Friday, 9 March 2012

"Future" according to the Russians circa 1914

according to the Russians circa 1914

These pictures shows how should what kind of Future Russians tend to think upon in midst of the growing war.

Like the earlier pictures sponsored by a German chocolate company, these pictures somehow meant the dreams of many as most scientists, technicians, engineers, writers and future enthusiasts tend to create new ideas, tools, images, everything that provides inspiration and basis for the people of the coming generation.

Also Quite weird in everybody's eyes, as most of it bear that was once figments of imagination, yet some are being realized as technology advances forward yet some of what being shown are undergone experimentation or rather  left as a mere idea of mere idealists trying to resist the impossible, the tide of ages.

According to English Russia (The source of these postcards):
It should be totally polished with an ice so that ultramodern air-motored sleighs could glide fast and easy.
However, instead of Sleighs Cars dominated the roads, and instead of ice, asphalt paved in it.

This Postcard tend to say that Red Square in Moscow would somehow became bustling, full of cars, buildings, flying vehicles, multi level subway systems all over the Red Square and a policeman standing in the middle "with his sword ready."
However, the Red Square remained plain and walkable instead of bustling with buses and cars. Tanks were passed through during parades. And there are no monorails nor planes flying under Kremlin's skies.

Another square in Moscow seemed to be bustling even at night. A city that never sleeps so to speak, there are monorails, flying dirigibles , buses, cars, motorcycles and a subway too. Yet the Cossacks seemed to be left behind as they are still riding horses instead of having a patrol car for patrolling.
Contrary to this picture, same feature yet there are no monorails, cars dominated every street and way, while  a subway was built during the Stalin era.

There are other postcards being shown too. Here it goes:

Wide gardens and paved ways similar to Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo.
It seemed that Russia's future loved to take care of its environment too.

A Central Railroad Station as been shown in that postcard, but aside from having the usual railway, there are also monorails been built connecting the routes from other Russian regions. Quite weird so to see to have a city or a country connected by trains both above, beneath and below!

This is a postcard featuring a fire scene with a fire truck immediately passing though the streets with the same appearance of monorails, buses, cars, even flying buses and monorails passing through buildings acting as its stations.

Bustling as ever, seemed that Moscow is getting overcrowded in that picture.
Full of monorails, buses, cars, a flying bus, and dirigibles, such idealized future made by the artist didn't notice the side effects of an overpopulated homeland and everything ran by steam, petroleum or any other fossil fuel.

So is the river, it seemed that Moscow is trying to rival St. Petersburg as a cruise ship passes through the river and a port scene as well.

Quite weird to see such pictures featuring an idealized future of a promising world to come. Using a mindset of a late 19th century person, that future meant a perfect setting as science is being used thoroughly to create something that would make realities out of science fiction. People like Verne, Asimov, or even Walt Disney tend to create something that perhaps in the end would become fulfilling and satisfying everyone's mindset and heart.

And yet,
As we see these are rather far from our realities despite having dirigibles, cars, buses, monorails, trains, all ran by coal, petrol, and now using solar, water, natural gas, or any kind of matter what humanity tries to grab one by one in the name of progress and prosperity.

After all, a heart of everyone is still a heart of a child.