Friday, 30 December 2011

On the verge of a Socio-Cultural Aids

On the verge of a Socio-Cultural AIDS

The world, especially the Philippines, has not yet just “Universalized” itself, but rather fell upon to the degeneration of the entire society, especially its culture, all courtesy of its rotten, backward system dominating. We’ve encountered such degenerative effects in our society, such as the lumpenization of life, such as drugs, crime, reckless sex, social profanity, even “bourgeois” extravagance as well as wholesale westernization contributed to it-just to degenerate culture, society, and even life itself as its results.

To the fact that history involves tireless struggles both nations and classes, so is affects the culture as well as the rest as we experienced through. And since the society we lived in is backward, rotten, or in other terms fully described as semifeudal and semicolonial, we may also called it, in medical-related terms as “terminally sick”, that is, in a manner of political, economic, socio-cultural AIDS. And like the past write-ups written, This person may affirm that we have a lack of “immunity”, especially in our culture due to the system’s dictation in regards to socio-cultural affairs, getting “bombarded” with wholesale westernization that affects our own culture and be “museumified”, that is-to be reserved into the “tribes” or into the class cases while we are being patronized much foreign, imported goods what the system wanted so-all under free trade and similar policies that, makes us rather in poverty instead of prosperity, with debts to be paid, and if resisted-sanctions.

And since He tackled about culture, which is affected by a social “illness”, like AIDS, it is vulnerable to every germ and shock that in the body further deteriorates till death-same as the society, especially a IIIrd world one, that the Philippines belonged to. For this, anything would be a series of crisis, contradiction, self-destruction amongst us. Its death is certain, and the “only remaining” uncertainty is that of ther precise moment when it expires.

First, our system, described as “tried and failed” in nature lies a series of attempts that in fact, deemed to fail than what is supposed to according to them. Like the habit of ‘squaring’ the ‘circle’ that in fact, will not work better, or worse, would rather create a tremendous problem out of it. The media somehow tried to put much degenerative properties on us while the Government, bannering, bragging “Freedom”, “Liberty”, “Justice”, “Democracy”, “Progress”, “Patriotism”, and the like unveiled its immaturity as they do the contrary-of “Totalitarianism”, “Oppression”, “Kleptocracy”, “Injustice”, “Backwardness”, as well as “Chauvinism” though its actions. Democracy, being a method of translating popular will to political action becomes a stale joke for us-to the fact that Agrarian Reform has not been implemented much “to the core” all due to the system’s alignment with the elite-like the landlord bureaucrats who dominated much in our society.

Squaring the Circle indeed to all of us, putting different shapes in inappropriate schapes, so are the sizes and the like. And somehow all of these, contributors to the further degeneration o our “Social self” really destroys us very much to the point of becoming a “Living carcass”, with its culture museumified while the rest of us end up addicted to anything illusory, unrealistic, foreign.

To others may call it “Internationalism.” But who’s to benefit of that is “Internationalism?” It can’t be “Internationalism” so to speak. But rather, of “Wholesale Westernization” that cripples the people and its culture? The system imposed to us their hell-of-a-kind-idea as they banner the world as a “global village” or whatsoever, but in fact, they benefited from it, not the people who insisted, tries to resist through complimenting it or making it suitable for theirs like “Making foreign things serve the people not the system.” Indeed, that is Internationalism not degeneration as we looked upon to.

To the fact that anything is “deemed” to a trend as social degeneration goes, these “forces”, destructive in nature, turned us into rags, lumpen, refuse as we’re being experimented too much and getting mutilated all in the name of this society! The system simply do it yet class struggle continues further even it reduces! Cooperation? Their phrase is as good as their shit-for their term conceals the fact that they want anything theirs and not for the peoples.

And thus,
It contributes to a Socio-Cultural AIDS- an illness in the society that it further exerts the struggle much as it means go further-through a social revolution, of striking the tumor that degenerates the society and of man itself. Speaking of struggle, only the creators of the society do as they ought to resist that social illness spreading, to the fact that anything is a part of class struggles as Marx stated.

