Sunday, 17 March 2013

"A glass of Silver Cleaner"

"A glass of Silver Cleaner"

Oble, I'm sorry that I had failed you
For I can't withstand the policies that in your name carried through
That all despite my best, the good grades I had done
I had to leave your abode, for can't pay as I am none
I had worked for months, all after I had stopped
Just to have thousands, to pay the dues enough
But all despite earning, I still yearn to return on your abode
To fulfill my duties as your disciple, with the knowledge you give
through a good study load

From your Iibaries I had read the books and manuscripts
To the halls to reflect and review the hardest made me creeps
Seeing the posters of mass struggle that I tend to join but despite sympathies I cannot
Posted in your walls as I traverse the sidewalks, seeing the have-not
I am indeed an Idealist, and I wanted to spearhead change
But I chose to arm with the pen, and escape from the rage
But with the realities such as rising costs binds me thus can't deny
I tried to break it off despite bruises that made me cry

Oble, sometimes, I just wish that I belong to a well to do family
With a money to buy enough luxury, other than the debts that can easily pay to be
But instead what I had sought is a grim reality
Not because of born poor, but facing everything, extreme difficulty
How can I withstand depression as time passed by
I stopped school, I earn for a living, I returned then giving me this without any why?
I plead to continue but their reply is "your late, you have to file a leave"
All despite having money enough to pay all the fees, they should consider my backgrounds, such as not enough to feed

Well, I can't withstand the pain that binds over me
Then followed by the the policies that drives most crazy
Why there's a need to file a leave just because of being late
All despite having enough money to satisfy the coffers and ledgers getting up to date
From looking someone's ITR to going to somebody's house
Looking the value of every gadget, rich or poor to justify without remorse
Of which to pay the dues, making everyone bracket A
Rich till proven you are poor, oh god why these made me gone astray?

Oble! Here! take my 15,000! A minimum from my work I had tried my best
And yet because I am late in paying? I am even hungry compared from the well to do rest
I know you are basing us on our intellect, yet your people looked at us as cash
That the rich can afford your everything, we the poor be treated as crass!
The policies in your name: "forced LoA" and STFAP
Can't consider the pain in our back, treating the without a CRAP!

And as I drink this silver cleaner, perhaps everything be at ease
For I can't withstand the pain over me, and everything that disrupts my dreams of peace
To my friends, thank you all for the apologies, but it's better to oppose and reject the rich man's pleas
What those come from high, trying hard intellect should had been seize to desist!

To Kristel Tejada and others who had felt the unfair policies that made them depressed to the extent of killing themselves.