Thursday, 2 May 2013

The fee, the wage, the comments and all other shit

The fee, the wage, the comments and all other shit

By Katleah Ulrike

At first, it is indeed fact that the Cardinal and the Dominican institution had no relation. But in the message shown had to dig deeper or scratch the surface in order to understand the matter. 

Based on their comments from a well-known page, it's all but a hodge-podge of nonsensical statements and ad hominem attacks rather than understanding what comes behind. And quite usual that in resorting to ad hominem, comments like "Hayop Ka" (You're an animal) lies a person who can't understand further what comes behind those pictures, or in reading their words somehow meant crass personal attacks as it emphasises the commenter than the comment being posted. Obviously, that guy who said "hayop ka" shows his irrationality as he vent emotions too much and undermine someone else's personality.
Anyways, like any other page, Argumentum ad hominem seems to be too much amongst these commentators no matter they use pen names or their real ones, even this person had to play some of their sentiments for attacking this person for christ's sake.
Otherwise, it's their choice to do so.

But as for the topic based from the picture, it would say that Tagle and UST are different in its ways and means, that the former speaks of wage increase while the other had yearly increased its tuition. Contradicting so to speak about their statements all despite belonging to the same entity.

And in reading their so-called sentiments, one example of their comment tried to present as intellectual-like in its leaning and those who dare to oppose hence as indirect fallacy (partially based from Filipino):

"What's the connection of Bishop Tagle over that matter? And UST is a private school! Tagle's statement is all about the Government should increase its wages, why is the tuition increase in a private institution got involved there? You may complain if Public Schools have tuition. UST administration and not Tagle decides these and you don't even know the reasons, breakdown that made tuition and other fees be increased."

Well, that commentator doesn't understand although it somewhat tends to justify UST having increased its tuition and at the same time complaining what's the connection between Tuition increases and Tagle's statement concerning Wage Increase.
At first, Tagle's statement about the need for wage increase is a need for the workers whose children who also studied in private schools (including those of UST) who yearly increase their tuition and other fees. And as for Public Schools, come to think of the tragic events in UP, that with its own STFAP (Socialized Tuition Fee Assistance Program) and no late payments resulted to Kristel Tejada's death. Tertiary education had even experienced decreasing number of students studying due to the policies being imposed especially those of yearly increases thanks to the treatment of education as a corporate affair.
It may look indirect, but still, workers, full or part time had to demand wage increase in midst of increasing prices of commodities and services including those of EDUCATION-related expenses like those of tuition and other fees.

Meanwhile, another comment tends to be too emotional:

"Hypocrites! Tagle isn't involved with the Dominicans and how they handle UST as an institution. You shitty people, everything you see is all but wrong!"

Well, like others, that person behind that overtly emotion triggered comment justifies yearly increases. A sentiment of a laissez faire that undermines both right and wrong in regards to imposing policies. Yes, everything being sought in regards to the Church is all but wrong such as interfering such as in a supposed secular society! Worse, how come the church afford the right to invest shares in Philex Mining, BPI and San Miguel if that's the case while having themselves "Ok'ed" in yearly tuition increases? "They Giveth and Taketh away" according to one rebuttal. Thinking how the church of the poor had to invest every tithe in corporations like Philex or BPI than to support the masses in the name of social justice.
So, frankly speaking, that person who's against the "shitty people" described as "hypocrites", tends to defend a hypocrite who uses faith as a tool for their interests according to the secular minded and the atheist. 

Also to think that all despite any major differences or no direct relations such as the Dominicans,  the Jesuit-bred Tagle and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), they are all belonged to the same entity that usually speaks of Social Justice and Preferential Option for the Poor other than forgiveness and reconciliation. People may had looked at the picture with those who justify ToFI had resort to ad hominem that unveils mere stupidity and aloofness to the topic that they don't dig deeper in the issue behind such as  those of working class parents whose children also studied in private schools not just UST; thinking that they increase tuition fees yearly and likely to complain about expenses and low wages. 
It is indeed fact that UST is also a private institution, a corporation that they afford the right to do tuition increases that effects most of its students such as those who had to stop. But Activists within its confines even pressed  the order behind the corporation, aka the administration that they should open their accounts and books in order to look for its breakdown of expenses and the like concerning the increase and yet, being a private institution lies exemption to accountability. Otherwise, during consultation, had to vent grievances about yearly increases especially in midst of socio-economic crisis as evidenced by increasing prices of commodities and services. Yes, if administrators have the right to do so, so are the students who have the right to complain in the spirit of academic freedom.

