Monday, 31 December 2012



2012 was an extraordinary yet strange year for most of the people.

Ranging from celebrating the prestiegious olympics at London, of  ex-CJ Corona's ouster through impeachment, of continuous crisis and criticisms towards the Aquino regime, of Obama's victory over Romney, to the hysterical "end of the world" that is, misinterpreting the message that "ends of an era" Mayans speaks of, everything that somehow people would rather speak with sarcasm.

But then, it was a great year for everyone so to speak, despite the shortcomings especially brought by the typhoons and the defeat of Manny Pacquiao by Juan Manuel Marquez, the Filipino showed rescilience long enough to withstand storms, criticisms, everything crap what the system tried to impose to its people-only to be given sarcasm other than resist.

But honestly speaking, despite all everything this writer said, the age-old spectres of crisis, poverty, injustice prevailed much that despite new buildings, innovations, and rising of GNP, GDP rates, same old issues remain at large such as the peasant question and inequitable sharing of wealth. Obviously, people's patience has becoming thin especially in regards to the privatization of hospitals by those who speak about "affordable health care" especially for the needy; quite strange to see same things and possibly to be sought next year, but hopingly not becoming worse.

Yet the fact that making ends meet is difficult despite government attempts to alleviate such as Conditional Cash Transfer program, yet aloof in regards to growing unemployment, peasant question, contentment in imports and even disregarding attempts to self-development such as industrialization and promotion of local enterprises in pursuit of saving jobs, it is much justifiable that people grow clamor against the system and not just the head of state-that somehow justifies direct, revolutionary action of the poor as necessary as a solution to the aggravating social crisis what those on high disregard much.

Anyways, in seeing such things creeping over in this society lies the fact that the ones on high rather keep the status quo and making fools out of everyone especially those who worked hard for their benefits such as social security, medicare and the like. Foreign investment is good though, but why not intensify local enterprise and agrarian reform to generate local-based jobs and local-based development? Aquino's "Righteous path" is somehow good to hear, but if that is fatal as a killer highway, what the heck is he talking about then? Righteous yet in actual full of corrupt officials and failed programs, aloof in agrarian reform by distributing hacienda Luisita directly to the peasants, it's not surprising that protests would intensify this coming year as inequity continues to prevail all over as evidenced by these.

After all, people tried to succeed, but if the system disregard these people by intensifying inequitability, perhaps the path itself isn't righteous contrary to the statement- thine society is backward despite the edifices, the paper programs, rising rates, yet the entire society remained agricultural and contented in imports? Well, it is true that this coming year, as long as same issues continue to creep over, it is true enough that the vast majority of people must raise their level of struggle; greater than ever, especially against oil price increases, wage freezes and the two-tier wage system, the demolition of urban poor communities, land grabbing, incursions of mining operations, the corporatization of public health service, the K to 12 program, the privatization of public schools and hospitals through so-called Public-Private Partnership programs, charter change efforts to embed IMF-imposed policies into the Philippine constitution and other attacks against their national and democratic interests.

Again, the third world, such as the Philippines rather emphasise the importance of self reliance despite having foreign investment as means of support, but coming to think that if change starts from the individual, why not as well the society? Discipine can be good though, but just to keep the status quo seemed to make people nothing at all except being compelled to content on such things far from aspirations, of reducing ideas into mere pipe dream being whined by many. For sure everyone noticed that despite paper reforms and modern buildings it's all but icings, toppings that covers an inconvenent truth such as inequity and repression.

That somehow requires a protracted struggle that encompasses the individual and the society. Limiting the individual as espoused by the ones on high isn't enough to solve everything, especially that next year's issues is as same as last year's.

As what the Conservative David Cameron said:

"We can look to the future with realism and optimism. Realism, because you can’t cure problems, that were decades in the making, overnight. There are no quick fixes and I wouldn’t claim otherwise. But we can be optimistic too because we are making tangible progress. We are doing what’s right for our country and what’s best for our children’s future. And nothing could be more important than that."

In other words, struggle is protracted in pursuit of every perennial problem; there may be various ideas acting as means to solve, but on the other hand, contrary to those who had done nothing, it ain't no dinner party or any kind of gimmick the way those on high are celebrating in Republiq club at Paranaque while the ones are suffering, that somehow this writer would ask this: "when will be the time people sing the Internationale in every street? For sure everyone should remember 2012 as the year of Occupy Wall Street- And next year perhaps would have new wave of occupiers all over the world as well!"

For now, with our glass-full of wine or soda raised, let's say "cheers to all" despite the crisis, and somehow this coming 2013 the struggle of the people will always prevail as envisioned by those who aspire for better living.

