Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Glories to the writer and to the music maker!

Glories to the writer and to the music maker!

A tribute writeup to the late personalities
 Isagani "Gani" Yambot and Karl Roy

It is quite so sad nowadays that two prominent people died in this month of March.

Like Caesar, these personalities became a part of the social scene such as music and media, as former Inquirer head Isagani "Gani" Yambot and singer Karl Roy left a legacy that is remarkable to those appreciated their well known work.

Isagani "Gani" Yambot

Ka Gani-"hard to replace"

The media world stopped printing as last March 2,  Isagani "Gani" Yambot, 77 years of age, died a few days after undergoing a quadruple bypass surgery. Most mediamen deeply saddened as ka Gani joined the roster of prominent writers, of Zumel, Soliven, Teddy Benigno and others who once prominent in their so-called devotion.

Like a calling for a Priesthood, as what Ka Gani had said, Journalism, a craft and profession tends to expose truth wholly as well as a science in verifying the daily doings of the society. And within it lies an arduous effort to make its craft better-despite poverty (since the salary is not very high especially in the print media) as well as constant obedience in the laws and ethics of Journalism.

And somehow this kind of devotion seriously set through by Ka Gani also includes contribution to social change as a writer. During the events surrounding the Maguindanao Massacre, Ka Gani speaks of justice for  his fellow mediamen who were killed last 2010. Clenching his fist same as others wanting swift justice against those who tend to curb those who ought to expose truth in an absolute, significant way.

Personally, I ought to write this earlier yet I am preoccupied with obligations in the shop and in the cooperative. But to read and appreciate Ka Gani would likely to say that despite critics assailing him, the paper as a den of yellows (since Inquirer became known as aligned to the Aquinos), it remained as it is, surviving and on going. After all, personally, I would say that is the stand of  his, and Doronilla's same as De Quiros's and Doyo's if Inquirer being criticized as Aquino's paper entirely? Well... there are rather different viewpoints according to these people in pen, but still their works are in the same paper.

Well, just felt so sad the way mediamen temporarily stopped and mourn for Ka Gani. From the day he died to the day he was cremated, messages of praise gave honour to a person who, in person had a good sense of humour, who loves to correct wrong grammar, and perhaps trying to uphold the idea of a paper known for having "balanced news" and "fearless views."

Karl Roy

Karl Roy-"Play till the afterlife"

Like Ka Gani in his media world, Karl Roy is prominent in the Music scene.

Famous for being a vocalist in a 1990s-era band named "Advent Call", as well as grandson of the late Senator Jose J. Roy (NP) of Moncanda, Tarlac,   Karl Roy died from heart failure last Tuesday.

As according to his sister, Kathryn (thru her Facebook account:)

“It is with deepest sadness that I share the news of Karl’s passing. He was called Home today (Tuesday) at 1:01 a.m. Manila time (Tuesday, March 13th), surrounded by those who loved him most – mommy, Keith, Kevin, Krys, his daughter Arianna, and our cousin Jack (Roy-Duavit),”

Everybody was shocked, grieved about his death. Prominent artists and bands like Dong Abay, Kookie Chua, Wolfgang, Axel Pinpin, even Lea Salonga bid thee condolences to a one of a kind person in the music world. As Karl Roy, once vocalist in "Advent Call", "P.O.T.", and "Kapatid", also known to have joined and wholeheartedly supported cause-oriented socio-civic organizations like Rock Ed Philippines and Dakila Collective.

It is quite good that Karl Roy, as well as other musicians tend to be socially conscious and tend to pass every flame on to others. That despite having a (near) negative image of his such as tattoos and nose ring, it doesn't affect his contributions in music and in spearheading change through modern heroism as well.


In assessment, both of them had made their fields as good as ever, youthful so to speak. Ka Gani Yambot in his mediawork, Karl Roy for his musicwork, both of them contributed despite criticism and perhaps assail against themselves and their actions given. Karl Roy was known to be an addict, while Ka Gani Yambot for having a part in a paper critics think of as being supportive to the Aquinos; but then these two personalities are worthy of praise as they simply did their craft and made it better. 

For now they are in the hall of artists as they've met their colleagues in the afterlife. Their contributions outweigh their failures and shortcomings so to speak; for they simply did their job well.

Again, Glories to the writer and to the music maker!