Saturday, 14 July 2012

"Dolphy is not dead."

"Dolphy is not dead."

The whole nation grieved as Rodolfo Vera Quizon, known by many as "Dolphy", died days ago.

At first, most people dismissed it as a rumor like earlier rumors stated, only to be confirmed by the hospital management as well as his common partner that perhaps paved way to an era in the Comedy scene this writer rather say as "Post-Dolphy" Comedy.

Quite sad indeed as people passed over his casket and staring at the sleeping appearance of a man known for his humorous antics, song, dance moves, and contributions in all spheres such as theatre, radio, movie and television, these people think that despite his complications he still wanted to endure and continue acting, dancing and joking making a legacy of him youthful in the eyes and hearts of everyone.

Yes, youthful that in his decade-long contribution to Philippine art, especially in Cinema and Television, no one could ever forget him and instead cherish with most opted to go to Quiapo, Manila and buy pirated DVDs featuring his movies that made him recognized by many.

Anyways, as according to Roby Alampay:

"Nothing else follows. There will not be any other Comedy King to Live Long in our hearts as Rodolfo Quizon Sr."

For sure most comedians tend to keep the title of "Comedy King" and not to create successors despite numerous attempts by the media entities choosing which comedian be deserved as Dolphy's successor. In fact, sorry to say so, that in this post-Dolphy comedy most are becoming "Corny" than "Comedic" the way people gone tired after watching Pick-up lines and stuff in the TV.

And as the people continue grieving over their beloved idol, the present administration of President Noynoy Aquino III this time presses for the citation of "National Artist" be given to the late actor, this writer perhaps made him think they unveil themselves being compelled by many in making him one alongside Fernando Poe Jr. and Manuel Conde. Yes, he may be buried in the Heroes graveyard, his name be remembered in History books but come to think of at first they are reluctant then this time acting hypocritically after being moved by the clamor of many.

Obviously, this writer rather say that they give citations to the dead, crying over spilled milk so to say as President Aquino had pressed it over; also coming to think about a quote "of what is the grass if the horse's been dead?" in regards to the issue.

But still, regardless of the cries, of the revisits, of the proclamations and hypocritical stuff involving the late actor, even the trying hard moves that most deemed as "Corny", this writer rather say that he is not dead.
That he is with everyone, that with his movies and other legacies attributed to him showed a sense that is worthy to be described as youthful and continuing.

After all, he loves his craft very much; and that craft isn't a work being paid but a devotion that made everyone praised him not as an actor but as a person.

And again,  to make this story short:

Dolphy is not dead, he's alive and youthful in everyone's hearts.