Saturday, 20 April 2013

"The decadence of the neon lights"

"The decadence of the neon lights"

(or the days this writer happened to be going in a "different" place)

It was last year when this writer had been with his friends enjoying the frivolities of the overtly Bourgeois night life. Otherwise, this writeup tells about his fist time to enter one of the nightlife hotspots in Metro Manila.

Full of neon lights, sounds from the DJ and glasses filled, or flowing with vodka or any other cocktail, most of the people, Filipino or Foreigner alike, tends to escape from reality and indulge in their "happiness" in exchange for a thousand-peso mess.

Apologies for being near incorrect, but in experiencing their nightlife is very different from the writer's usual gimmicks such as watching bands and listening to their stirring music. Obviously, most of these bourgeois chose to escape and enjoy the way lower-class coteries and groupuscles tends to enjoy in their cheap gin, beer and videoke; good thing was that the vodka tastes good and shot straight, Russian style compared to most who chose to sip, sip, sip and listen to the remixes primarily those of the late 90s this writer remember most. 

Otherwise, he couldn't relate much but thank god there's someone who can talk with that somehow end up as friends in the social media. Other than being an organizer for events, she happens to be working in the state such as member of a staff in the Senate, and one of this writer's friends happened to be her pal that somehow made yours truly acquainted then befriended after. Quite strange though that this writer nearly enjoyed that "party" just because of talking with that girl. 

However, sadly to say but the picture feat. her and yours truly is too private to be posted in this writeup reminiscing and assessing that time. Quite strange for a writer who listens to punk music "tries" to enjoy the decadence  of the bourgeoisie such as its neon lights and remixes, but since he's flexible then why not? After all, abit relating though courtesy of Vodka while the rest as contradicting to his preferences although the class that composed of that "party" as same as his.

To cut a long story short: it's all but decadent starting with what this writer sought. Quite enjoying though although he prefers what he used to have such as this (other than taking shots at the rallies or at downtown of course!):

Contrary to the place this writer had visited before with his friends, lies the place he preferred for. Obviously, his preference for "being chill" tends to be like that such as a place for a real chitchat full of curiosities to be seen and took pictures of it. Otherwise, his friend, a chef and owner of that restaurant oftentimes see yours truly alone and ask such as "lovelife" like last year. 

Anyways, a den that brought chill to the writer's senses brought anti-thesis to the decadence of the neon lights coming from last year's scenes. Yes, that Opus in Pasay and Fred's Revolucion in Cubao are radically different although its customers may somehow shared the same social status such as the Bourgeois yuppie, but obviously, the former is much preferable than the latter-Unless that person chose to be deviant from the "flow".

But again, all but strange for the writer to "join in" just because of his high school friends, or rather say "frenemies" whom "missed him" those times. Just being compelled rather to join that kind of event out of missing, staying till midday and yet awaked because of the coffee this writer had bought and drinked prior to vodka served at the party; but again, he prefers to "stay chill" as he enjoys such as the picture shown. It happened that the one in Opus lies the preference for Vodka and the semi-chilled discussions with the girl whom he met. 

Anyways, thanks Opus and Fred's Revolucion for those times. Yet the latter made this writer chilled as ever! For now, here's a video from Spandau Ballet.