Wednesday, 25 April 2012

"Trying to get concerned over this near dying Earth."

"Trying to get concerned over this near dying Earth."

It was yesterday when this writer made this strange writeup out of events concerning about his environment.

Ranging from the earthballing of trees in Luneta hill to reckless sand mining in the seashore, cutting of trees in forests all over the archipelago. These actions taken, all in pursuit of development, progress, and future, rather laid risks over benefits that everyone took entirely as a greater challenge all in pursuit of survival in this near hell of a kind planet.

Yes, and it somehow meant that man, from being exploiter of everything for an illusory progress and benefit, end up revisiting something that this being itself at first tend to disregard. Polluted rivers, heavily quarried mountains to uncontrolled growth of the megalopolis, such once-successes turned failures brought by reckless use of technology compelled humanity to control or reuse its knowledge of such gadgetry this time to revive what makes man living, if not youthful.

Obviously, due to these kinds of actions of a bipolar being and its institutions belonged such as companies, it is kinda weird to see and hear that to those who encourage reckless consumerism seems that they also have the guts to speak of conservation and getting concerned about the environment. That most companies involving in manufacturing and retail are focusing entirely on how to lessen clutter and improve living; yet most are rather too focused on mere production that would cost waste then masking mistakes with policies "all in pursuit of taking care of the environment."

Everybody would ridicule over about companies "preserving the environment"
yet at the same time churning greenhouse gases.

That, as everyone expected, makes everybody becoming pessimistic about rather than getting concerned about the state of planet Earth nowadays. Yes, that planting trees, conserving water, cleaning surroundings, everyday recycling lessens global clutter and waste; while others tend to device ways to replace something that would create waste with those that can decompose or reuse for everyday purposes or even trying to revive architectural and engineering wonders that are also made to lessen electrical and water use.

But then, despite such projects and proposals all made out of revisiting environmental concerns, most of it are rather made to appease people whose problem is a need for sustainability, improving human welfare and preservation of environmental integrity such as those of mountains and forests; and somehow these actions guised as "Corporate Social Responsibility" also meant mockery of those who painstakingly trying to conserve everything and getting concerned about what goes on in its community, all ranging from opposing wars, animal testing, malnutrition to environmental destruction in the name of interest; such serious issues rather made this writeup also becoming pessimistic the way this writer thinks about how come they speak of progress and at the same time conservation, which is which?

Yes, everyone tries to get concerned over this planet Earth over and over again. And some dare to exploit the idea out of convenience. Pessimistically speaking, if they do so are they committed to the cause of upholding environmental integrity such as reviving and conserving natural resources, who's also thinking about creating a global clutter-that caused disasters as everyone tries to resist of? For sure most would confess that it is not their intention to throw garbage outside for there's a collector to collect in it; that they use plastic for everybody uses plastic, that mining is beneficial and using technology is man's greatest victory.

"Man's ultimate objective is to conquer Death." 

If man has the so-called inherent right to exploit, may as well have the will to preserve the way it creates wonders that end up written in the annals of history. After all, one of man's greatest objective is to be triumph over death-as what Rizal made in his artwork.

But still, as time goes by, of building names and calling it as presitge, of designing beautiful crap out of craps and tangible 'PR policies', here lies modern day barbarism: Savagery with gadgetry, exploiting no one even nature "in celebration of 'technology' and 'progress'".