Monday, 23 January 2012

Its your society, Stupid.

Its your society, Stupid.

By Katleah Ulrike

Sorry for being late, but this writeup somehow made in response to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's "It's the Economy, Student" response to the current President that also, one of her student in Ateneo de Manila.

At first, it would say that the colloquium made by Gary Olivar et al. somehow tend to justify the former President's efforts to keep the economy afloat in midst of the prevailing socio-economic crisis in these past few years, and also weird that how come despite the having a superficial "improvement" there are increase in prices of commodities and failures in succeeding agrarian reform? Does it mean the state didn't root out the dreaded oligarchs that controlled the entire rotten society lock, stock and drop?

As noticed in the colloquium made last January 12, Mrs. Arroyo criticized the President for weak infrastructure spending and the slow rollout of public-private partnership (PPP) projects promised by the present administration. Yes, there is but on the other hand, will Aquino seriously undertake a policy coming from a different party, or follow Arroyo's dictum? It's like telling the Republican Hoover to a Democrat Roosevelt pursue his policies during the Depression of the 1930s. This writer does not mean trying to defend Aquino, obviously as stated from above, the presence of oligarchs doesn't make any sense despite the so-called "improvement" in the economy, the society they've controlling is rotten so to speak, regardless of the modern day infrastructure and rise of numbers.

Secondly, using the ideas taken from others, thinking that yes, the economy is somewhat improved, having good roads and modern airport facilities, bridges and the like; but to call it a legacy as others may think of is like nearly creating a cult of personality the way Ferdinand Marcos, Cory Aquino or Erap Estrada tried to do so. Whether as maintainer of order, upholder of democracy or even savior of the poor yet didn't completely dismantle the society they tend to make prosper and peaceful. The revolt of the poor is even rising further as repressive structures maintain their rabid paranoia and rising prices of commodities as been seen by everyone.
By the way, discounts in sachets of Shampoo and conditioner or any other commodity are a part of Public Relations policy than a serious idea as people desperately wanting to have affordable, if not cheap goods in the sea of expensive products in every stores. It's even obvious that regardless of the increasing numbers that the gap continues to widen as well, so what's prosperity if everyone is compelled to content than to advance? Or as the late Marcos said so: of what is Democracy if it is not for the poor?

And to think that  extolling of the new President is not coming from himself, and instead from the public regardless of the rampant poverty, rather be a plain and simple near institutionalized personality cult the way Marcos or Estrada loyalists tend to admire their idols with affection-so is Arroyo with her fans from the middle class. This writer somehow think that these trying hard cults of themselves, leaders as everyone sought is a last resort trying to keep everything in control-the way Kim Il Sung or Saddam Hussein did during their days as leaders. Marcos tend to show himself as the one who spearhead greatness, Aquino for upholding democracy, Estrada for being pro-poor and Arroyo for her efforts to keep the economy afloat; yes all did enough effort yet they kiss the arses of the devil in pursuit of keeping everything "under control" including repressive means such as martial rule and the use of the military for political purposes such as Jovito Palparan. 

These instances somehow prioritizes having the rotten society intact. As Poor people forced to go to Manila and squat, increased prices of commodities coexists with rising GDP rates and modern day infrastructure, everyone simply felt how bipolar the society is the way we see every feature such as "Squatters" and condominiums  as well as decrees concerning land reform with landlords, oligarchs controlling every land. And now telling that the economy is prosperous? This person doubt.

The rotten society itself tells it all, stupid.
Look and feel its stench of blood and garbage in it.