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This writer's entire life is in fact not entirely consists of writing, designing and  drawing, for it also includes Clay Molding.




Proven by the works been done before, he was simply inspired by the art of the past in order to replicate some works such as old Slavic idols, Funeral urns, and other works done long centuries ago. And somehow it was quite weird for him that he loves to recreate the past by means of using clay, if not the sketchpad for artwork.



In fact, being inspired from what he sought or read, having "Claywork" made this writer further creative the way he draws in his sketchpad. It's just that he uses clay as his material, so is he being (nearly) indulged to romanticism: looking at the sculptures of the past from statues to burial urns and idols? Perhaps.




Or perhaps even this:


Well, he loves to sculpt clay and he had some sculptures of "idols" in it, despite others thinking of his works entirely as weird especially his parents thinking of his works creating clutter in the living room! After all, they are rather stucked-up in mainstream art shown in every gallery; in fact these works are rather served as a product of imagination and inspiration as it tries to recapture the past works and replicate, even further as it integrates into the present.

Or rather say, the writer, also the one who made these figures, rather unleash its ability to use the mud, grout, cement and clay to express what comes within the barren mind, and the dampened soul.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Forgetting contemporary heritage in favor of antiquated progress

Forgetting contemporary heritage in favor of antiquated progress

Avenida Rizal then
Avenida Rizal Now
It was yesterday when this writer was wandering in Manila and he personally see modern day edifices standing side by side with the edifices of the past.

Such edifices, as everyone sees of it, are rather products of heritage that everyone tend to be remembered. But most of them tend to be forgotten they way they lose their memory in favor of a fad that is, worthy of criticism and question.

In fact, despite knowing pros and cons, this writer personally don't know why in spite of having modern day things around why it end up giving heritage, especially contemporary ones in favor of a progress that is illusory, antiquated and confusing? Antiquated in a way that everyone is dreaming for years yet leaving it a condition, a state of mind despite being realized in a form of building, device, music, clothing or any other shit just to end up thrown in a wate basket, be rot and die in everybody's memories; Antiquated that for years trying hard to realize an idealized vision difficultly tried to fulfill and end up be called wasted.

After all, having a society contented in imports all the time affects culture and persona of each individual and community. The way most tend to look every fad as popular, disregarding personal taste in favor of a "just" Joining the "flow"; the way people wearing varsity jackets in a tropical country as a fad same as listening to "Teach me how to Dougie" by Cali Swag District. No offense since this writer also designs jackets and also wear a jacket too for sometime as part of his getup.

Escolta district, Manila
The original Philippines' "Wall Street" before replaced by Ayala's Makati.
Offices of prominent companies once situated in that district until the early 1960s.
Speaking of heritage, not all heritage is limited to old churches, houses, edifices made by national artists, rondalla music and traditions most tend to preserve upon. How about standalone theatres like Ruben and Dilson in Recto being rot and turned into dens of prostitution? Buildings made by prominent artists being left rot and condemned paving way for demolition? Why not these edifices be also rehabilitated the way buildings in Escolta, Manila tries to regain its once prominent image as a financial centre before Makati?

After all, most Filipinos tend to look entirely into the Americans and not Europeans, or even fellow Asians such as China and Japan, Malaysia or Indonesia, even Burma as its model, thanks to the ones in the system that while parroting patriotic sentiment are choosily willing to gain concessions such as those from the United States. This writer, in fact is much of an economic and cultural protectionist that speaks of self reliance in the economy and advancement in culture so is the encouragement of small and medium scale businessmen, as well as its employees to advance their capabilities and qualities of their hardwork both themselves and their institutions belong to same goes in artists that tries to create a new culture that is youthful and rebellious in its essence and appearance. Sorry to say so but for sure some who speaks entirely of "economic liberalization" would tend to oppose this part of writeup, but then this writer would say that since they wanted economic liberalization, of foreign control of properties, bigger shares of stocks in corporations, will they pay directly a progressive income tax if they stay? Or will they try its best to rehabilitate every edifice in Manila reviving its prestiege as an ever loyal city so is themselves to the Filipino people? Quite doubtful to think of if they do so, after all they are foreign companies whose intention is to expand markets than seriously providing jobs. Looking entirely at the United States of America as its perennial model of hope is in fact a consumerist inclination so to speak, like the edifices being made post war in Recto and Avenida, they are made primarily to advance interests such as trade and culture, and trade and culture on those periods meant entirely a massive influx of foreign goods threatening dometic made supplies in the metro-and this also meant creating a generation of contented people that dreamed of progress merely by trade and not of production; sorry to say so but this is an obvious fact behind the illusions given to everyone that made this writer, as well as the concerned others think "will the Filipinos gain prosperity by trade and concessions alone? And who's to benefit from it?"

