Monday, 22 July 2013

THE IRONY (or how a news program creatively did this)


(or how a news program creatively did this)

It was a weekago when this writer had noticed something ironic: that both higher and lower classes have to pass queues and filling up forms for a handout: the former, a ticket from an event organizer, and the latter, a cash handed by the government.

It may look strange in seeing this kind of idea how they're enticed to do and wait till night, one after another reminiscing ration and food stamp lines during the war. Quite orderly to see, but on the other hand, as to see these  scenes between these privileged beings, they merely had to fill the papers trying to have a sum of money or a free ticket, both freebies to satisfy their "needs".

"Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program"
(Government officials handing money to the unfortunate)
"Pantawid Para PangLebron Program"
(Where middle class afford to take long queues for a free Lebron James ticket)

But sadly, using Ayn Rand's dictum, both of these "privileged" may deemed as "Moochers" thinking that both the state had to squander taxpayer's money for those who earned less in their work (instead of the latter working harder to earn more), or Nike seemingly afford to appease Lebron James fanatics by having its producer offer free tickets to those who can really afford  (instead of paying enough wages and fair working conditions for its ill-paid workers); yes, so much for ambition both a corrupt state and a private one has to squander as to appease people: the former for the sake of having a program for the underprivileged; while the latter, just to entertain those who really can afford with a well-known Afro-American basketball player visiting Manila.

No offense, for these people who afford to have those "gifts" given, but come to think of this, it seems that as most people, no matter which backgrounds came from, are quite happy for both having the money for the basic needs and the ticket for the show all reminds of Ancient rome, where these programs can be deemed as "Bread and Circuses"; while in America,  whose "Food Stamps" as to appease people alongside a hodge-podge of empty promises and rhetoric. 
Good for them at first as to create a scene of satisfaction and enjoyment, but come to think of this: will there be a time having a populace that no longer values civic virtues and public life? Certainly it is! Especially in a culture of ego-driven apathy with its lords tend to exploit people silently. Both social welfare and sports inculcate family-hood (sorry for the term for this writer may use Ujamaa if that's the case) in the community, but nowadays, it's all but a tendency for exploiters to coerce people, that one has to make something that is appealing to hid an inconvenient truth such as a government neglecting purpose, or an institution that exploits workers evenly for the sake of having higher profits. 

Otherwise, to sum it short: was ABS-CBN seemingly making things ironically such as being stated in this writeup? 

It's up to the people if that's the case, to think that both the ticket for the middle class and the money given to the unfortunate are both freebies Ayn Rand got by the "moochers" who should been "working" to acquire those "needs".