Monday, 26 September 2011

"Yummy?" I don't know.

"Yummy?" I don't know.

An assessment-criticism
regarding the present-day Narcissuses of the present generation,
their "art" works, and the society that tolerated them

By: Paul Smirnoff

Girls wearing lingerie, men exposing their abs and muscles, all scantily-clad youngsters to focus on the lens of the cam they carried or on the mirror to unveil their pride, trying to create an "art" that would fill every pages of albums in every social networking site; but to some people viewing around, what's the true meaning behind all of these works?

At first, you conclude them as "sexy" and "full of machismo" as they themselves are proud of their bodies, admiring their own virility and seductiveness as they pause, took some, and end up filling the pages of their own profiles; while in its captions they describe themselves as "delicious", "yummy", while others may think as if proud of being "f*ckable" beings and willing to become centerfolds of magazines cater to men, women, or gays.

"Beautiful" as admirers (especially males and to some degree, females) may see, as these Narcissus wannabes (sorry for the term) expose their grandeur and seduction to the extent of girls slightly unveil their aereola from their nipples that made male lookers erect and afterwards masturbating out of them.

But, using an other person's perspective, do they satisfy themselves to take proud on doing it and describing themselves and their works enough as "yummy" and "delicious", enticing more to do so and thinking of it as a fad? To others it call "sucks" or a showcase of people cater to perverted old men also flourishing online, as well as unveiling decadence as contemporary culture nowadays became patterned after-especially those from the west as everybody expects.
And as Seeing those scantily-clad pictures sometimes made people arouse enough especially in regards to their sexual desire, although it seems that most of them are minor enough to pause and be dubbed themselves as sexy or any other title to satisfy their own pride and appearance. It somehow likely to say yes, that nice enough to see their bodies whether they are girl, boy, queer or shemale, looking at the mirror and took some pictures of themselves in it or focusing themselves on a webcam just to press click in it all for sake of pride and appearance as they wished for.

But on the other hand would think of it as meaningless by others since what's the idea of it behind those pictures? just plain beauty as they feature their bodies and their seductive appearances? Of breasts and buttocks being shown in it? Isn't it just plain beauty, seduction, or for a "just" sake of being posted on social networking sites like fillers in a magazine? Crap as others may see, a Crap created out of narcissism.

Upon looking at the former pics, it made me recall some of the artworks that often includes nudity, as well as focusing on topics such as youth, virility and womanhood. Beautiful indeed using other people's perspective, but to dig deeper it was an art being encouraged by the Nazis before and during World War 2; that every painting or sculpture invokes the "soul" of the Volk (people) and of the Vaterland (Fatherland) mirroring the ones all from mind and sinew trying to create a Reich what Adolf Hitler envisioned: a thousand year greater than the ancient Germanic empires from Kaisers Rudolf, and Friedrich Wilhelm.

Well, these somehow "pleases" to the eyes as other art critics and individuals ought to look at those paintings made in Germany, same goes in sculpture especially the one made by Italy's Michelangelo and Germany's Arno Bekker:

Or perhaps in the Philippines the well known works of Guillermo Tolentino, Fernando Amorsolo, and other artists from UP Diliman:

Sorry to say so, but comparing to the pictures posted earlier to these works, it is clear how the "true German art" made during the Nazi regime tries to represent the concept of an “Aryan beauty” same to those willing to create a Renaissance of arts and crafts like Arno Bekker or Filipino ones like Guillermo Tolentino and Fernando Amorsolo did in their "romanticized" realisms, especially in regards in featuring Filipino/Filipina beauty as serene, joyful and majestic in its appearance. No doubt it bears Ancient Greek, Roman, Asiatic connotations extensively as it based much on ancient statues and figurines, but how about the pictures acted as filler for social networking sites? Few are good enough to unveil some skin artistically, but most of it are rather made exaggerated all for their satisfaction yet far from art nor reality except trying to represent as faces of the third world, a trying light for the suffering or as Imelda Marcos said: "the true, good, and beautiful".

But are the pictures featuring women and men in skimpy clothing or nearly in skin being posted for a just sake indicates the true, good, and beautiful? A guiding light for the oppressed peoples and developing nations such as these?

Well, to the admirers and narcissus wannabes, sorry to say so if this person ought to assess and criticize objectively and constructively the pictures taken, or to others who as if writing in a near-blaming manner (as they are also victims of a society that is, backward); but this person is not like those of hardcore moralists thinking this and that as devilish, but the pictures being shown are somehow showing the near-degeneracy of a society as most of them tried to emulate figures such as Casta, Crawford, Hi-C, or any figure and be dubbed themselves as "eye candy"; yes, that even affects a genre such as Hip-hop with its rap often laced with sexual themes to the extent of sponsoring porn like Snoop Dogg in his Doggystyle (with a dismay from the people of course to hear heavily censored lyrics and buttock-shaking women!).
Admittingly speaking, this person may hath admire ladies in bikinis, with nice smile and stylish pauses, but is that enough? Pausing without any meaning except just beautiful? It's like most people taking time telling their "favorite" motto "time is gold" for nothing so is in pausing themselves in swimwear or near nude for sake. Some would even afford to call to that person as "Inday" (commonly used for housekeepers or province maidens especially in Visayas) due to her faces despite herself wearing lingerie; otherwise be themselves prone to harassment as some end up victims of sexual-related cases including cybersex and prostitution. For sure we all know that foreigners like Filipinas for they're "exotic" like any other Asians they acquainted with. And, they can't even be like those of UP Babaylan (one of the groups behind gay pride parades in UP Diliman) or any cause-oriented models no matter they show their skin yet less or no cause at all; that UP Babaylan, Lesbond, Pro-Gay and Ang Ladlad spoke for gender sensitivity, respect and recognition for the LGBT sector; that Janice Cambri, although she did some modeling, wearing lingerie for example, didn't model all for goddamn sake nor took some time out of it-she even had spend time meaningful organizing women for their rights same as for Nationalism and Democracy.

Otherwise, the pictures acted as filler for social networking sites be dubbed thee as "mr. and miss Third World Crap" and unveil the degradancy of individuals indulged in decadent culture, or using Marxist parlance: Bourgeois. It even reminds this person of getting reprimanded for calling a list of friends as "Bourgeoisie" just because they are decadent in their appearances-especially of near exposure of cleavages. I even think that if they ought to pose nude, what would be its meaning? Youth?
If nothing then what's the use of pausing nude then? Just to say that they are "delicious" in the eyes of a looker? And speaking of the "Third World", how come they afford to do so, yet living in a country with ups-and-downs of malnutrition rates, repression, sexism and poverty?

Well, this person would say that looking at some daring pictures doesn't make a person green minded, just think it rationally; otherwise break its narrow mindedness in their interpretation of their pause and appearances whether nude or not. After all, a meaningless art for art sake is a bourgeois foil for the obviously art for profit and filler for pages such as those of Facebook, or earlier, Friendster (being notorious back then for being bombarded with pictures heavily edited with Adobe Photoshop of course!).

After all, they are the Narcissus of the present generation; but living in a cultural degeneration as the current society prevailed nowadays.

And by the way, what makes them "Yummy?"
"I don't know."

But for sure everyone expect this in times like these:

Giving up total narcissism and near-meaningless desire in favor of defending one's self, life and honour for a meaningful future.

Again, apologies for the offended,
thank you.