Dare to struggle, dare to win this 2013!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A message for Christmas

A message for Christmas

Well, sorry for being late, but in this post, this person felt obliged by his heart to convey a message in celebration of this wonderful occasion.

That, despite the long hours of thinking and marred by loneliness, as well as less gifts, Christmas is not about gifts nor fairy tales around, or even what Mass Media speaks such as sharing or any other flowery kind of act in pursuit of saving faces. Christmas is about repentance for the name speaks of the man that made us think and reflect: CHRIST.

Most people may celebrate it much with pomp and glamour as expected any year, but  coming to think that poverty prevails same as repression and injustice, such glamour manifested such as Christmas lights and dinners are merely fantasies for those who worked hard to satisfy a rich man's stomach. 
They may've been compelled to rely on charity such as old, used clothing, toys, and canned goods alongside a bonus not enough for their needs in times like these such as rising costs of living. Obviously, Christ didn't born with such fantasies and save faces of the rich but more of humility in a world of treachery such as Herod's who wanted to kill the Sun of Justice that glows in everyone's barren hearts.

In other words, why not repent other than enjoy?

In this picture most people sought everytime especially this season, people had forgot the significance of Christmas such as relieving the virtue of faith, hope, and love and instead reducing charity into a desperate attempt to save face such those of a corrupt; this person may had been sinned for decades, but least in seriously performing such virtue, ora et labora, may as well be absolved in the eyes of the man whose day of birth been celebrated today.

After all, he personifies justice and he dispenses it fair especially those of the poor that desires fairness and justice. This Christmas, why not aside from giving, sharing and celebrating, also includes repentance in the form of struggle for justice and righteousness? Christ doesn't celebrate his occasion usual people do, perhaps he's simply reflecting and giving thanks to those who pray for him and struggle in a society he envisioned.  

Anyways, have yourself a liberating Christmas and a promising New Year. 
Enough of illusions, open thine eyes!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Of fireworks, Lanterns, and LONELINESS

Of fireworks, Lanterns, and LONELINESS

Seems that this person seemed to be lonesome and sad in a middle of an event that lies happiness and perhaps wanting if not needing a companion. 

In fact, quite saddening for this writer thinking that other than having no companion, less money and being late in coming, he felt the loneliness even more as he nearly traversed the academic oval yet end cut short by a passing by of friends who sought him then stayed at the main library wherein others enjoyed playing loud music and a bottle of beer; this writer chose not to drink and instead listening to their chats, but his yearning still remained and he bid thee his friends "goodbye" just to walk again and contemplate.

As he walked by, he felt thinking about people whom he made him happy. Of course, they wouldn't come with reasons such as  they're busy or obviously they simply put no interest in going "on the pretext of nighttime" or something just to say in. It's human enough for this writer to be envious about these people, that made him asked how come they enjoyed with him in theirs yet they couldn't join in and enjoy on his even once such as UP's Lantern Parade?

And as he heard the crackle and boom of the fireworks, of maroon and forest green sparkles in the night skies, he nearly had tears that he immediately wept off thinking that "nothing happens if this be solved through weeping" and instead enjoy beyond loneliness and contemplating. 

And yet, as he heard the song "Last Christmas" by George Michael, lies sadness:

"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you give it away
This year, to save me from tears
I give it to someone special..."

Perhaps that song quite relating though. It wasn't Christmas but in fact having this writer fell in love to a person would say be serious enough in giving what others do despite saying "is this true or a joke, why not?" to a girl who wanted him to be with her. But that relationship was short-lived due to awkwardness, differences, including money matters and family arguments involving the relationship itself that cost this writer his work and love life, that somehow made him rather focusing on his basic problem such as himself as a person including those of giving up the relationship that perhaps much likely to be described hopeless.

And as the song continues it tends to repeat such flashbacks such as her's as this person tries to move on. In fact, he prefers his inspiration who is also his companion, she didn't join in as well out of getting busy; but in listening to that song sung by George Michael's lies the yearning of wanting a companion, even once in that occasion.

Thinking that he had been miserable all after having an awkward relationship, lies the fact that yes, difficult to keep it firm-coming to think your someone and yours are different in ways of living? One tends to be chill and bit poshy, who loves sight seeing, reading, drinking coffee or listening to some jazz and relaxing music while other one likes wild parties, booty shaking and liquor? The latter's reluctance of not going has the legitimate reason such as busy in certain commitments  but on the other hand does it really mean busy or just plain and simple just answer to hid a real one such as not interested? Well, it is earlier as expected to hear their reluctances despite wanting them to enjoy even once;
After all, this writer had been lonesome aside from being with family and some of his colleagues in the struggle, that he prefers reading in the library and he faced the taunts and foolish remarks that somehow bear some scars and faces of disgust; as expected, the ones he stated whom remained with him understood most the way he understood them so to speak, the lies the outmost feeling of trust and security, love and camaraderie despite the awkwardness and Anyways, seems that the topic turns out to be attackish in nature! (burst of laughter, a respite from sadness)

Perhaps, true enough to consider that you ought seldom, if not cannot please people no matter what it is.