Times Theatre, Quiapo
Once one of the prominent standalone theatres in Manila, now running  reruns of old movies,
 and for sure it is  being threatened by demolition thanks to deterioration and perhaps unrecognition by many.
Otherwise, in spite of refurbushment of communities in pursuit of moving forward, in an aesthetically progressive manner, there are buildings that are likely tend and called to be as "rehabilitated" yet in fact losing its image out of an illusory progress; as some edifices tend to preserve what is seen yet inside are being torn and turned into something contradictory like warehouses whose outsude features were once prominent buildings. This writer someow consider about old buildings with interiors rehabilitated making them into offices for call centres and the like, but as for once prominent cinemas turned stalls for used clothes being sold, likely to say that most cinemas are failed to compete and contented in mere reruns, failed to rehabilitate that made itself dilapidated; poor Times theatre in Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo.

Laperal Apartments
Benguet Centre, despite made by National Artist Leandro Locsin,
end up Demolished in favor of a Shoe Mart-Sponsored edifice of commercialism

And to think that societies whose systems, rotten to the core, hastily trying to act modern by simply demolish good structures for mere new ones devoid of meaning except mere eye candy aesthetics, yes, it is modernity sacrificing heritage; saving the churches and Hispanic-era houses while trashing out contemporary heritage like those of buildings made with designs such as art deco or brutalism. How come Locsin's building in Mandaluyong be demoished for another Shoe Mart-owned edifice? Just because the property is a prime lot despite having an edifice made by a national artist? Or even the earlier buildings in Pasig like the Philcomcen that was destroyed years before. That building was one of the earliest modern buildings ever made in Pasig aside from the Meralco main office, and Strata 200 building, or even the proud flour silos of Universal Robina, Morning Star and Republic Flour Mill also situated in that same city. Strange so to think of as everyone around see and think that heritage is limited to pre-Hispanic, Hispanic, and American past yet forgetting the edifices made after the war being left to rot and be condemned in favor of building boxes the way Locsin's Benguet centre being demolished in favor of another Shoe Mart-owned edifice? One writeup obviously stated that heritage is destroyed by the few, and forgotten by many, reducing it to a mere placing "mano po" to elders and wearing Barong Tagalogs for wedding days aside from looking at edifices in Intramuros for Field Trips and (near) nonsense pictorials while spending time in the ones made out of consumerism, or rather say commercialism.

And as this writer look at every building and reflect, perhaps likely to say that this nation loses contemporary heritage despite trying to save churches and old houses, as well as trying to preserve edifices made by prominent national artists like Locsin and Nakpil. Everyone sees the losing heritage, sacrificing the hidden grandeur all in the name of progress that, despite modern in its appearances, is antiquated due to the so-called aspirations of the old and of the rotting.


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Scenes from Karl Roy's wake

Scenes from Karl Roy's wake

It was Thursday when I went to this kind of event in Mt. Carmel Church in Quezon City.

Full of people from relatives, artists and perhaps fanatics as well, enjoying porridge, coffee, Doner Kebab, Chapchae and listening to elegies and music coming from prominent personalities. That event somehow recalls the past memories left by a one of a kind person: Karl Roy.

He may had been into ashes this time, and now placed in a columbarium in the churchyard, but to everyone who knows him, his music, his antics and any other contributions that somehow outweigh his shortcomings, Karl Roy is not dead.

So many farewells indeed in that corner.

But then, this writer doesn't think of farewells. He wrote this:
Karl Roy...¡Presente!
For he is alive and youthful in everyone's hearts. He is not dead!

Yes, he's not dead. He's present in everybody's hearts. 
Through his music and memories, he remains alive and youthful. 


