Saturday, 11 May 2013

"To Marina" : The poem and the story behind

"To Marina" : The poem and the story behind 

Well, it was made months ago after listening to Alexander Ivanov's "Nevsky Prsopekt." Quite interesting for this writer to listen a Russian song whose melody itself brought this writer to make his own version. However, he took weeks to think and write to make it aligned with Ivanov's melody. It's all but strange that in listening to a Russian song, and his experiences made him compel to do a poem that would say "singable" to the tune of Ivanov's song. 

Admittingly speaking, "To Marina" is all but same as other poems made for someone who cared most. Yes, this writer had dew gifts to offer, it happens that this writer also do poetry for quite some time that this poem was earlier posted in the "Poems and Ramblings from the Gothic steel church" made three months ago.

Obviously, it recalled some of the earlier poems like "Gia" whose melody is from a Russian song. However, "To Marina", or rather say the person behind the poem had been a good friend, a maiden in shining armor that cares better like any other girl this writer had met and perhaps cherished with. It is quite undeniable for he to write over everything if not to draw as to express something few dare to do upon other than spending money. 

As for spending money would say that yes, he spend but is that enough for a lasting friendship? Perhaps the lessons of the past, a ruined relationship makes money a two way road to nowhere. Only to thank God that why should spend every bill yet goes to nothing? If she can't give true love then laissez faire (let alone)! There's another who's better, least that she understands, that she doesn't feign "love" for goddamn sake.

Well, here's the poem itself.

"To Marina"

Alone walking in darkness
Feeling the cold quite helpless
Looking the skies and thinking
Thinking of old school love
Yet in this world of struggle
Protest march and street rumble
Sought one seemed contradicting
I don't know what's coming

Quite strange to see fate had made in
Through the window our eyes both seeing
Shyness eased so is the contradicting
With my heart I don't know why is throbbing

Perhaps this is the answer to prayers
And the dreams and the sketches and others
All the art that perhaps she's the feature
With a love that's to future

Then as we met together
Twas two days and after
Seeing smiles and laughter
With the food and wine
You inspire me for so long
And your love made me strong
In this world of struggle
You made me quite known

So inspiring to see your presence
Inspiring that exceeds your existence
With your beauty and charm is the essence
All your love that molds I despite absence

Yet I don't know why fate comes to see you
Through your eyes casts a spell says "I love you"
Yet you end up with I felt dismaying
With an open ending

Perhaps you're with another
While I am still alone
And yet your name is still inscribed
In my heart ready to thrown
But then you are worth remembring
Despite the pain and suffering
I hope someday will come
If this story end done

I don't know why your name keeps calling
Same as your presence keeps returning
I tried to forget and I am trying
Yet I can't withstand the outmost feeling

perhaps your name all means forever
And our love is all mean together
Perhaps fate had bound us no other
Forever, my love, Marina.

That's all this writer hath to say. 
Thank you.