Thursday, 28 March 2013

To the newly Unemployed: A message for the Graduates

To the newly Unemployed: A message for the Graduates

Today is a special day, especially to the sons and daughters whose 4 year hardships hath end up with pomp and fervor, complete with diplomas and shining shimmering medals being vested upon to them as they exit the realms of education."

These are the words this writer said in his writeup to the new ranks of the unemployed last year.

That all after 4 years of hardships that end up with ceremonial crap would say that they're successful enough to enter the real world and face their problem such as applying a job especially those of a high-paying one and with benefits.

However, despite all these would say that other than job mismatches, the issue of unemployment rather  aggravates the situation that the state should address upon this kind of serious matter other than widespread hunger and poverty-and to see graduates this time applying for jobs rather adds further to the existing ones having the same kind of action. Yes, there may be call centers opened for these people, but still these very same people wanted jobs applicable to their professions such as Engineers working in the Factory, Agriculturists working at the Farmer's cooperative and Doctors, Nurses in every village or city hospital.

And yet, with a system aloof with these issues, such ambitions are rather reduced into figments of imagination-or rather say "let them work in BPOs or go to America for the sake of having jobs!" Sadly but true so to speak regarding how these people ought say so although they once speak about volunteer this and that yet with less or no benefit at all! Where are all the nurses who had been passed the licensure exam that were promised to have work in the United States or any other country? Some had end up at Call Centres while others waiting for their goals of working there, a few may ought to work at the government hospital yet the latter had insufficient budget for these hospitals to survive: come to think of East Avenue, National Orthopedic and National Centre for Mental Health having "offered" by the state to private sector as the state that supposedly provides good health care became apathetic.

Graduation does not mean the end, but rather a beginning of another challenge (and not just how to apply and gain a job), as the Late Renato Constantino said:

"...It is in the conventional sense a commencement of adult responsibility for the young. For their parents, it is the climax of years of anxious waiting and of sacrifices. But, if both want to divest it with a deeper significance, commencement should mark the beginning of understanding and of partnership with the young in patriotic involvement."

Thinking that basic problems prevailed in a rotten society, it is up for these young adults to get serious and not to escape in it. 4,5, 8, or 10 years in college includes seeing the reality and how to deal with it; and yet  with the predominating idea such as apathy, it undermines the fulfillment of dreams and aspirations especially in a society whose problems are deeply rooted. Anyways, Constanino's statement also wanted to see the newly-finished youth obliged to  create an era of new understanding and willing to take partnership especially with the contributors of our society, not just parents and teachers, but also the majority who also involved in our everyday lives; thinking that same problems prevail with a system chose to aloof in it.

In fact, people may misunderstood this kind of statement posted in this page, that this writer had to tell "the truth" such as these graduates are hence be described as "the new batch of unemployed professionals" seeking for a job and good life. But come to think that there ain't no shortcut to end problems nor reducing problems into a personal matter (the way people like much to say "the individual is the problem") to deal with-as humanity and society are interconnected with each other.
Worse, most people rather chose to escape and not to deal for the sake of an illusory "peace and tranquility" the way these same people insist in getting a job followed by marriage and whatsoever being the most common norms of our present day life.

All except those who, after graduation, willing to become a part of the people and thus willing to serve them faithfully like what Constantino said. That, in living in a period of turbulence, of instability, there lies a call for immediate change, a societal change that encompasses all things, including character and culture instead of getting contented and act apathetic, or becoming backward at all. They may had jobs, earning enough, and afford to have relationships, but still they prioritize societal change as it also molds their character such as cleaning their house, instilling children discipline side by side with dealing with the social problems like calling for wage increase and reducing prices of commodities. Again, life is difficult nor having a shortcut to end these other than direct, collective action to counter existing and emerging problems of today.

And personally, this writer really expect that as to enter the world of reality, all must regain  consciousness simply by joining to the people and be a part of the creation of history,  imbued with realities and willing to defy against the norms of the society now ridden by backwardness and of instability. For sure as you read or listen to these words may surely call it as "A call to arms" and a "Need for a voice of dissent," true, for the youth, being a nation's hope ought to be rebellious against a system full of unsolved problems and fabricated mysteries no matter what others ought to divert things in pursuit of not to face incontinent truths.

Like protest actions made by students side by side with the vast mass of the have-nots and the unemployed for example, obviously, everyone had sought their protests especially those against the actions made by the present administration against them. That ranging from tuition fee increases, unfair treatment of students, to demolition of communities, rampant unemployment and landlordism, that even in graduation ceremonies even sought them venting their protest no matter what aftermath will be, simply just to express their grievances for the last time as students and for the first time as servants of the people.

And yet these very same people especially those who seen it on TV or in the ceremony itself rather continue criticizing them and even thinking that they may never finish their schooling just because they joined into activities that may call them as illegal, yet having no alternative nor solution except keeping quiet and act apathetic, or going on with the flow and get contented to it, and now just to see that the ones they condemn going to the stage and be given diplomas before venting their last protest?

Well, like this video would say that these people protesting may have finished their degrees and yet according to theirs it does not mean that they rather chose to get contented in their degrees, or in case of the ritual itself be limited to a traditional pomp and grandeur that requires etiquette. Some people around may rather oppose their actions such as seeing a graduation protest, but what being sought is a truth systems tried to hide: of calling the youth to go and serve the people and fight for the rights of every student, no matter how "bad" the action is just to justify the content of what they believe for instead of letting the ceremony more of a dinner party or whatsoever that goes by, it, according to them, is part of an arduous struggle.

Perhaps, this writer hopes that every graduate of Batch 2013 must open up their mind and be fully enlightened as to enter the gates of society. People must not get contented, reduce something to nothing,  and instead must believe in what it is right, and fight what is wrong in the society-simply by serving our people and learn from them.