Here are other pictures on that same day:

For sure more and more artists will follow his talent instead of his vices for his contributive works such as in music outweigh his vices and shortcomings so to say. Critics may have praised him nowadays the way his fanatics vent their sorrows into songs as ever. 

And again, Requiescat in pace Karl! Your music and memories will make your legacy youthful as ever. 


Friday, 16 March 2012

"Beat the crisis with a Red Wedge!"

"Beat the crisis with a Red Wedge!"

"Addicted to Techno" (because of Love Machine)

"Addicted to Techno" (because of 'Love Machine')

A (near) reflective work

It was last Friday when this writer seemed so sad out of having miscommunication, especially with a friend. Quite silent to think that seemed not replying in a message unlike before, isn't perhaps because that person's busy? Or in a deeper reason of being aloof at all?

Also on that same night, quite sad that while with his friends, aside from having defeated in a student council election, also told to yours truly that the girl whom he (nearly) cherished  most (sorry for the term) chose the rival despite supporting the former. The writer seemingly felt the blow that during that time he, teary eyed, hath to listen some music in his pocket player-that even in the bus going home he ought to be on the corner with a kerchief just to wipe off his tears.

What a heartbreaking day for the writer so to say, that although he didn't think of a relationship, the maiden whom he met, befriended long ago, is seemingly end up snobbish and perhaps thinking those past times as an entirely minor affair to be forgotten.

Quite weird isn't it, but despite these, the writer chose instead to write it over than to weep it on and on.

In fact, because of that maiden, he listened to techno so many times that includes aggro-tech and techno-metal. To think that the girl whom he met is also a dancer, with nicely-made moves, he dubbed thee as "Love Machine" whose image would be fit in a dystopian-futuristic setting. Quite weird why this writer felt so inspired that despite last Friday's sadness also made him "Addicted to Techno" as proven by his poetry work.

Here are the two poems made for being inspired by a friend and perhaps due to the music the writer usually played "out of her" so to say. 

Or isn't it because he described that girl as a "love machine?" Full of moves as a dancer, having a good body and a cute charm? while at the same time a writer reading futuristic works?

"You are my Absinthe"

You remove me in my list
You are deaf in whispring mist
You make my mind fell in the pit
You make me entirely cold 

And felt sadness further after removing me in the list. 

She is my Techno
She is my Machine
She is my Absinthe
She is my dream

She is my writing
She is my drawing
She is my everything....and nothing

And yet she remove me
Remove me from the list
I am heartbroken
My life left in mist(2x)

She is my Techno
She is my Machine
She is my Absinthe
She is my dream

She is my writing
She is my drawing
She is my everything...and nothing

And yet she remove me
Remove me from the list
I am heartbroken
My life left in mist(2x)

And felt sadness further after removing me in the list. 

Removing me....removing me...removing me...REMOVING MEEEEEE!!!!!

(instead of she, 'you' would be preferable)

Another poem was also made, perhaps since that maiden the writer described as a "Love Machine", as well as getting enjoyed into techno music. Another poetry talent so to say:


Gia Liebesmaschine
So schön so scheint es
Gia Liebesmaschine
Wir in Brand rot, schwarz und weiß

Born in a vat
Created out of mat
Forged by scientists
System-sponsored wrath
Project 2016
Celeste as once been
Only to be freed by the subversive
Dubbed thee Gia-Liebsmaschine

Gia Liebesmaschine
So schön so scheint es
Gia Liebesmaschine
Wir in Brand rot, schwarz und weiß

Freed by the Quillrose
Warrior of the night
Systems raged in every sight
Eclipse then twilight
Silent destruction
Never say die
Beautiful incarnation
Valkyrie anti-right

Gia Liebesmaschine
So schön so scheint es
Gia Liebesmaschine
Wir in Brand rot, schwarz und weiß

Total anti-norm
As dancing the oil-bomb storm
Street warrioress of the night
Fill the rage in every sight
Feel the love with pain
Then separated left with stain
I don't know why my mind recalls her again
As she dance the rage over me like rain

Gia Liebesmaschine
So schön so scheint es
Gia Liebesmaschine
Wir in Brand rot schwarz und weiß

Fill my heart with rage
Like oil over the cogwheels, every space
Set fire over the systems
Rotten to the roots, tremble in every face
With the quillrose of the night
Quill and rose entwined described:
"Quillrose und Liebesmaschine
Fill the rage destroy the dream!"