And if we seriously grapple within the “Chaos” of the system nowadays and the ones who controls it, as well as to set forth the revolution to a new degree, basing much on the experiences and of our concepts of the future. The PROLETKULT of Bogdanov, the Revolutionary Theatre of Jiang Qing tried much to create a new culture based on the working class than of the ruling gentry-that somehow inculcates an idea willing to counter a “Degenerated culture of the ruling class” Through a dynamic culture of the working class, all alongside the struggle for Socialism, genuine participative Democracy and Social Liberation.

Revolution, as what we all know, meant“Destruction,” yet we didn’t know that it is also a “Recreation” of a new order, that, through popular will lays real popular political action that the Elitist Democracy hath failed. Revolution, all from political, economic, socio-cultural even a spiritual one are also mean rebuilding a real social community based on Voluntarism, Cooperation, Respect, Genuine Freedom, Justice and the like. Somehow it signals the breakthrough of man from the old rotten social order into the Progressive path, of having humanity imbued with heroism not through the battlefield but also of the value of labour, that attributes real maturity, advancement toward the future, basing much on social reality as the system does not.

“Individualism”, as what the rotten system ought to, guising it much as “Democracy”, does not even inculcate progress or greatness, heroism totally. The efforts of Efren Penaflorida, despite his achievements rather carried an example similar to those from the countryside conducting numeracy-literacy programs. If he’s branded a “Hero” by CNN, is the rebel, who also conducts numeracy-literacy programs for children and of illiterate peasants also a hero? These programs based much on social reality than of individualist motivation-like supporting the Agrarian Revolution after sensing the plight of the peasants and farmworkers under profit-oriented individuals than of personalities involved. Or of taking up education, primarily to teach children than to go to America and thinking that cause as income-generating to be. Individualism must be differentiated from Civil Liberties of man, or even the aspirations of the Individual itself, to the fact that Individualism, save the sanctity of an Individual, undermines Social solidarity or in other words, unity. Individualism does not even avert much the Social volcano nor destroy the vestiges of the rotten order, stopping the Socio-cultural AIDS, and it is even supported much by the system, the one behind that “Order” to prevent collective unity and growing threat of Social opposition.

In addition to that,
As this writer had spoke of “Individualism”, in the system’s point of view, it really spoke of its excesses and not of Civil Liberties as they supposed to say, or even equate with. It simply speaks of “Self interest above others” and not of it’s vice versa; and the system advocates it-especially wanting the people in two kinds: to be Apathetic, or to “Save the Country” by “Thinking its own Self.” If that’s the case, is that a key to their “Heroism?” Well, true to their statement that “You are the Initiator,” the “Upbringer of Change” or whatsoever they stated, it does not mean that it may inculcate successes for the rest, but rather on its “Own self.” The media may hath praised Efren Penaflorida for his work as an “Individual who Initiate a contributive work”, but as we dig deeper, they forgot that “It was out of social reality not of an Individualist initiation in creating this kind of work”-similar to the ones in the countryside conducting Numeracy-Literacy skills for the children and of the illiterate peasant. Both of them may consider as heroes yet the system focus on the former and not on the latter, whom “Using education as a tool to resist the social order of the rotten system and in creating a new one.”

As we sum all the ideas being saidth, all our of experiences in life both past and present, of everything under the system, from politics to culture, being affected much of its AIDS, we really think that despite the “Supposed” good life lies the stink coming from its back, and now, as we feel the voices of the oppressed, and of past generations, calling us to continue the unfinished Revolution. The system somehow ought to negate it much, yet they didn’t notice that as we continue, we will make the cure, which is Revolutionary action “Social” and not solely “National” in aspect. To the fact that many of us suffering from the society’s degeneration, of a Socio-cultural and political AIDS compels us to “Rebel” and “Bombard the Headquarters” may times as we could.

We have felt the blood of the martyrs stained ourselves, and noticing that their blood, coming from them, fighting meant not Independence, but also for bread and labor be equitably given, of freedom to protect, and of culture to create after oppression and resistance-that urges us to be worthy of their sacrifice, their struggle, and their example, as well as to resist the system’s urge to destroy ourselves, fighting theirs, all to live in splendor as well, according to our aspirations as we do so.