Friday, 1 June 2012

Why to care about their lives if you are making your own fate?

Why to care about their lives if you are making your own fate?

It was years ago when this writer got argued with his father.

All after a minor problem, his father seemed to vent his pride again and again as he insist the same crap that this writer tried to resist-of wanting him finish his unfinished business.

That somehow far from this writer's aspirations as an individual such as what he is doing nowadays.

In fact, sometimes it is quite annoying to hear something that is contrary to thine own ambitions. His father wanted him to take up Law, enter a Civil Service exam, to him somehow lies something that all after seeing his son reading books and knowing individuals who hath succeeded their goals, why not follow their paths and know their lessons as well? 

But to the writer, his son rather follow his own path, his own choice.

Yes, he read books, he knew individuals who hath succeeded their goals and their lessons, but does it mean follow their paths? Of obeying what elders tend to say "best" and "for own good?" Well, here lies contradictions so to speak-of the old against the young, to think that this writer doesn't like to take Law, a master's degree, nor enter Civil Service, it's his choice but does it mean he'll doom to fail just because he didn't heed theirs? 

In fact, taking up a master's degree meant becoming a professor or seeking a managerial status, taking up Law meant pursuing a career based on that related profession and taking up Civil Service meant working in the government with a good pay as one of the employees of the state, but this writer prefer either of those three as he prefers making his own fate as a writer and as an artist-that somehow contradictory to the advises given. Why? Why should you take master's degree if you don't like to teach in an institution? It's like telling that Kidlat Tahimik, Egor Letov took up something other than he as an artist or Lu Xun, the latter even took Medicine yet preferred writing instead. So is this writer who took Journalism yet preferred creative writing  instead.

In other words, not to care about them despite knowing their lives, it's just that he prefers his own as an individual. He's making his own fate, his destiny, all based on his own line. Is being good and righteous good enough? Of he engaging in work, having a good pay and ate three square meals everyday? He doesn't even plan to have a car or anything that is not to think of-he prefers working and living in it such as writing and designing. What would be the problem if that boy took another course such as Fine Arts that is different from his father's want of taking up a master's degree or even Law? Does it mean that person is disobedient to his wishes including those of not having a haircut and hence be stripped of privilege?

Well, this writer somehow satisfy in his current work both as a writer and as an artist. Yes, he once wanted to become a Lawyer, but does it mean he will pursue it still? As man changes, so is the mindset according to thine conditions-he may ought to continue it, he may ought not to; and this writer rather pursue his choice to continue writing instead-after all why this writer pursue Law if his father tend to call him a "liar" for he lies? 

Anyways, this writeup somehow vents this writer's personal crap over that matter made 2 days ago. Yes, he still reads a lot, know someone else's aspirations such as Kennedy's, Stalin's, Mao's, or even Hitler's, but does it mean in admiring them lies making a career by following someone else's heed instead of creating thine own? Why to care about their lives if you are making your own fate and making it successful? Once this writer think that my sister succeeded in her life as a nurse, his youngest sibling had good grades in school, but of all the eyes to look upon why is this writer?

Well, strange to think about man's goal is to fail by not heeding their advises regardless of that individual's successes in his profession. If he or she prefers engaging in Fine arts, in Alternative Media, all contrary to their elder's want of that person becoming a Lawyer, a Doctor, or everything to have a title, there is nothing except because of a mere contradiction that serves as a challenge. 

For now, a video from Egor Letov. That somehow made this writer made this writeup.