Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A message for Christmas

A message for Christmas

Well, sorry for being late, but in this post, this person felt obliged by his heart to convey a message in celebration of this wonderful occasion.

That, despite the long hours of thinking and marred by loneliness, as well as less gifts, Christmas is not about gifts nor fairy tales around, or even what Mass Media speaks such as sharing or any other flowery kind of act in pursuit of saving faces. Christmas is about repentance for the name speaks of the man that made us think and reflect: CHRIST.

Most people may celebrate it much with pomp and glamour as expected any year, but  coming to think that poverty prevails same as repression and injustice, such glamour manifested such as Christmas lights and dinners are merely fantasies for those who worked hard to satisfy a rich man's stomach. 
They may've been compelled to rely on charity such as old, used clothing, toys, and canned goods alongside a bonus not enough for their needs in times like these such as rising costs of living. Obviously, Christ didn't born with such fantasies and save faces of the rich but more of humility in a world of treachery such as Herod's who wanted to kill the Sun of Justice that glows in everyone's barren hearts.

In other words, why not repent other than enjoy?

In this picture most people sought everytime especially this season, people had forgot the significance of Christmas such as relieving the virtue of faith, hope, and love and instead reducing charity into a desperate attempt to save face such those of a corrupt; this person may had been sinned for decades, but least in seriously performing such virtue, ora et labora, may as well be absolved in the eyes of the man whose day of birth been celebrated today.

After all, he personifies justice and he dispenses it fair especially those of the poor that desires fairness and justice. This Christmas, why not aside from giving, sharing and celebrating, also includes repentance in the form of struggle for justice and righteousness? Christ doesn't celebrate his occasion usual people do, perhaps he's simply reflecting and giving thanks to those who pray for him and struggle in a society he envisioned.  

Anyways, have yourself a liberating Christmas and a promising New Year. 
Enough of illusions, open thine eyes!