After all, despite the emotions, consummatum est, all has been done; and others would say "next time" about it, but obviously better say "thanks" and leave it out of lessons learned or act choosy the way been done to, thinking that they want to be with you in a certain place they took upon while getting aloof on yours, quite unfair isn't it? After all, it's all about choices, and lies the results no matter what had been made of. Yes, this writer made the event for him to contemplate and nearly soul-searched everything and end writing this kind of reflection that obviously speaks of loneliness, love and a degree of angst especially to the one whom became close yet took chance not such as this. Does it mean relationships be limited on a certain area instead of encompassing everything? Or just be limited to a place like Recto or their favorite areas for they enjoy it with? This writer can't even go not because he doesn't like but he had no time other than writing and his side-line such as designing! Anyways, it's been done, and it may not be easily forgotten as well! He may've been silent but does not mean he cannot convey feelings and be numb such as making this reflection, for he's tired of it. 

Admittingly speaking,  all despite the fireworks, the floats, the Christmas lights, of people around the dearest of alma maters appreciated, lies loneliness that this writer had felt whilst traversing and seeing "happiness" by the lights and feat that's the Lantern Parade. 

That's all had to say, and perhaps my apologies to the stricken.

For now, here's a video from George Michael:

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


(The song of Brabant)

Prior to making this version, this writer heard the stirring tone of the Brabançonne being the Belgian national anthem. 

However, that anthem being played originally invokes freedom than those of the King all after then Prime Minister Charles Rogier edited out the original lyrics attacking the house of Orange whom then controlling Belgium as part of the Netherlands in the early 19th century. That, somehow this writer, after reading the first and second versions (both made in 1830) created his version, in English, that invokes "Land, Law and Liberty" and perhaps more radical than the version being sung in Belgium today.

As a writer, perhaps being inspired by the original words and the music itself quite compelling to create the words stated below that somehow Alexandre Dechet originally tend to invoke to: of struggle against the tyrants with its blood that waters the tree of liberty.

Worthy children thine valiant, courageous
Whose passion rouse thee through endless call
With all your fervor that lies upon your land we trod
With great successes lie in store
We'll keep our arms firm so that naught shall change
Let us keep as we affirm
And we will see the bloom the flower anew
Upon the tree of Liberty

We've heard the cries of murder and pillage
Laid by the wicked and of the few
And yet with all your forceful courage
Had swept the cruel thus freedom anew
And now their filth has now been coming
Our land again thus been soiling
We'll keep defend the struggle now asound
Upon the tree of Liberty!

Will all the strength and passion awaking
We all avenging fighting for right
Against the damned few still stubborn and creeping
Trying to fight with all their might
And still despite the dead and wounding
We'll keep the land worth defending
With Scythes and Guns, cannons will drown the foes in our blood
Beneath the tree of Liberty!

So proud the brave peoples amongst us
From towns to trenches, not flinched amid the fight
With all the wealth and all the countless lives
Fighting their spectre and of the fright
With guns loaded and bayonets raised
And scythes and pikes, masses in blades
Preparing all with pride to hell their rage
Beneath the tree of Liberty!

And with the cries and tears came afalling
After the brave died with pike and shot
Before the goddess of freedom now in your arms
The Common's Noble! The cruel's damn!
Beneath the humble soil you are now laid
Martyrs! Sleep till day awakes!
Sleep in peace afar from the enemy's rage
Beneath the tree of Liberty!

And now after the months of rage and ravage
You are now risen from thy tomb
With the crown of freedom in head raised
The tree of liberty's still green and remain
We swore to thee as once remembring
Again affirm as we hath sing
And evermore shall sing your people:
Our land, our law, and Liberty!
Our land, our law, and Liberty!
Our land, our law, and Liberty!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Of oppressed people wanting to become BONIFACIO

Of oppressed people wanting to become BONIFACIO

It is quite remarkable that there are people who tried to uphold the legacy of struggle such as those from Rizal and Bonifacio. However, it is the latter what the ones on high tend to treat it with scorn and treating their successes as graces for the slaves such as those of revolution. But despite this writer made this writeup late, least trying to convey respect to the "supremo" as well as making the apathetic understand the very essence of his revolution such as a bloody one.

