Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year's Message

New Year's Message

Well, since I didn't made a formal message last Christmas, this time I ought to make a formal message this coming new year.

In fact, 2011 is a year of mixed emotions.

Societies marred by crisis, personalities enraged by scandals and anomalies, simply goes side by side with beautiful engagements and wonderful happenings, and somehow just like any other year became memorable enough despite attempts on forgetting it further, forgetting an eventful and in some ways challenging year; a year that represents another critical milestone along everyone's development both in the individual and to the society.

Weird isn't it as this writer became quite pessimistic in this coming year 2012. For sure most are starting to think about "the end of the world" while others think of "just the same" as personal problems are being emphasised though to deal with, other than social problems such as poverty and corruption as systems rather tend to escape than deal from it; more and more same songs to hear, love stories to see, oh god! Same old brand new shit of escapism so to speak! Except for Asiong Salonga of course (that made everyone having a break from usual movies just to revisit a good old action movie haha.).

In this coming year,  it would be better to prepare for another catastrophe. There would be same old problems prevailing as rotten systems maintain their very own "prestige" and treating change as "cosmetic." Not to mention of illusory dreams such as "World peace" or "prosperity" to the country, this writer would say that in this era of challenges, might as well face the challenges of the coming year...and everyone be oblige to prepare for it. 

For now let us enjoy by eating pasta and drink some vodka.

Cheers to everyone and have a pleasant new year to all.