Gia Liebesmaschine
So schön so scheint es
Gia Liebesmaschine
Wir in Brand rot schwarz und weiß

Nowadays, the writer tries to move on. Obviously, he didn't think entirely of a relationship but rather to have an amicable friendship with that maiden. He's just simply inspired so to say by her's as he made such works like that-only that he's sad as the first poem had done to.

During the time he made those poems these are made without the help of beer nor cigarette. Vanilla ice cream would be as he love it much, but perhaps because he was thinking of drinking Absinthe, and reading writeups about it, then aside from "Love Machine," he also thinks in midst of sadness that "he needs an absinthe", yet substituting it by drinking wheatgrass (well...absinthe is wormwood and that's narcotic!) to cure his loneliness by seeing the "Green Fairy".

"Du bist mein Absinth" as what the drawing said so. "You are my Absinthe".

For sure this drawing also tends to think that "She is his Absinthe" to cure his sadness as described below.

Well, If so, then would be the writer's dream
...and illusion in the end.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Glories to the writer and to the music maker!

Glories to the writer and to the music maker!

A tribute writeup to the late personalities
 Isagani "Gani" Yambot and Karl Roy

It is quite so sad nowadays that two prominent people died in this month of March.

Like Caesar, these personalities became a part of the social scene such as music and media, as former Inquirer head Isagani "Gani" Yambot and singer Karl Roy left a legacy that is remarkable to those appreciated their well known work.

Isagani "Gani" Yambot

Ka Gani-"hard to replace"

The media world stopped printing as last March 2,  Isagani "Gani" Yambot, 77 years of age, died a few days after undergoing a quadruple bypass surgery. Most mediamen deeply saddened as ka Gani joined the roster of prominent writers, of Zumel, Soliven, Teddy Benigno and others who once prominent in their so-called devotion.

Like a calling for a Priesthood, as what Ka Gani had said, Journalism, a craft and profession tends to expose truth wholly as well as a science in verifying the daily doings of the society. And within it lies an arduous effort to make its craft better-despite poverty (since the salary is not very high especially in the print media) as well as constant obedience in the laws and ethics of Journalism.

And somehow this kind of devotion seriously set through by Ka Gani also includes contribution to social change as a writer. During the events surrounding the Maguindanao Massacre, Ka Gani speaks of justice for  his fellow mediamen who were killed last 2010. Clenching his fist same as others wanting swift justice against those who tend to curb those who ought to expose truth in an absolute, significant way.

Personally, I ought to write this earlier yet I am preoccupied with obligations in the shop and in the cooperative. But to read and appreciate Ka Gani would likely to say that despite critics assailing him, the paper as a den of yellows (since Inquirer became known as aligned to the Aquinos), it remained as it is, surviving and on going. After all, personally, I would say that is the stand of  his, and Doronilla's same as De Quiros's and Doyo's if Inquirer being criticized as Aquino's paper entirely? Well... there are rather different viewpoints according to these people in pen, but still their works are in the same paper.

Well, just felt so sad the way mediamen temporarily stopped and mourn for Ka Gani. From the day he died to the day he was cremated, messages of praise gave honour to a person who, in person had a good sense of humour, who loves to correct wrong grammar, and perhaps trying to uphold the idea of a paper known for having "balanced news" and "fearless views."

Karl Roy

Karl Roy-"Play till the afterlife"

Like Ka Gani in his media world, Karl Roy is prominent in the Music scene.

Famous for being a vocalist in a 1990s-era band named "Advent Call", as well as grandson of the late Senator Jose J. Roy (NP) of Moncanda, Tarlac,   Karl Roy died from heart failure last Tuesday.

As according to his sister, Kathryn (thru her Facebook account:)

“It is with deepest sadness that I share the news of Karl’s passing. He was called Home today (Tuesday) at 1:01 a.m. Manila time (Tuesday, March 13th), surrounded by those who loved him most – mommy, Keith, Kevin, Krys, his daughter Arianna, and our cousin Jack (Roy-Duavit),”

Everybody was shocked, grieved about his death. Prominent artists and bands like Dong Abay, Kookie Chua, Wolfgang, Axel Pinpin, even Lea Salonga bid thee condolences to a one of a kind person in the music world. As Karl Roy, once vocalist in "Advent Call", "P.O.T.", and "Kapatid", also known to have joined and wholeheartedly supported cause-oriented socio-civic organizations like Rock Ed Philippines and Dakila Collective.

