Monday, 13 February 2017

"Inspired from an old Love Spell"

"Inspired from an old Love Spell"

Worth recalling your name amidst the cold nights
Out of your chivalrous kindness amidst all the frights
And in it brought me feel its lasting warmth
If not your charms that's felt further in my arms

With your songs so inspiring my heart made me wake
And thus it carries me from every journey I take
Your beauty and passion made me sway
Having a desire that made me say come what may:

A desire that's more than closeness
From a friendship brought by happiness
From cherishing each other that's closer
And thus made me hope say You and I be together

Let us be lovers, let us be we
And be sealed by our togetherness the way everyone see
Like a gem hard as our love long
Amidst turmoils we hope our love be bind us strong

No matter how it far hope our love be still close
And with our devotion to our tasks our love thus keep grows:
For our love is also more than us for we have others we put our trust
Like our family, friends, and everyone, a community we serve as we must

We may endure all the pains as our journey made us to take
For in the end we'll gain from these through tasks we both ought to ceaselessly make
And thus with all these words and times I hope our love can never break
For my heart tells me these words, worth compelling to make.