Tuesday, 28 May 2013

All after hearing Erap backing Dan Brown and seeing apathetics gone complaining

All after hearing Erap backing Dan Brown
And seeing apathetics gone complaining

It seems that the Controversial writer from the United States has found an unlikely ally after his depiction of the Capital city.

That despite its fictitious depiction, Former President and now Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada said there is some truth in describing Manila as a city plagued by mammoth traffic jams and overpopulation according to an Interview at ABS-CBN DZMM.

Strange so to speak that, other than he was born from Tondo, Estrada himself had used a study from the University of the Philippines describing Manila has the highest level of poverty incidence. Furthermore, he stated that the city as overpopulated, comparing the city's density as second to Bangladesh as well as having a worse criminality rate and burgeoning debt problem.

"Manila is really going to hell. That's true," he added.

Quite strange to hear how Estrada himself took the message seriously. Or according to Marcela Pena:

 "Someone who took it with a grain of salt."

To think that the former President, this time acting as a "Little President" had rather chose to face a bigger issue in the Philippines' very own microcosm as full of social and physical stench ranging from homelessness, prostitution, garbage, immoralities and any other shit a leader had to show its political will.
However, on the other hand, he belongs to the system whose people behind had exploited and turned everything into a state of mess, that everyone sought him gambling, womanizing, drunk, preferring his clique for a cabinet. Obviously, people would had been surprised, yet silently that the Estrada whom declared Clare Danes "Persona non Grata" had instead backed a writer whom describing Manila as having “six-hour traffic jams,” “suffocating pollution” and a “horrifying sex trade”, alongside facts and figures coming from UP in order to prove.
Well, that Dan Brown's "Inferno", although it is a work of fiction that costs 890 pesos in Fully Booked, lies the reality behind although not been totally detailed, such as the red light districts of "Ermita" and "Malate", rampant criminality in Tondo, even Manila's neighboring cities whose major roads having traffic jams and the like.
Manila and its bigger counterpart, Metro Manila are interconnected, that somehow made Brown himself had to distinguish first the Capital city and the entire region that carries the name of the capital. Otherwise, thanks to Imelda Marcos for the "urbanized" areas of Rizal and Bulacan had made it a part of the capital as a region, or rather say she wants a microcosm with powers somewhat same as her husband's, trying to make a city of man yet end failed as its stench had unveiled over.

And as the message continues with a dozen replies and rebuttals, this writer seemingly felt that it's all but a continuation of various events that everyone has supposedly ought to deal with it. Last may 13 everyone had entered every precinct only to see same people trying to act brand new in their positions they cherished such as Estrada vs. Lim for the Mayorship. Some, if not most people assuming to be the "thinking class" even assailed the poor for voting Estrada yet didn't notice that people had nothing to choose other than the contesting two. Hence, why blaming the poor?

Anyways, since these people professed to be thinking had chose to constantly assail the masses as entirely  consists of lumpens,  of describing their communities as dens of thieves and their actions as inimical to social order, it is true that there are lumpens amongst the poor, that their communities had its stench like thieves and drug addicts; garbage strewn over sewers that caused floods during rainy season and the like.
Yet how about themselves? Those whom living with privileges yet doesn't care the realities everyone has to face and endure. Quite strange that they afford this and that in the metropolis, yet at the same time they can complain  about the poor because of their stench; yet most of the time, with all their lives and perhaps their wealth they had been stuck at their four corners filled with self gratification and narcissistic fantasies "modern living" has to offer. They do vote last May 13 just to show "they are practising their so-called democratic rights" yet was that all? Again, people try to stay away with problems with these distractions than facing them not noticing that they are suppressing themselves as they're trying to escape from a hellish reality in the Metropolis, that despite assailing the poor as illiterate, lumpen, or everything yet without any understanding from their sides, it all end up rather not seeing the bigger picture like some do. They'll only notice it when they're actually losing their lives and reflect that they did a part of a mistake at first they constantly deny with. After all, they had nothing to offer as they get contented in the vicious cycle of eating, sleeping, fucking and fighting despite earning from their acta diurna (daily doing) all of their lives.

That somehow made one commentator said:

"because those moments and lives they gained on candy crush is literally a trade off from the chance of a better life."

Indeed, as they all give up everything for mere short term "worldly" goals and complain if they felt getting disturbed that made their mission "failed". These are even the same people who complain why Nancy Binay won, that why activists had to disturb the system for their revolutionary ideals, that the once convict Estrada afford to become Manila's mayor, and yet these complaining apathetics failed giving any options to the mass as they continue self-gratifying being "born with swag" or everything whatsoever this writer ought to say about them. Where were they when people were against Arroyo? They chose self gratification as to say, as they intentionally acting deaf and blind as to escape the sickening truth through the fantasies the system had offered to. They do vote, but the rest goes with their "selves" and the cycles this writer had said forth.
For sure they can't complain all after entering SM Aura for Sarah Jessica Parker had opened it with class, aloofing the fact that SM had built the entire place "Illegally" and had to face consequences for building without a license; that they disregard heritage as SM demolished Locsin's Benguet center for another SM-esque commercial complex, or even trying to turn Manila as another Hongkong or Singapore, or rather say Macau as a profiteer-guised as a developer tries to reclaim land over Manila Bay near Roxas Boulevard and blocking the well known sunset! Anyways, other than the lumpens they assail much for their misdeeds, these people themselves, with their wordly desires had brought hell further than what Dan Brown hath stated, too bad that they had been educated yet ruined as they tolerate what the system had brought destruction in the name of development, after all, they had been apathetic and yet as they complain it's all but too late.

Admittingly speaking, Brown's statement somehow meant the other side of the "City of Man" Imelda Marcos stated. For sure people dare to say "it is human nature to be worldly" as they accept the cycle consists of eating, sleeping, fucking and fighting" and other kinds of vices, "seven deadly sins" indirectly tolerated by the system. Yes, that city of man, supposedly made to bring upliftment to the common weal, as gone deteriorating by mere desires and less aspirations had becoming a gateway to hell-or perhaps hell itself as to feel the stench being tolerated and enjoyed.
And as time goes by, and still seeing the entire country, through its metropolis, and not Manila itself remained under "hell", then there will be no place in the sun for the people who had long suffered by the clutches from those whom presented to the world how prosperous and shining through the pearl of the orient seas.

By the way, sorry for some crappy English. But hope to understand even abit.
Thank you.