Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Of music and life: A writer's interview with a chorus singer

Of music and life: A writer's  interview with a chorus singer 

A picture of Henesie,
a "Chorus singer" in a crew, wishes to become an artist.

To the offended to be, my apologies for this writeup.

Well, at first it is the writer's first time to feature a person whom likely to be criticized by some since of course she comes from a genre that is likely to be assailed. And quite knowing that yes, that person is one of the writer's friends whom he lately interviewed with for this kind of writeup given.

It is quite noticing that her genre is different from the usual hiphop scene in the Philippines. Yes, different that it its culture is mainly catered to the lower strata of the society, whose music is mainly made by them and been record the way their idols did; that their getups are often described negatively by others as such that "they have no food to eat yet you are still a gangster?" 

Obviously, it is quite strange that they are assailed by some, if not many; that during the popularity (or notoriety) of the Jejemon scene that most of them are being diretly described as "Jejemon," in fact, this writer made him think that they are rather a result of a trend that made them entice to imitate, making as it their own especially in music, dance and fashion.

For sure to those who read someone would say that this writer made in support of this person likely to be criticized, rather say "no," it is a job of the writer to write and get to know with people including those deemed and ridiculed. 

And to think that out of a trend-enticed many, few remains to the scene they enjoyed with. After all, it is their choice that made them say that:

 "Only God will judge themselves."

Her life in the scene

According to Henesie (sounds like wine isn't it?) she was in grade six when she became a part of the scene in her neighborhood, that perhaps others may call it directly as "gangsta" despite the former's disapproval to their thinking about her scene she belonged. 

She is quite young to see her on that scene, in fact accoring to an interview, she experienced joining in a cofraternity, she even joined in a group of girls in her neighborhood; that made this writer think that she is like any other girl who joined in a scene such as wearing skimpy shorts, sexy getups, listening to their music and oftentimes engaged in drinking rhum and such that is typical in a neighborhood Henesie come from. 

But then despite these, what this writer sees is that she is more inclined into music, as well as art compare to others that treated the scene as typical that made others think badly over with it; least she has talent to show with just like some in her scene.

Her love for Music and art

According to Henesie, she stated that she is a chorus rapper, having an idea in creating rhymes to be followed by beats and be recorded just like any other newbie who engaged into music. Obviously, in this writer's interview with Henesie, making music seriously requires thinking especially on how to put rhymes into melodies and making it singable before being recorded, and to think that Henesie's  talent as a singer somehow at first is like similar to any other singer within the scene whose topic is about love-hare relationships. 

To others, it may meant too common to hear and even ridicule after listening her music, to think that it is all about love-hate relationships that is often common to their ears, but least that having a talent such as music, dance, visual art or any sort gives a person a worthy of praise that others tend to call as catering popularity; that sadly to say some making it exaggerated. This writer somehow listen few songs coming from others similar to Henesie's, but it's all but the same that it requires training and new ideas to have with. 

In fact, according to this writer, upon knowing about Henesie's talent in putting rhymes in melodies somehow reminds on how other artists from other scene, such as Axel Pinpin who create their spoken poetries and be accompanied by instruments as part of their recitals, so is she in her rapping and singing choruses.

Henesie also said that she also belonged to groups engaging in their "musical talent," like "Balwarte ng Cavite" and "Las Pinas City Hustlah", and it all seems that having a variety of groups are encouraged as chances of recording more raps and songs to be written, sing and played that some ought to understand if not all for popularity's sake as what most think of about artists.

After all, she and others perhaps are in an "indie" label, to think that their music are being played in social media other than sold in CDs. And obviously, it is quite difficult, especially in creating a career out of it, to think that Henessie is now focused much on her studies as well after finishing High School, taking up Tourism as her course.

An assessment

In fact, being an artist takes much time thinking before being written and recorded, obviously some tend to do so for the sake if popularity, others tend to show it as expression, few rather somehow use as a means of conveying a message greater than the usual love-hate relationship oftentimes being played in social media if not in the radio and shown in TV.  After all, this writer isn't much for art for art's sake idea and its sister idea of art for popularity. Henesie's talent as a musician requires training and open-mindedness to create a good, talented singer whose idea is to convey message and not merely popularity as part of a trend. 

As a writer, it may say that she has a talent to focus with; in fact quite enjoyable with her having a chitchat telling about her talent as a musician, quite relating though since this writer is also an artist who engaged once in a spoken poetry session, loves writing poetries and making visual artwork; also thinking, or suggesting that she should not just primarily, entirely focus on singing choruses and rapping, for a good singer requires an open mind for other genres, flexible so to speak.

Anyways, in an assessment as a writer interviewing a chorus singer and a part of her scene, its all in the person on how to interpret life, whether in fashion, music, or any other kind of art or crap as long as it suits for its own. Quite weird if doing this and that as a mere trend so to see; creating a mere conformist  expected that later will shed for another. Obviously, not all had the time to explore their talent, whether in music or in visual art, to think Henesie's neighborhood may rather think about treating the street as a ramp, some booty shaking, having a drinking session or any other idea what comes from her mind; others, even within the scene may still think of it as different, if not strange so to speak, especially to those who treat a scene a part of a trend that is popular. After all, this writer and the one whom this writer interviewed have different genres, but it is a degree of understanding and respect that somehow carries a sense that somehow would also contribute to creating new ideas in music and art; especially that being against the trend lies constant creativity. 

And as for that Henesie, perhaps someday she'll break the flow, the trend and to give a damn at those who make a slander; it takes time to create so to say something to counter a social (dis)order using a talent coming from her scene.

That made this writer say this:
Destroy the norm!
Create new form!
Way to go!
 Cheers with black and red roses!