Wednesday, 18 January 2017

"To move forward both with acceptance (and with struggle)"

"To move forward both with acceptance 
(and with struggle)"

Its been a common idea that in order to move forward one has to forget the past. For treating the past in all its forms as a burden, it is usual to think that one has to forgo anything remarkable from one's past, be it good or bad, all in pursuit of moving to another chapter with greater challenges awaits them ahead.

However, reality goes like that moving forward is more of to escape and think anything especially those of "fun" and "chill". One would see it nothing wrong at first, especially on how most people think that in this present day setting as a time to move as well as spreading love and good vibes as any other day, month, or year.

However, with all the inconveniences people encountered shows the contrary to the idea of forwardness, particularly those of confronting a problem before moving to another chapter, people are rather trying to evade it especially those which are negative yet trying to shrug it off as if irrelevant yet still remains affected being a part of that community and its environment. 
And in speaking of the word community and its problems, most are quite serious in which people chose to disregard thinking that politicians or the learned has to confront such issues: that Poverty remains so is corruption and various forms of extrajudicial acts against man;
And as an observer, thinking that since people hath rather chose to disregard as if it does not matter to them and its desire for a good life then what kind of future that awaits them in a reality full of inconveniences?

What a waste of desire for change if people chose to evade the truth in the name of moving on. Call the dead dead but tolerating a culture of death or even disregarding pain and suffering seemed to mock a future they desired such as a future that is full of life; for sure they also afforded to say "no pain no gain" but why to escape from pain instead of enduring it? In the end, contrary to popular opinions, "To move on" is seemed to be an outward attempt to create a sense of forgetfulness if not escaping from the truth. And such idea is deemed valueless the way they fail to understand the nature of life what more of understanding change.

For several weeks ago, this person hath attended a lecture from a Theravada monk and asked about that popular idea such as "moving on". The monk find it interesting about that question as well as the others in that open forum, only to found that he rather disagreed the idea as well as the word itself, and instead he calls for an acceptance of the truth and to remold, for what he said that man has to be inward;
and with his words he stated that instead of just moving on it has to "bring in", to accept, and to deal with the reality with one's idealism in pursuit of personal and even social remolding.

That also somehow paves way to attaining happiness despite having life on earth as "short" and full of challenges to encounter with.

Sounds interesting and agreeable to hear his words; but despite that, only few would dare to accept that message thinking that to accept failure is too much and instead cling to the idea of "moving on" as if nothing happens to them, maybe because thinking about the past is meant to be disregarded altogether.  Quite true though knowing that in a culture where everyone leans on the future than on the present, its other side of it shows how escapism has been thoroughly cultivated in everyone's mindset; and with words like "move on", acceptance and a desire for a just closure and remolding seemed impossible. For revolutionaries, it sounds contrary to "criticism and self criticism", what more of the idea that in looking ones successes and failures lies lessons to learn with especially in remolding a character that has to do with dismantling an old social order!

And in speaking of remolding and reaffirming truths that includes studying and rectifying history. If history books failed to record shortcomings and more of successes coming from a dilapidated social order, then no wonder why there are protests in the streets against a semifeudal-semicolonial order all due to the latter's incompetencies, failures, and stubbornness as it keeps firm to an unjust order.
While on the other hand there are those who rather judge them out thinking that the desire for change is a personal and not a social matter to discuss if not to deal with, what more of shrugging the truth that made these protesters protest. Obviously, they just simply move on as they forget history and its truths, what more of tolerating a culture of death and injustices that affects man and its community;
and with a rootless future embedded in their minds as it wanders aimlessly (while describing it theirs as 'forwardness'), lies an obvious case of a collective memory loss the way they tolerate old buidings being demolished regardless of its value.

Or if they afford to reason out then perhaps "simply because it is old and useless, what is the point of keeping it?" Anyway, if history is truly consists of class struggles as Marx claimed, then why to deny it knowing that in changing societies lies struggles between the high and low sectors of the society? In progress lies erupting struggles that paves way to another settings and possible scenarios the way thesis and antithesis paves way to a sythesis.