough to translate emotions into words
Reminiscent of ministrels to its muses
Whose songs meant love from long ago

And at once I had comforted you with my words
If not massaged you till one felt the ease from your illness
Of chocolates, milk, or even oranges
All brought to enjoy those late afternoons
That perhaps made me suddenly think how we both care amidst our lonelinesses
Of tiring days and of committments
Yet having time to enjoy and laugh in times of sadness

And although true that I felt your seduction
I'd rather felt your friendliness more if not the kindness
That perhaps made me think how thoughtful that beautiful girl she is
Besides having a sensuous body and a carefully-cultivated wit
And since inspired, enough to translate my feelings into words
Such as this lowly poem.

I admit, that there are more poems meant for you
For sometimes I can't convey it straight
But rather trying to turn things creatively
The way that you encouraged me to do:
That you brought comfort amidst the pain
If not making ideals overflow out of being inspired
I am thankful that you've been a part of my life
Thanks to you, and as a friend and comrade, there is nothing wrong to say:

I love you.