Thursday, 22 December 2011

Insurrection of Souls

Insurrection of Souls

In this era where the revolt of the poor remains protracted, more and more people are kept on seeking ideas in changing a rotten society. Some tend to be too individualistic, as what commercials depicting people wearing dog tags and saying "AKO MISMO" with their self statements, speaking of their "bourgeois" individualism and calling people to join for that commercialized cause; while others resorted in calling for a collective unity and one of which is to "smash" the rotten society what the majority originally speaks of, like the past we encounter then.

What is surprising is that in this generation, more and more people are also end up in the "contrary", of joining into the "flows" full of "flaws" that has no definite ends, and instead end up either as slaves or being drowned in that so-called "flow". Well, "Join in the flow" as what people says, especially in socio-cultural affairs.

Somehow everybody are experiencing in this so-called "social volcano." Young and old may likely to share its nausea and anger, and thus likely to turn into an anarchy, in contrast to what Leon Degrelle (a fascist leader) said that "...and so many older men who think like it, who share its nausea and anger have not turned into an anarchy."

However, those who ones who joined the flow with indefinite ends are the same people who also engaging in blind rage, the worst? Of smashing anything to pieces without any reason at all. Just because they joined the flow perhaps, not knowing the ideas being vested.

But in general, this modern day era and the intransigence of the new generation will eventually turn into rebels, arsonists and crusaders willing to destroy the old rotten system with all their strength, and never to tolerate much of the concessions that will benefit the ruling class and not of the majority. Unlike those who banner "acts" tuned "laws" that benefit the ruling class instead of the majority despite its popular themes (like CARPER for example). All of their actions carries the ultimate goal: A new society with a classless, egalitarian social order, a seamless system of people's justice, a genuine real fraternity amongst the peoples of the world, specifically the working class. And so is a society no longer based on physical degradation, of hatred and inhumanity, but of frankness, sincerity, of human dignity, profound values and lastly of peace which stems from the mindset of man.

Our century today will be in two basic paths: Be a century of the "soul" or doomed to be turn into ashes after getting burned by eternal oppression and infamy around us. Somehow we will choose the former one and therefore we will try to do it, all of us are engineers of the human spirit, and so we need to do it totally. But in actual, we're in a century doomed to the flames that we need to save ourselves leaving the entire rotten society in the funeral pyre! In short: This is a revolution!

Out of what being seen, being heard, being taught, anything is going mad. This world is going mad, and so is the country; mad with scandals, mad with intrigues, mad with scams, mad with attempts, mad in total criticism, mad in their conditions, anything mad that to the point of getting mad against the heavens where the reaction stays and doused in booze? That's true! In this century where anything is totally based on the backwardness of the society, which is corrupt in its morality, debased in its faith towards the people, puffed up with individualism and commercialism (as what AKO MISMO advocated a "dog tag patriotism"), blind fanaticism and of course, blind pride (through wearing three stars and a sun, praising artists and not of living patriotism)! Somehow these events and actions we see are trying to corrode the entire nation and its people, despite of its so-called modernity, waiting for the final blow to its untimely "death".

However, as more and more people are realizing about the plight of the society, of being semi-feudal and semi-colonial; of being enslaved by the imperialists and feudo-capitalist oligarchs, the hour is nearly approaching when all accounts will be virtually settled by the masses, same as more and more of them will rise up to become heroes and saints, and fighting to "save the world" by taking up arms and carrying out the total conquest against the tyranny of the few.

It was made last 2010.