Monday, 12 September 2011

Myths amongst the Mountainlore

Myths amongst the Mountainlore

A writeup regarding revolutionary and other progressive related literature

By Paul S.

Yesterday, this writer read a book about the superstitious acts of the Pagan Revival in Europe and in America. These acts somehow became synonymous with the far right as well as mirror their heritage as myths are becoming basis of their supposed redemption of their nation.

But then, not all myths are becoming basis of both faith and action, but instead it becomes vice versa. The acts made by Timothy McVeigh mirror the works being made by Turner in Andrew McDonald's the Turner Diaries or the acts of Dong Cunrui that became stories for Chinese children. These acts, despite mirroring the ideas based on books and events lies different purposes.

And so is in the "mythologies" made by the left, which is deeply rooted on realities, events, and of course heroes and martyrs like Dong Cunrui. Different from the pagan ones propagated by the right, the "mythology" of the left, through its literary works, creates a realistic scene different from the overtly "metaphysical" appearance like those of the pagans as the left drew much on the contemporary age, as well as on the past-like the ones from the Peking Revolutionary Opera and the Proletkult. These works are becoming "myths" as time goes by passing from generation to generation.

Like the works of Jose Maria Sison, Some of his works are as if like myths drawn from realities like the poems "The Giant Oak," "The Guerrilla is like a Poet," and "The forest is still enchanted," those works bear slightly mysticism as it mirrors every fact given-the Guerrillero as a freedom fighter, the Forest as its haven, as well as its words becoming a source of inspiration to the liberation movement.

Like David Lane, Jose Maria Sison was and is somewhat inspired much by every tale, as Lane took much from the myths being read in the books, featuring Thor and Odin, Sison, before becoming famous as a left, was fascinated by the stories about the Hukbalahaps while having a haircut during his childhood. These somewhat gives basis on their literary works, and so is in their writings related to the struggle.

And as the late Jung spoke of Odin's return, the left somehow awaits an "Odin-like" being to unite the entire Proletariat, alongside the Peasantry and the progressive-leaning individuals a vanguard as this writer may say and it is a hidden unconscious force behind every activist, rebel synonymous with the liberation movements of the world. Like Monkey Kings as what Mao Zedong said, willing to turn the world upside down, smashing the heaven as it may say. All though an epidemic of socially-related violence fueled by class consciousness, discontent, realism, and a yearning for change and the future being curtailed by the reactionaries around the world. Or as what the sociologist Dennis Duclos think of:

"A mad warrior of northern myth embodied by the god Odin as the shadowy inspiration for the epidemic of violence."

True, for the Proletariat, along with the Peasantry and the progressive-leaning allies of the revolution, united, are the ones willing to fulfill the myth of the 21st century through a continuous struggle as the books hath expected. The Eddas spoke of Ragnarok, the Bible though Armageddon, all of these becoming basis of a coming people's war-that is in fact a "myth" willing to be fulfilled by the toiling people-true to the fact that the spectre of communism, as the great Marx said wanders around the world, haunting the reactionaries about the coming fate.

Somehow the wingnuts are scared of and this time trying to curtail the known fact. All from the hollow minded groups like ANAD, whose messages are a smattering of fabricated truths coming from traitors to the murders made by the fascists like those of Palparan. Their words somehow are too complicated to become myths but compatible to become tragedies that may fuel the cause of peoples struggle than to demoralize. All of these also can't escape from the coming wrath as every wingnut and its ally try to curtail or worse escape from the past.

True, for every upcoming event lies those dreadful occurances made by these hollow minded individuals to fuel the fact that the murderers are indeed the murderers who create a living hell without any justification at all! And these becoming myths, stories of a new folklore based on realism and of the revolution.

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