Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"Is he Recommending? Or insisting?"

"Is he Recommending? Or Insisting?"

This writeup is an anecdote written months ago by someone who tries to have its own path regardless of his upbringing. He was usually insisted by his parents to cling to their heed yet he, being stubborn, tend to act pragmatically, if not entirely listening to their call as he himself rather insist on what he was doing. His profession, a writer, had a salary that his parents perhaps call it as not enough and insisting his son to study again or perhaps taking up a job in the mainstream scene with a higher pay in it; but then the latter preferred building his own fate regardless of what they simply call as "for his own good."

Last  night, this writer received an ire from his father. 

His father seemed to be raising a voice over him simply because he was working in a job that to his as "low paid" or what. Yes, that job this writer was working is indeed low-paying but at least he's doing his profession as a writer well.

His father is in fact trying to insist his standards over to his son, from insisting him to wear clothes "applicable to his norms and standards" to insisting "to study" or any other wish trying to insist to his son, this writer rather thinks that despite having a writing job to enjoy with (that is acceptable to theirs of course), why they still insist their dreams over to their son who tries to built an identity of his own? He once even criticized his boots and even against it, so is his political inclination being he, a conservative trying to put his perceptions, standards, ideas over to a son who is deviant to his so-called dreams. 

In fact, why to study again? Isn't enough for this writer doing his passion as a writer despite having a medium, if not low pay? In fact, it doesn't make sense at all to insist simply because everything changes its direction such as not to think of taking another such as Law or what, and yet he loves his job as a writer aside from being an artist. 

This made him think again a never-ending question: "Is he recommending something? Or plain and simple Insist?" That he, looking at his son as promising and looking forward to succeed according to his perceptions  as a lawyer or what; rather looking at his son following his own and not heeding his call? In fact, there are some to be accept but most are rather unlikely to be accepted since this writer would say that he has his own ideas to deal with, such as writing and the arts, so why to insist something that is once agreeable yet nowadays as not? If he disagrees, why to sulk over in it? 

As expected, his father even said to him that "you work in order to live", "you work not because you want to work", that the "salary" is quite too low and insisting his son, this writer of course to study again or what according to his wishes. In fact this writer rather don't care about the money whether it is high or low paid, what he cares and emphasises most  is about experience as a writer. 

Why? In fact, what he is working is at least better than getting contented on last time; but what he need is to gain experience in his very own craft and how to develop it regardless of what is being paid such as ten thousand a month or whatsoever; that ka Gani Yambot once said that taking Journalism or any Media-related profession is like taking priesthood and thus includes taking a vow of poverty such as having a starting pay that is nearly fit to pay basics and living in a strict budget. In fact, you should be grateful for I am working based on his profession regardless of what being paid over, after all it is even a starting pay so to speak, so why should insist something just because it is your standard or just simply your will then threatening him with evicting from his home? In fact this means questioning whether follow his own or follow their so-called heed just because they are the norm and the more; in other words, they are the authority and everyone obliged to obey-naturally, and rationally, in order to survive rather than out of their colorful reasons.

It doesn't mean that this writer, staying in his family's home, using the computer or Ipad, eating three square meals a day, enjoying a sound sleep should require listening and accepting wholeheartedly to their heed regardless of his distaste such as doing this and that according to their wish (such as studying again, wear this, need a haircut or any other shit, etc.)? Isn't enough for this person not to seal, lie or doing wrong again like the past? Is disobeisance to their heed and following your heart, even it is productive and sensible also wrong in a clause not obeying theirs? Well, at least he is single and having no someone, therefore it means less obligations other than career and going home (and still weeping because he remember someone who made him inspire yet having another!)

Well, he don't like this to say but he don't like to think that such rant or any kind of heed is said so simply because they are elders and demanding yes to their call.

It's like choosing their pleasure or your suffering. 

Otherwise, it reminds of Lu Xun's message in his written work "A Madman's Diary:"


To the offended, sorry to say so but this work is made out of expression, and being true as well. Yes, there are some points and ideas that are agreeable yet there are some that is also disagreeable, why to get sulk in it and act irrationally? Isn't it because the person he tries to insist is making a deviant move from the so-called "mainstream"? 

Well, need not to elaborate further.