Friday, 23 December 2011

Recalling Russolo

Recalling Russolo

Seems that few people dare to listen to a vibrating music such as from a weird musician such as Russolo.

As most tend to listen to pop and dance, and others from classical ones played by an orchestra, a handful tend to experiment themselves in listening to a different kind of music-that instead of overtly melodious tunes, vibrations and noises similar to steel and woodworks made others tend to call them weird and crazy.

Weird indeed to listen to those music full of vibrations similar to motor vehicles, steel and woodworks, but Luigi Russolo, the man behind these vibrating music, and his Intonarumori, stated that the industrial revolution  during the 19th century had given modern men a greater capacity to appreciate more complex sounds such as those from the factory.

Well, obviously, complex sounds produced mirror the illusion of progress developed from modern-day machinery and its by-products. For sure some would say that "I prefer listening to the sound of machines for there lies money" especially to a workaholic Capitalist spending time supervising steelworkers making steel or machine-powered looms making fabric out of threads; yes, those sounds of progress also includes sounds of coins and paper money flowing after yearly profits-and Russolo somehow tend to replicate those sounds into his Intonarumori.

But then, not all listeners gave approval unto it. Once, a performance of his Gran Concerto Futuristico (1917), all full of Intonarumori was met with strong disapproval and even violence from the audience, as Russolo himself had predicted. But then despite these somehow lay some foundation stones, along with others in creating music "Modern." However, as expected purists and mainstream music listeners rather tend to call it entirely as noise, as vibrations are being played instead of melodies; but not noticing that Russolo as also one of the first theorists of electronic music that accompanies every sound nowadays, that his Intonarumori paved way to the synthesizer and of the drum machine Rappers tend to use for their music.

Russolo even said this:

"At first the art of music sought purity, limpidity and sweetness of sound. Then different sounds were amalgamated, care being taken, however, to caress the ear with gentle harmonies. Today music, as it becomes continually more complicated, strives to amalgamate the most dissonant, strange and harsh sounds. In this way we come ever closer to noise-sound."

Obviously, Russolo said showed the reality. Yes, people tried to caress their ears with gentle harmonies such as those from the Piano and from the Violin, and this time from the Electric Guitar, Drum Set, Synthesizer and of the Drum Machine, but how about the realities such as the sound of steel, coins, car and motorcycle engines? Yes, they are noises, dissonant, strange, harsh sounds that also putting humanity in the path of near-superficial progress personified such as money and machinery.

...that perhaps made Micki Minaj having "Bum-burum-bum-bum" again and again.