Saturday, 27 July 2013

All after hearing promises, seeing blows, and indignation to those suffering in iron bars

All after hearing promises, seeing blows, 
and indignation to those suffering in iron bars

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At first, one should have to congratulate the President for his longest message spoken at Batasang Pambansa last Monday.

With his message full of empty handed promises of the past added with new terms and a hodge podge of facts and figures, it seemed to be made to flatter those who had the privilege to enter the session hall, especially the foreigners who wanted to heed the head of state with his "achievement" that again, most of it rather in paper or half-fulfilled thanks to the corrupt who chose to remain elusive in the eyes of the mass.

That somehow made Rigoberto Tiglao said this:

"How can you respect a President who, in a speech that should discuss where we are as a nation, instead brags about his purported accomplishments by barraging us with claims which turn out to be downright false, deceptive, arguable as to its veracity, or puerile boasts?"

Yes, boasting to gain cheer, brag every achievement yet failed to speak; to think that most are quite contradicting to the realities happened, in a way Mr. Tiglao had said:

“(We) are seeing the effects of the honest, transparent, and clear way we have been going about our PPP Projects . . . Apart from the Laguindingan airport, which is already being utilized, we are upgrading and modernizing the Tacloban Airport, the Bicol International Airport, the New Bohol Airport, and the Mactan Airport, all at the same time. The Daang Hari-NLEX link road is the fastest PPP project that has been awarded in any administration, with no shortcuts in the processes.”

The International Monetary Fund assessment of the PPP project, quoted from is Staff Report on its 2012 Article IV consultations:

“The current government initiated a series of PPP projects, but these have been implemented slowly, with contracts for only two projects (road network and classroom construction) awarded so far to the private sector. While the PPP pipeline includes 22 projects across various sectors, the total cost of all projects is still small (less than 2 percent of GDP)."

However, most of the PPP projects had rather, resorted to privatizations such as the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital that had end acquired by Henry Sy. And just like any other former State controlled institutions like then old Private Development Corporation of the Philippines, and Philippine National Bank, some, if not most, are rather end privatized with Public-Private Partnerships as its first phase as means just to "downsize" government expenses in favor of private institutions running so as investing.

That somehow meant for the masses that the state chose to give up obligation, while others applauding for the state will never do babying for the less privileged as what Bianca Gonzales once said against the illegal settlers in the metro. And since these middle class peeps showing off arrogance by making against so-called freebies like Conditional Cash Transfer program (CCT) against the masses, then how come they had to pass on queues just for a free Lebron James ticket days ago? Seems ironic to see those who afford had to pass and register the way poor people did; or perhaps they can afford to pay but why free?
Anyways, this writer is against CCT and instead advocating real programs like Industrialization and Land reform, basic means to curb unemployment and genuine National and Social development contrary to the neoliberal policies prevailed today.

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And as the President continues his speech, so were the growing criticism of the people against his regime. Ranging from hurling eggs against policemen to the burning of effigies, the people had to vent their grievances, even nastier like before all after having a President emphasising his bragging rights yet most of his programs are but a continuation of earlier programs such as those of Arroyo's, no wonder how he once opposed CCT before and yet still continued with funds from IMF-WB, as well as other neoliberal policies and others that aggravates conditions under the present rotten social order.

After all, of what is a righteous path if those behind it had to disregard the heed of the people when it comes to their welfare? Welfare does not mean doleouts in a way Obama did with his food stamps and the Aquino administration with its CCTs and other near empty-handed or incomplete promises.
And since Aquino himself wanted a government that is righteous both in word and in deed, how come the so-called "Freedom of Information" act (not the version sponsored by the administration) haven't been passed? Of having speedy justice for the victims of Maguindanao Genocide (or Massacre rather, but better genocide for there are nameless people who had been killed by the warlord Ampatuan clique)left unrealized especially for the family of victims and friends of the fallen? As well as demolitions in illegal communities in the metro with forced settlements in undeveloped areas outside the metro, worse, near danger zones like in Rodriguez, Rizal.

Anyways, like this video shown above lies the stubbornness of the order that is tolerated by trolls and other keyboard warriors whose comments in facebook failed to undermine those who continue. Yes, these people dare to become like Ríos Montt:

"If you are with us, we’ll feed you, if not, we’ll kill you..."

But come to think of this: why there's a need to provoke a violent action such as pushing them with truncheons, staring badly at the protesters, to the point of raising their swagger sticks and make a scene mediamen love to tackle about? So much for exaggerating violence and glorifying blood made people think badly about protest actions as a mere bloodsport rather than a means to invoke grievances and matters a state should seriously think upon to. Protest can't be just silent alone in a way Mahatma Gandhi speaks of action and not just Satyagraha alone contrary to what western media thinks of about him, that one must think that one should still invoke maximum tolerance after being hurled with eggs, taunted for they are dubbed as "bloodthirsty" in a way some of them had their hands itchy for smashing bodies with their swagger sticks and truncheons carried.

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That somehow made this person reminds of the movies such as "Baader-Meinhof Komplex" or "Battle in Seattle" where a peaceful protest action end provoked by those who called for order. As for media, of course will ought to say that the protesters started the mess "simply because they're against the government", or perhaps "noisy" in venting unwanted noises pointing against the system and its order; no wonder if one policeman or plainclothes soldier can kill a protester simply because of their actions, in a way what happened at Escalante, Mendiola, Lupao, or Hacienda Luisita years ago.

Personally, in seeing every scene shows how the state chose to act like that for the sake of insisting order. Free speech and assembly are quite permissible, but one has to make sarcastic suggestions such as "there's a park to vent grievances", "why not use facebook" or even "go home, it's a waste of time", and others to undermine the morale of the masses; but, for chrissakes, why having that said activity in the City Hall, Ninoy Aquino parks and wildlife reserve instead of a part of Commonwealth ave. just for a single day? Did these peeps argue during the time everyone had a protest at the bustling Ayala ave years ago? Traffic seemed to be good as contrary to what had been said so to many simply because of a protest action taken at Commonwealth, also to think that despite its peaceful attitude, there may be one, two, or three policemen has to provoke, incite inappropriate action in just pushing protesters back where they came from, contrary to the reports and popular perceptions that says "protesters started the scuffle," also to think how much taxpayer's money did spent for the Concertina wire other than putting roadblocks and borrowing containers from the terminal as they, those who dare to serve and protect, are hardy enough to face the people, with hands itchy for a scuffle by pushing and eventual raising of their weapon and take pride in their captured "subversive" and stay at Camp Karingal for 2 days with "secret" as its alibi according to a policeman?

Anyways, those scenes are a part of a path that is righteous in the eyes of the few, and it is up for the people to acknowledge a sickening truth behind a distorted description. In a way what the grieving cop, no matter he endured the strong voiced statements of Thomas the Dutch, somehow acknowledged an inconvenient truth how authorities made he and his men endure the heat, hungry as well for that day with the promise of bonuses and like.

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Otherwise, people who chose to assail those who protest against those who tend to preserve the rotten social order, aggravated by "modern" ideas applicable to themselves, yet cherishing the products of the protest movement, must heed this message:

“If the Revolution is disorder, the Counter-Revolution is the restoration of Order.”

— Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira (1908-1995)

And that includes giving up the benefits of what "democracy" had given, such as the right to complain against the system.