Wednesday, 29 February 2012



made by Pavel Smirnov (as Ingvard Schnitzelton)
Music based on "Sankt Peterburg" by Roman Svetkov

I remember the time when I was young
I met a girl that seemed pretty
Her oak-brown hair
Her olive green eyes
Skin kissed by the sun and quite merry
I felt so admired and I don't know why
Quite shy as I asked her name
And she told me that "Gia is her name"
Then she left in the midst of night

Oh Gia, моей любви
until death, you are part of me
Oh Gia, my work of art
For you are the girl I love

I tried not to cry yet tears flow from my eyes
Silent yet felt the pain and sorrow
And looking at night the stars shining bright
Thinking a coming tomorrow
Someday if I met Gia, I'll let my sketchbook bring
And draw her and thus worth remembring
And thus I realize, the beauty that mermerize
Whilst my heart will forver sing:

And as I see you dance, I feel the rage inside
and yet I don't know what comes happening
Perhaps it came from my barren mind
Des'prate as loneone for years nothing
As the music plays, your moves fills the space
Giving life like the tales of old days
And it ends with a kiss, that gives tender bliss
That no one may never miss

Whether it is the past, or it is today
She held the key to my 'lone heart
Whether she's in paint, in sketch or in clay
She is the a one of a kind art
And thus I thank god like no lover done
For my prayers fulfilled as she come
Just like from the start, Till death to us part
I swore to you in my life you've been