That somehow Gerry Lanuza called as "Private corruption" in having institutions exempt from accountability especially regards to their financial-related matters. Not noticing its profound effects to the the students, employees and the like especially in midst of continuous socio-economic crisis like those of increase in prices of commodities and services. Workers whose children had studied in private institutions had difficulties especially in paying tuition as well as other basic expenses. People who dare to complain about these working class would dare to say PUP and other state-supported institutions as solution, but it is enough? Nope, the laboring people had spend long hours working, making value of human labour only according to its economic purpose such as those of paying debts. Yearly increase in tuition fees somehow added complains to the laborers as well that urges students to stop or work part time, but as for the latter may resort to work full time especially if that establishment afford to pay 20.000 for a minimum and thus forgetting academics in favor of plain simple economism as workers do.

"There are different groups or organizations within Christianity." What a smart comment to hear that, but does it mean they afford to do their want using faith as its pretext? It's all but same that they tend to interfere in secular matters especially those of politics as they present themselves as sentinels of morality. Different groups, but same book, different organizations but same morality they tend to carry the way Calvinists and some Catholics acknowledge usury in a form of additional interest in paying fees and the like.

And in midst of increasing prices of commodities and services the state can't even provide a "GO" signal for wage increase especially in companies owned by millionaires? Foundations providing scholarships can be good but not enough the way most of it had became fronts for not paying their obligations especially those of taxes and other contributions. Meanwhile, the Church had afford to say so in opposing exploitation while another had people face the music such as paying fees that increased yearly; they can't even pay taxes since they're excempted from it, but come to think of these as the Atheists dare to speak about: is the Church who preaches social justice had to exploit as well? Like Janus, it became a two-faced institution, hence confusing in the eyes of an individual who is exploited thoroughly by time and expenses to pay for.

Perhaps, there will always be a barrage of opposition in regards to the picture other than those who justify tuition increases, that CBCP, the Cardinal, and UST are different; but come to think of this, why there's a need to speak about social justice while another church-supported institution had to increase its fees yearly? Well, there lies the contradiction. 
Come to think about their Encyclicals such as Rerum Novarum and Laborem Excercens, they even emphasised primary concern with "the need for some amelioration of misery and wretchedness pressing so unjustly on the majority of the working class", but how about the corporations controlled by the church? Did they ameliorate the misery of those who pay increasing expenses yearly such as those in UST? Once, the Federation of Free Workers staged a strike in UST decades before, but the order chose to oppose, not noticing that the union are leaning to Catholic Social Teaching such as those from the encyclicals.

And also thinking that not all students who belonged to the working class are scholars, nor all working class students are those who are studying in State Colleges and Universities, "Public Schools" as what one commentator said. Worse, concluding that Church-controlled Universities are only for the elites, and trying hard middle class who afford to pay and religion is a business corporation with a vow of secrecy in regards to financial matters and monies invested in certain institutions whether in the field of Education, Mass Media, and even Beer making like San Miguel. 
As for San Miguel, matters regarding labor issues been discussed thoroughly especially about wages. They even had the right to strike, but still like any other workers, they still clamor for a real living wage not a "libing wage" as what Kilusang Mayo Uno stated in one of their press releases.

Frankly speaking, If private institutions like UST, ADMU or even Public institutions like UP afford to do ToFI, then it is Tagle's right to call for Wage increase the way Workers have the right to strike or sabotage. Plain and simple. 
If not, then why getting serious if the answer is all but sarcastic or satire especially in attacking the person other than the statement such as "Hayop Ka". After all, they love brawls with balls instead of brains all in their heads showing bravado all the time.