Friday, 9 June 2017

Of threats and justifications to declare Martial Rule, A sudden wave of "Pinoy" antiintellectualism, and its Slurs

Of threats and justifications to declare Martial Rule, 
A sudden wave of "Pinoy" antiintellectualism, 
and its Slurs

or how this person encounters these posts in social media
after the Marawi Incident

The recent fiasco in Marawi city has intensified the need for Martial Rule not just in Mindanao but all over the country. From the views of fanatically-minded Duterte supporters, the recent fiasco, alongside illegal drugs, and various forms of social misfitry, has created a wave of hysteria against those whose dissent meant supporting chaos and disorder.

Loosely based from the posts of Inday Espina-Varona, this writer hath sought and roughly translated these trollish comments knowing that from these fanatics are trying "with their best" to malign against those who are dissenting their idol's policies, if not insisting the justness of Martial rule "as necessary to restore order" even "it requires collateral damages."
However, as any other trolls, most of their posts are rather emphasises on maligning one's person thinking that those who are against Duterte are either Yellow (Liberal) or even a terrorist sympathizer. Worse, it may also include comments pointing against Muslims.

1.) You are not from Mindanao! Mind your own business!
2.) Why are you interfering? You don't even help Mindanaoans!
3.) Martial Law isn't bad at all! Only local impementors made it bad!
4.) Tatay Digong (Duterte) loves the people! So there is nothing wrong in Martial Law!
5.) Everyone in Mindanao supports Tatay Digong!
6.) You are scared because you are a terrorist!
7.) I am waiting to see you as president! (or Why not you should be the president?)
8.) You want to bring back LP in power you Yellow!
9.) Why you didn't complain about human rights during Aquino?
and the last but not the least:
10.) Because you are a stinky old woman!

On the other hand, there are also trolls who also opposed Duterte all because of his bloodstained "track record". If not mistaken, most of these commentators are plain simple "against Duterte" or "supporting the Liberals" in opposing the president's "bloodied agenda." As expected, these comments are a continuation of last year's election mudslinging pointing against Duterte and his supporters as "butchers" and "human rights violators," if not countering comments related to the president's failure to address serious matters such as illegal drugs, extrajudicial killings, and even contractualisation and labour disputes. 

1.) You voted a killer for a president, so you aren't even safe under him.
2.) Do you want Martial Law? Maybe are you from Davao?
3.) Who's terrorist? Why should I believe in you? There is still so many drugs in Davao!
4.) Oh! Why don't you type #NasaanAngPangulo
5.) Your Tatay Digong is old already! Prepare yourselves!
6.) You make Maute known!
7.) All millenials are not worthy!
8.) Human Rights under PNoy were not state-sanctioned.
and the most craziest of all the comments:
9.) Those who are in favour of "Martial Law" are all paid hacks!

Such nonsense brought by these "Pros" and "Antis" makes this person think that they are fighting fire with fire, but on the first place, these "Yellows" and "Dutertards" alike are both sides of the same coin trying to aggravate the problem than providing a better solution.

Worse, that same bullshit hath unleashed its anti-intellectualist hysteria especially in case of those who hath maligned, if not hated students and alumnae from the University of the Philippines (U.P.) or similar to them all because of their skeptical or questioning belief, or in a frankiest sense, envious of what these students/alumni are and why they are speaking that way.
And come to think that U.P. also has its campus in Davao so will they also be hated for being from that school? That sounds too hypocritical if they hated a fellow Mindanaoan for being against Martial Rule or anything draconian from the president himself; and that issue isn't limited to those from U.P. itself, for if Ateneo/La Salle/University of Santo Tomas expressed concern, will you also oppose the Atenean/LaSallian/Thomasian for trying to be a "person for others", having the guts to care for the people? Or if San Beda/or Lyceum also expressed concern, will they also hate them too no matter how it was known for being the schools where the "great" Rodrigo Duterte studied college?

Ay Hesus Ginoo! These people who afforded to vent noises against those who seek truth from facts didn't notice much about their dissenting expression, be it plain and simple opposition or even a just and legit concern about the recent events leading to such ego-tripping proclamations such as "martial law" in Mindanao.
And although true that in discipline lies order and rule of law, what is dangerous is its application wherein it results to "collateral damage" in any form, be it getting killed or imprisoned without any cause. "Yellows", having a nostalgia for an Aquinoist past tend to emphasise much on Duterte's egotistical agenda not knowing that Duterte is retaining Aquinoite policies that is, Neo-Arroyo and Post-Marcosian; while "Dutertards" are fanatically proclaiming how their idol's way of administering means rule of law if not making major changes no matter how these so-called "changes" are in fact retention and consolidation of interests. Is there any positive change in the state of the Filipino peasantry knowing that the disputes in Lapanday continues still? Is the unjust policies being scrapped knowing that the president has promised an atmosphere of justice and equity? If not, then it is likely as same as empty promises such as Aquino's "Righteous Path" or Arroyo's "Strong Republic"!

But still, these fanatics have nothing to offer an alternative to a bloodied, crisis-ridden program. Martial rule or not, as long as the system remains rotten, it affects the future generation whose idealism includes yearning for a genuine social change.

And obviously, the more these so-called "critics" say "get a job" actually it means "forget who you are, in the end you are meant to be a vicious cycle just like everybody else"; if not telling how a rotten order frankly tells its subjects that a person is "damned" if it does and "damned" if it doesn't do it.