It is quite good that Karl Roy, as well as other musicians tend to be socially conscious and tend to pass every flame on to others. That despite having a (near) negative image of his such as tattoos and nose ring, it doesn't affect his contributions in music and in spearheading change through modern heroism as well.


In assessment, both of them had made their fields as good as ever, youthful so to speak. Ka Gani Yambot in his mediawork, Karl Roy for his musicwork, both of them contributed despite criticism and perhaps assail against themselves and their actions given. Karl Roy was known to be an addict, while Ka Gani Yambot for having a part in a paper critics think of as being supportive to the Aquinos; but then these two personalities are worthy of praise as they simply did their craft and made it better. 

For now they are in the hall of artists as they've met their colleagues in the afterlife. Their contributions outweigh their failures and shortcomings so to speak; for they simply did their job well.

Again, Glories to the writer and to the music maker! 

Friday, 9 March 2012

"Future" according to the Russians circa 1914

according to the Russians circa 1914

These pictures shows how should what kind of Future Russians tend to think upon in midst of the growing war.

Like the earlier pictures sponsored by a German chocolate company, these pictures somehow meant the dreams of many as most scientists, technicians, engineers, writers and future enthusiasts tend to create new ideas, tools, images, everything that provides inspiration and basis for the people of the coming generation.

Also Quite weird in everybody's eyes, as most of it bear that was once figments of imagination, yet some are being realized as technology advances forward yet some of what being shown are undergone experimentation or rather  left as a mere idea of mere idealists trying to resist the impossible, the tide of ages.

According to English Russia (The source of these postcards):
It should be totally polished with an ice so that ultramodern air-motored sleighs could glide fast and easy.
However, instead of Sleighs Cars dominated the roads, and instead of ice, asphalt paved in it.

This Postcard tend to say that Red Square in Moscow would somehow became bustling, full of cars, buildings, flying vehicles, multi level subway systems all over the Red Square and a policeman standing in the middle "with his sword ready."
However, the Red Square remained plain and walkable instead of bustling with buses and cars. Tanks were passed through during parades. And there are no monorails nor planes flying under Kremlin's skies.

Another square in Moscow seemed to be bustling even at night. A city that never sleeps so to speak, there are monorails, flying dirigibles , buses, cars, motorcycles and a subway too. Yet the Cossacks seemed to be left behind as they are still riding horses instead of having a patrol car for patrolling.
Contrary to this picture, same feature yet there are no monorails, cars dominated every street and way, while  a subway was built during the Stalin era.

There are other postcards being shown too. Here it goes:

Wide gardens and paved ways similar to Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo.
It seemed that Russia's future loved to take care of its environment too.

A Central Railroad Station as been shown in that postcard, but aside from having the usual railway, there are also monorails been built connecting the routes from other Russian regions. Quite weird so to see to have a city or a country connected by trains both above, beneath and below!

This is a postcard featuring a fire scene with a fire truck immediately passing though the streets with the same appearance of monorails, buses, cars, even flying buses and monorails passing through buildings acting as its stations.

Bustling as ever, seemed that Moscow is getting overcrowded in that picture.
Full of monorails, buses, cars, a flying bus, and dirigibles, such idealized future made by the artist didn't notice the side effects of an overpopulated homeland and everything ran by steam, petroleum or any other fossil fuel.

So is the river, it seemed that Moscow is trying to rival St. Petersburg as a cruise ship passes through the river and a port scene as well.

Quite weird to see such pictures featuring an idealized future of a promising world to come. Using a mindset of a late 19th century person, that future meant a perfect setting as science is being used thoroughly to create something that would make realities out of science fiction. People like Verne, Asimov, or even Walt Disney tend to create something that perhaps in the end would become fulfilling and satisfying everyone's mindset and heart.

And yet,
As we see these are rather far from our realities despite having dirigibles, cars, buses, monorails, trains, all ran by coal, petrol, and now using solar, water, natural gas, or any kind of matter what humanity tries to grab one by one in the name of progress and prosperity.

After all, a heart of everyone is still a heart of a child.