Wednesday, 13 February 2013

"This Valentines..."

"This Valentines..."

Well, at first, it's all but strange for a writer to made this, especially it involves a day that, like Christmas, people had to spend, this time in the name of love.

Personally, it is also a recollection of lessons especially all after a man who had an awkward relationship that created waste than pleasure. To think that sometimes you had your parents money, aside from what comes from your work, that you had a girlfriend tried to cherish yet instead played and fooled rather than given you a serious attention that would make a person upright, quite depressing indeed to a man's part, both mind and heart to think that aside from wasting, getting argued with parents (that somehow on the parents part would say 'she didn't even join you?' Or even 'why on earth you squander your money for what?'), then your girl (for she acted unfaithful and not true all despite looking nicely), and a load of things to do last year meant simply depressing. 

Thus, due to these kind of events he felt estranged and depressed, he ought to cut off relationship, return to the roots, apologize for mistakes, all just to start over again and recover from an awkward, wasted relationship that nearly costs hardship what a lover had that somehow includes the money that both from his earnings and even from his parents who often supported him. 

Quite strange indeed, for that person is nonetheless the one who made this writeup. 

All thinking that during those times he felt getting awkward instead of a good feeling especially that you had a relationship to someone that would say make you upright, just, and inspire for everything what an ordinary man have.
To think that you spend yet she cares a little, she may had been busy in her studies but was that enough? Indeed that this person had been fooled, played easily till opened his eyes and see all but a mere game. but the good thing was that there are some good friends even amongst the ranks of fools who least "gave him a lift" and one of them advise to "cut off" to end that agony. In fact, frankly speaking, his inspiration, quite special among others in his life made him happier than his former girlfriend-especially that during his birthday she joined with him and enjoy what a girlfriend supposedly on that part, or even the day he assisted her to buy for Christmas that would say happier and quite enjoying than squandering money yet still nothing happened. Yes, she's not prepared to have a relationship so why not? Least that she's focusing on academics or any important things to do, including the events laced with alcohol and soda and some techno music around.

While this person? Well, with the lessons learned, perhaps, nevermind about love.

Yes, nevermind about that stereotypical "love" for there are many things to deal upon in a world called reality. That, there are so may important things to do other than loving life, his family all despite his excesses, shortcomings and mistakes that as a family member ought to deal upon and accept wholehartedly. It is fact that he may not really deal for that "love" this time around, he may wait longer despite giving chocolates to friends and having chitchats, but perhaps; instead of lamenting and getting depressed after, instead, there's so much important things to do such as reading, making research work or even attend a gig and have some poetry reading if there is. And somehow there lies happiness in it, and perhaps why not? That even his mentor said that one out of four would made you happier than before! But again, there's so much things to do before those matters.
And if there's someone who can likely deal with, this time nicer (such as his crush whom made him inspire), then why not? But this time, would say he'll try to do his best, same as her's to make something meaningful and not just in a stereotypical day such as Valentine's day. As his mom said:

"You love her, you wanted her to be his wife and have a family, but for now, focus much on what is important, and wait till time comes for that."

That's good, least that he moves on as he recovers from a mess-filled "before."

Well, but the good thing is that aside from the one whom made him happy and inspired, he is also thankful that one of his friends, as well as others around told him that regarding how sickening life is such as a pain-filled one. Obviously, their words are same as what his parents said so before, and of course, he should be thankful to his family and even others amongst the good and few from the crap that somehow made this writer trying his best to make him upright as a person. 

And to think that this coming Valentine's day (Feb 14), it should always remember that it is not all about or limited to people with short or long time relationships that made Motels around open 24 hours with condoms being sold or even chances to squander money for Roses and Chocolates or even dinner dates, for that Valentines day, as a day of love should been selfless that encompasses everything such as acting comradely to others and being concern to those who are deprived, one poster, if this writer remembers said that "love is self giving, giving one's self to the people" and thus should be observed.

And again, as a person, it is easy to fell in love just because of beauty alone, but should be careful especially in its consequences that involves right or wrong. It would be useless if that somebody thinks a little despite how much been spent; worse, sensing a tension that would create excesses and mistakes that require weeks or even months to deal upon and recover. But in the end, there are those who can lift up and bring smiles back no matter how lonesome a person can be especially in a so-called love month and on that special day. Perhaps, just try to control urges and take time what's important, have a threadmill, make a writeup, draw a sketch or have a soul searching, and just be hopeful that it wouldn't think that love is Impossible.

That's all this writer have to say. Thank you.