Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Well...What made me compel to write poetry and lyrics using existingmusic?

Well, What made him compel to write poetry 
and lyrics using existing music?

"Every jeep taxi bus playing novelties
And pissing minds in shitty jokes
Making me annoying as common tunes been played
wanna have a walk out to my home where I stayed...

Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!
Stop the Cali swag!
Stop that dougie stop!"

-from "Stop the Cali Swag"

"Gia my Gia

My shining red star Katleah
I hope I'll see you back as I returning
In the night when the red star is shining"

-from "Gia's Theme"

"I've been dreaming of you when I see you in red
Then my eyes turned red till it bled
As if I've seen a rose covered in blood
Heiliges quillrose now found!"

-from "Charmel"

These poems made by this writer are accompanied by the songs and thus made it singable. The former two used the melodies of Russian songs "Stop the Rolling Stones" and "Polyushko Pole", the latter was from a Turkish theme named "Gafil ne Bilir." The writer somewhat kinda isnpired by the music that made some of his poems "singable" using melodies oftentimes heard. And to think that using other melodies is somewhat awkward, that "why not create your own" instead of using other person's melodies? After all, he's not even a songwriter.

Obviously, it seemed to be strange enough as a writer specialized in making critiques, essays, everything in a near journalistic experience to write poetry and oftentimes end up singable using someone else's melody; for sure others would likely to say that this writer is doing plagiarism for not having permission from the artist who have made it; but obviously despite all these subjective responses such as that, this writer would say that it is  kinda compelling enough though as you listen strange tunes like The late Egor Letov and make words out of it unintentionally simply because of getting inspired or what, as what the poem "Stop the Cali Swag" made it singable enough out of using the melody of  "Stop the Rolling Stones" by the late Letov himself.

For sure some used to make songs using exisiting tunes like Weird Al who made parodies of popular tunes coming from singers such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. The Philippines' very own Michael V even created some music for quite some time using the songs of Spice Girls or Jon Bon Jovi despite using Filipino as its medium. Pete Seeger, known for his "If I had a hammer" also made a protest music using the melody of  the "Ballad of the Green Beret" in midst of the protest against the war in Vietnam.

So is this writer who perhaps tried for quite some time the way these people once did in their part time whether just to gain popularity or just to convey their feeling as an individual. For sure some, if they dared to do so, perhaps because they want to convey something by any means no matter what it is as they do so. But on the other hand, it seems that this writer also wanted to revisit music as he himself was once playing the piano and today he tries to play it again, although with flaws he tried to correct though.

Anyway, this writeup is made in memoriam to the person whom the writer inspired to write more: Gia Hilado.