Thursday, 18 October 2012

"After seeing Miah Llanes as Marceline the Vampire Queen in his dream"

"After seeing Miah Llanes 
as Marceline the Vampire Queen in his dream"

Sorry for the title but the title matches both real and the make believe, the tangible and the intangible, as well the fact and the fiction this writer sees of.

Since in this writeup originally made for Halloween, was all made after a week's recollection of ideas both from watching "Adventure time", reading some earlier writeups (like goth scene), as well as being with this writer's friends from his watering hole.

And fact, one of this writer's friends seemingly fit to become a "vampire queen" all because of watching "Adventure time" and having somewhat resemblance in her appearance and perhaps, attitude.

Admittingly speaking, quite strange at first  for this writer to feature about one of his friends and be compared to one of the characters of "Adventure time" such as this. Isn't because she is slim? long haired? Easy going? Well, upon meeting together with Miah and her friends, she likes a fun filled alcohol-laced adventure who loves tricking some of her friends, even this writer's that catches the latter's imagination of comparing her to a vampire queen whose "evil plans" (according to Adventure time Wiki) often turn out to be nothing more than elaborate jokes.

And in comparing Miah to Marceline, especially her easy-going nature and her slim physique, this writer also once heard her singing; that somehow needs some training if she also opted singing as part of her career other than modeling. However, she's more into pop and house music due to her love for parties and alcohol-laced escapades this writer had one-time been part of (but still he prefers writing and a lifestyle that as chill as a chilled coffee).

Unless she end carrying a guitar and play to the tune of a song that would water a burning heart full of agonies in it. 

However, despite her love for modeling, Miah carries uniqueness such as friendliness and perhaps a degree of love for knowledge. She is indeed a model, but some, if not most or few have the capacity to carry flexibility and the use of thine mind to deal with reality. This writer, upon entering her humble abode, and even seeing her busy doing her study habits, somehow showed the reality behind what most think about girls in ramp such as reading a book and enjoying a good conversation.

 In fact, according to Miah (during one of this writer's chitchats), she loves to argue, rather say debate in regards to contradicting ideas and views and she even wanted to become a teacher other than managing and perhaps events coordinating like her friends (such as Marina) who wanted to, that this writer, using the views of others would think of it strangely especially that she's into high culture yet she wanted to be an intellectual such as wanting to teach and a person for others.

And in seeing pictures bearing her love for fashion such as on the ramp, especially the one firing a Browning, somehow reminds of this writer's sketches such as a rifle-bearing maiden. This writer may haven't seen her in the ramp, but in being with her in every meet-up, chitchat, and food trips, likely to say that "yes she may be likely to be described as 'beautiful' but she carries greater than the beauty she showed to us" with examples such as her friendliness, humility, sense of simplicity, a degree of passion for knowledge, and love for words (like "the life and love we create is the life and love we live") all despite the fashion accessories, make up and a dash of naughtiness? That's Miah Llanes.

Anyways, as a writer's suggestion for a model, Miah would have wore these due to her somewhat resemblance with the vampire queen in a cartoon known some people think of its weird graphics and characters, thinking that she had the height, the appearance, minus the fangs, and perhaps since she's versatile, somehow she can manage to do what Marceline has...

And if she sings rock, then would be better! :)

Well, perhaps in all hollow's eve, this writer  again likes to become like Finn and meeting one of his galley friends in a strange world what Adventure time made of.

Or rather say a childish Finn meeting his Marceline.