As recognized by many, the revolution of 1896 was a major revolt of the poor, destitute and of the oppressed; as contrary to earlier revolts that rather led by a conspiratorial elite. Bonifacio's actions tried to put Rizal's works into practice yet it turned radical in a way a reader of Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo ought to turn every chapter into action as he/she endures repression of those times. His revolt was and is entirely a total reaction so to speak, that the oppressed indio gave up enduring the bastinado, of threat, and instead carrying the hardened, sharpened bamboo and the bolo just to fight for land and independence.
Bonifacio, despite his mestizo lineage and lower middle class background, rather joins with the people, particularly with the masses such as wearing the barong tagalog or camisa de chino while at formal times ought to wear the ones ilustrados wore; he may've been similar to the Novales and the Bayot brothers due to their aspirations for self-rule, yet he chose to side with the natives as he himself lived with him in the working class district of Tondo; he may've been less educated yet his work in a warehouse, his understanding of foreign language such as English and German and love for reading books such as Les Miserables, Wandering Jew, and Rizal's novels would meant a blow to the Americans if he lived instead of Aguinaldo who required having a Tagalog-speaking British for an interpreter during his sojourn in Hong Kong and to the ones who made slander out of him yet end up kissing the feet of a foreigner such as the traitorous Daniel Tirona whom became a servant of an American colonel and others who swore under the old glory as well as capturing those who carried the Katipunan standard "simply because they equate Bonifacio to a Bandolero". remember Sakay?

Bonifacio's legacy of struggle, as it tries to realize Rizal's works radically, tends to encompass the entire archipelago as different from the conspiracies of the Ilustrados to revolts of the regions tired by forced labor and tax collections. The rampant corruption of the nobles during Spanish rule created these catastrophes that certain decrees from the crown failed to materialize with, that Ilustrados such as Rizal, del Pilar, Luna tried much to pressure the peninsulares certain reforms in the spirit of the constitution of 1812 that effectively making those living in the Philippines as Spaniards, yet obviously aren't. After all, how come the natives and the mestizos be treated as second class citizens if by law they are be treated as co equals with the insulares and the peninsulares? Such discrimination and toleration of repressive policies created bolo-wielding, gun-toting rebels such as Bonifacio and his band of Katipuneros who tries to tends to realize the works of the reformists yet made radical with their passions such as Independence than Assimilation.
Obviously, they prefer Independence for they are tired of the repressive, discriminatory policies made by the corrupted officials including religious orders whose actions were far from their teachings of the church such as having vast tracts of land including those of communal ones farmers used to till and share their crops together. The ideals of the French revolutionaries like Robespierre, Marat, Danton, Babeuf as well as the aspirations of the natives shaped these people that made the carry the weapon in a way the idealistic Crisostomo Ibarra became the revengeful Simoun.

And yet, despite all efforts, it end wasted due to traitors and apathetics who wished to preserve the system whilst bannering change or not to care at all except themselves. And come to think of it, how come Americans present Filipinos their concepts such as Thomas Jefferson and his ideals, quite nice indeed yet he was the same Jefferson who owns a plantation and having slaves as well! The elites and the middle class appreciated him, the latter for his concept of freedom, the former? Perhaps for his interpretation based from a perspective of a landowner.

And as people continuously clamoring for social change gather at Plaza Bonifacio and marching towards Mendiola in Manila, paying respect to the Supremo isn't enough, but instead they want to advance the struggle what their forefathers wanted: they don't just clamor for independence as what textbooks stated, they clamor for land, bread, civil rights, peace, increase in wages and fair distribution of wealth against those on high such as foreign interventionists, oligarchs, landlords, corrupt bureaucrats and gun toting thugs whose mindsets are as same as the Guardia Civiles and Constables roaming around in search of Revolucionarios whom they called as Ladrones y Bandoleros.

That somehow continues to prevail as Rebels from the mountains continue resisting in a decades old protracted war out of centuries-old repression same as militants who rose out of disgust towards a regime who tries to keep firm despite its rottenness as well as the idiocy given by institutions against them, what on earth would institutions wanted people to be apathetic while at the same time clamor to take part in nation building? Change is both internal and external, it can't be from the self alone but for the society as well. If change is limited to the so-called self, how come old structures remain then? After all, some, if not most people are scared of having old structures dismantled in the name of change such as a social one.

Anyways, as long as old, repressive structures remain, the struggle continues still. Life is struggle as people think of, and Bonifacio's aspiration, same as those from the Katipunan and other heroes serve as guide to the modern day Katipunero that is youthful, fun, free, and rebellious in midst of repressive, backward nonsense.

images from Gerilya, Lukansthoughtworld and Arkibong bayan.