Monday, 1 May 2017

"May Day ramblings"

"May Day ramblings"

Just came all from May Day events,
Sought trashy leaflets from the rejects;
Seeing comrades from the major streets,
Of red flags flying for a glorious feat;
Met some old friends and still acquaintances,
Only to leave them for another as close ones are mostly scatter;
And end with the song named Internationale,
As afterwards they'll go home for tomorrow is a normal day.

From Welcome Rotonda to Kalaw via Espana,
Then later at Lawton all the way to Mendiola;
The red flags flutter as the calls gone stronger,
The desire is for them to have something better;
The system care little to heed if not nothing to hear,
As they think their lives as enough if not they felt the fear;
Knowing that as history and reality made them understand the truth,
Making them march, chant, fight as if the world will shook.

All in their statements bear old problems, of workers, farmers, and laboring masses,
Of contractualisation, unfair conditions, and low wages;
Of terminatable contracts and of high prices,
Low purchasing power of peso, putting pressure to the labor;
Overtime, overwork, working even holiday,
Yet in the end not enough no matter it is double pay.

Then followed by some songs sung by militant artists,
Whose words reminds of Sans Culottes or the English Chartists;
Messages pointing against the narrow minded fascists,
Whose emotions as if like those of hot flashes;
The speech, the song, the chants, shouts, strong,
Trying to tremble the palaces whose leaders done wrong;
If not thinking that tomorrow will pass that "horrible day",
After seeing the united mass together marching away.

I see nothing wrong if they treat the occasion as any other vacation
If the masses march to Mendiola the bourgeois prefers Boracay and yearn for extension
Sadly most of them go there without paying debts
Be it car loans or money borrowed from friends
The noise of the techno and the breeze of the beach
Pave way for the litter, of beer left by some bitch
Sorry to say but if that is what they think about Labour day
Hope they don't malign nor maltreat the actually toiling masses who celebrate that honourable day.