Thursday, 8 December 2011

Getting overtly fascinated with fictitious illusions

Getting overtly fascinated with fictitious dreams 
and ...illusions

writeup about "those who dare the impossible"

“The future belongs to those who dare the impossible.” 

These are the opening words being said by a motley group of idealists in a social networking site. And most of them are somewhat quite young, idealistic and perhaps having enough a passion for change from their words to their dreamish pictures of an "impossible dream."

But in fact, this person was searching something when he was stumbled in a site full of illusions such as these pictures and words being said so, all full of idealism so to speak, but different from what reality needs of these days. 

And like from the above message, these people are kept on venting their dreams and aspirations through  their messages such as these:

To unify the motherland under one banner...

To reunify lost properties due to corruptions back to the motherland...

To instill fears in the heart and minds of our enemies...

To inform the Filipino masses that democracy has done and showed more corruption, to clear out the accusations against us and fight for what our people should own, we have seen the power of the oligarch in this democratic society, but one thing is greater than everything, it is our people's will

knowledge is power ... the more our nation have the more powerful our nation can become

Nice to read their quotations, but as digging deeper, of noticing their sentiments, their dreams and aspirations, of wanting to convert their ideas into outmost militancy, it seems that these people are rather indulged in watching, reading science fiction and playing video games, coupled with wartime nostalgia that made them think that they would change the world easily in a single snap, all based from their illusions such as monument-like buildings, emphasising strong weaponry and perhaps, expansionism as a feature of greatness based from their aspirations.

Like this, their monumental-like works such as this are examples of their dreams as what being dreaming of. Looking towards the so-called "Glorious Past" as a "Promising Future" to these people,  it rather reminds of a future what Nazis tend to lay upon through their pictures, and Italian Fascists in their architecture-all full of monumental-like features made just to invoke fear and respect to everyone who dares to see a prison cell-like walls adorned with statues personifying valor and greatness, and dubbed thee as temples of their achievements without specific purpose.

It is also likely to say that they are too nostalgic in a wartime past such those of World War II as they feature tanks and torpedoes, nice indeed in those dreamish artworks They even afford to assail the United Nations yet willing to collaborate with the United States, as it said:

"Fear not the UN - it neither has the power nor the will to wage any type of war - it is composed mostly of neutral nations...

We want the USA to be our ally ... the resources they have is tremendous and they will have prob providing us in secret with raw materials to build the armed forces to its fullest strength"

Contradicting so to speak those messages, you fear not the United Nations not noticing that the United States, Russia, China, are part of the UN Security Council and likely to overturn such support-such those of their dream to reclaim Sabah and dubbed thee as greatness.

In fact, yes, fear not the United Nations, but why not to say fear not the United States? Just because of an illusion to gain support from them such as weapons and a variety of aid while at the same time glorifying an expansionist ambition likely to be overturned? As they feature drawings such as tanks and planes, torpedoes and boats? Or rather say which would be the first to take upon-produce food, build homes, support student and social welfare, increase employment or like these, weapons of mass destruction and dreams of expansionism and a limited peace?

Let's take this building for example. According to that group, through their so-called "Ministry of Housing and Social Well-being", it said that this infrastructure shown is an example of a Portable Housing / Subsidized Housing for poor, low income families around the country. Good indeed if they tend to redress housing problems such as this, but on the other hand it all reminds of the houses end up controlled by military generals or people well-connected to top-rank Government officials during the Marcos regime; The BLISS housing project is one of the examples so to speak; other housing projects and perhaps, residential complexes end up controlled by private enterprise as most of it being paved way to commercial complexes (like Makati's Apartments paved way to high-rise office buildings), container depots (like in Caloocan), even car parks while the people are being enticed to live in subdivisions sacrificing arable land for agricultural purposes. Quezon City was originally proposed to be a central government center full of government establishments and mass housing; yet it end up different from its original intention, of having commercial establishments instead of mass housing and gardens.

Secondly, do they have an economic framework to do these so called monument-like buildings and sophisticated weaponry? And to which purpose, reason of these buildings being set upon to? To honour the dead? To glorify the country? Such features of a progressive society nowadays aren't emphasising being monumental but rather utilitarian, of having purpose in having a building, complex being built upon; that the building such as from that "Ministry of Housing and Social Well-Being" be an example of building something with a purpose different from adorning a community.

Otherwise, it makes one basic question: which will you choose first as a priority, uplifting the people or national greatness?

Well, in the end, they're just plain and simple people with child-like minds, and to think that there are good architectural wonders so to speak, such those from the Bauhaus School, of designs such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Futurism, Constructivism, but why these antiquated "glories" they tend to look upon to? Personally to say, I'd been admiring Nazi Germany and Socialist Russia as examples of so-called "greatness" although the latter is a multinational greatness fueled by passion for liberating the working class; but to these pictures, drawings rather, made by those who "dared to face the impossible" are rather simply impossible enough for dreams of a free world aren't based on monuments nor technology, but rather on people being uplifted by having good employment, education, good social security and an improved way of life.

After all,
That is their Dream,
their Aspiration,
their Fan Fiction,
And there are more Dreams to Dream of,
Aspirations to Aspire,
And Fan Fictions to read..