Sunday, 18 December 2016

"Traversing Escolta"

"Traversing Escolta"

Traversing Escolta
As I descended from sta. Cruz
Where there he sought an almost lost once famous road
And seeing everyone from Caloocan or Makati
To China town, Divisoria, Tondo, or Quezon City
Trying to escape from the sickening scenes
If not enticed by the old buildings nostalgic so it seems
With the owners maybe realising the value their edifices have
For for decades been forgotten with all its grime
till everyone be ashamed and willing to demolish
Like the old Arguelles or the one where Savory lies
Or soon whose billboard says Syvel's or the age old don Roman's
Standing firm in the once plaza Goiti.

In seeing the once known road reminiscent of my grandfather's
Whose office once situated at Regina's
While Perez-Samanillo where Berg's on its ground floor
Now with its Hub whose weekends in a full scale galore
Soon enough, the ones from Caloocan, Makati, Tondo,
China town, Divisoria, and Quezon City
Enjoys the coffee from "the Den" if not beer from "Fred's"
Or some oriental flavour at Dasmarinas's "Toho Antigua"
Or some simple "Poland Hopia" since there is no "Savory" to meet
"Soon to open" as what it says
According to its tarpaulin.

Meanwhile commoners look for those well dressed strangers
 Whose music comes from the once old Berg's if not from their cellphones
While theirs is their cheap remixes and crappy made rap songs
Whose chorus singers be like frustratedly singing with its post puberty tones.
All is but common to see the well dressed in their eyes
Be it morning, noon, afternoon, till night
That goddamn weekend continues with its delight
Children gone dancing with the tourists and youngsters alike
To the tune of the past such as disco music
Or a new wave from the DJ
Making his craft at Derek's second pub.

Sorry for being indifferent 
as that Escolta's been trying to reclaim its past glory
Thanks to that Carlos Celdran or from 98B
The grand old street been sought again by the bourgeoisie
Be it for some nostalgia, some "deep" art, or a weekend coffee
Revive is their call according to their statements
Be it from the brochure or from their shirts
Featuring Perez-Samanillo or its neighbour Regina
To those of Uy Chaco and El Hogar Filipino
Whose centuries-old features stood 
enduring modern day blight and grime.

And this person, alone, sipped its iced latte
Laced with sugar syrup as what the bartender say
And seeing different crowds converging
Of different tunes as if merging
The street remains stuck in its pasts
Hope not deteriorating further till no building last
Especially in an era where everything is renowned
Can be destroyed by those who think all as unknown