Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Reflections on the feud between Crown and the Golden thread"

"Reflections on the feud between Crown and the Golden thread" 

 Today, everyone are lately being disturbed with news reports regarding the never-ending mudslingings between Malacanang and Padre Faura. 

That, as part of the never ending anti-Arroyo saga, President Noynoy Aquino consistently vent rage against Chief Justice Corona for being Arroyo's stooge-only to be countered by Corona's Hacienda Luisita remarks and counter-criticisms against the President. 

It is obviously a conflict within the system that made people rather putting themselves into the line of questions and debates involving the two. Thinking that to support Corona meant supporting Arroyo, while Supporting Aquino is to justify their control in Luisita; making people choose which is which as justifiable. 

But then, despite these questions, two warring sides, privileged backgrounds using the masses, are merely throwing mud, venting rage in all spheres. That Corona used the issue of Hacienda Luisita, and Aquino used the issue of Arroyo, they simply use the masses that rather putting their rage against the two as they themselves are affected by the system's shit throwing activity-whether it is corruption, midnight appointments, landlordism and the like. Sorry to say but the system itself created a mess despite their justifications. 

 It also somehow showed that they are rather a misrepresentation of the people as Aquino tend to defend the interests same as Corona for himself; countering Luisita with Gloria, countering Gloria with Luisita, these simply involved using the people as much as we expect from these-it even confuse this writer personally that yes, you may against Arroyo for electoral fraud, but you also against Aquino for Hacienda Luisita, these two are rather both sides of the same coin so why this writer or the people tired of the two would instead venting rage against these SOBs both in Malacanang and in Padre Faura?

 After all, as Qaddafi said regarding these people: 

  "...have been a legal barrier between the people and the exercise of authority, excluding the masses from meaningful politics and monopolizing sovereignty in their place. People are left with only a facade of democracy, manifested in long queues to cast their election ballots." 

And such events like the feud between the President and the Chief Magistrate, of issues between Landlordism and Electoral Fraud, Corruption likely to create a scene that perhaps the people themselves would think of it as a feud between those who control this rotten, dilapidated society that is ought to be dismantled as it underscore the continuing deep-going dissension and political fissures within the ranks of the ruling order. The maneuvers and counter-maneuvers of rival political cliques are setting forth an intense crisis that is shaking the ruling political system.

Also even think that persecuting Arroyo for electoral fraud and other scandals are ought to be pressed upon by the present government so is the giving of land directly to the peasants in Hacienda Luisita. The two are already pressed upon in the "People's agenda" and in the "Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill"; secondly, the Hacienda Luisita massacre was even done during the Arroyo administration, in which the military was implicated in that said tragedy. It also affect both the Aquinos and former President Arroyo as the Commander in Chief back then, that obviously, being compelled the two to wash hands and pointing directly to this and that, and Corona, being Arroyo's appointee, used the Hacienda to counter their moves as well-indicating a washing of the hand tactic thinking that the latter isn't involved as well.

Well, according to one writeup, as the administration rallies its allies against the Chief Justice, so is the man from Padre Faura, as Corona has only become more bellicose and has himself engaged in political alliance-building, consolidating the ranks of judges and lawyers and gearing for a showdown. He even styled himself as a "democrat", same as those who are against Aquino at the forefront of what he denounces as Aquino's "creeping dictatorship." Through pitting himself against Aquino, of countering criticism by criticism, all in pursuit of his status as a Supreme Court Chief Justice, Corona hopes to win over support from the Filipino people who have grown disenchanted with the ruling regime-that includes using Hacienda Luisita, that is widely seen as a response against Arroyo's arrest--was too much of a counter-punch for the President and creating confusion which side to join in, again to support Aquino that is against Luisita? Or to support Corona that is for Arroyo?

Kinda weird, but this hell of a kind "game of thrones" and mudslinging tactics further alienate themselves from the people despite using them in their desperate moves, to think that who's to benefit in those two? Is it the people, or the ones in the system-especially the ruling class and its stooges?

Perhaps, let the people be the Judge, the Jury and the Executioner instead of what we sought in every news report nowadays. It is right to "Rebel" anyway as what we sought such nonsense in this forsaken society such as the Philippines.