Thursday, 8 December 2011

A Different kind of Future for Children

A Different kind of Future for Children
(Regarding the Future laid by Nazis before and during World War II)

Upon looking at these pictures shown by the poster, this kind of "future" presented by the Nazis before World War II seemingly tend to entice the youth to get involve in a future full of iron and steel fueled much by modern day technology.

But then, Despite all these submarines, airplanes and charcoal-fueled buses, these relics of the past presented by the Nazis were enough to be called as "figments of an imagination" than products of reality. And despite all the scientific attempts to realize these kinds of objects, these were rather likely to end up be undergone by slave labor than those of modern-day machinery as the Nazis tried to present.

And speaking of slave labour, why? We must remember how the Nazis used every "subhuman" being to be "pressed" into the factories and create such weaponry or any other tools all for the goddamn sake of building the IIIrd Reich. Yes, that it may include those "imaginative objects" shown in that kind of poster trying to be presented to the "Jugend" of the IIIrd Reich. I may've admire much of these things all despite opposing slave labour and Nazism itself, for in fact upon noticing their "uber-idealistic" dream-concept of their Future, it may sound fulfilling but will it make them an "Overman" as what Nietzsche stated? Well... history, regardless of its setting will always be full of struggles, even in a realm full of "Overmen." Such fantasies given to the youth, despite its futuristic designs are rather a dose of escapism to cover realities that is, an absolute complete contradiction.

And if these things be done, fulfilled and realized by the efforts of scientific thought and action, will it improve every society given-especially on that decade Nazis ought to build upon for the youth of tomorrow? And if so, will it replace slave labour with modern day machinery as these pictures said so?

Well, nice drawings, all full of escapism and illusion, period.

1941 Poster of Future Nazi Postwar Germany

This poster was published around 1941 in "Durch die weite Welt vol. XIX", part of a book-series for boys. The poster itself was created by two engineers from Munich. Translation of the title and the introduction:
What new things will the technology of tomorrow bring?

Today still a venturous plan - tomorrow maybe reality

Technology and economy in the Greater German Reich have gone into an unexpected upswing. The largest network of Autobahn highways has been constructed in just a few years, whole new industries were created and great architectural and urbanistic tasks are about to be realized. Although the war, that was forced upon us, makes it necessary to concentrate our economy on the war efforts, the great plans for the buildup are drawn with the certitude of our victory in mind. Many keen inventions and many thoughts that still seem fantastic today will then be realized. The pictures in this poster show on which branches the engineers are working today and what the technology of tomorrow will bring.

The Driving Train

Holzbrenner (wood-burning) Bus

Mail Delivery U-Boat

120 passenger commercial Floatplane

Stratospheric commercial aircraft and a Nazi Hotel

Nazi Ocean liner and Heliport/Railway Combination

Larger view of Heliport/Railway Station Combination