Monday, 26 August 2013



At first, this writer expresses his sympathies especially to those who had opposed, or rather say constantly opposed to the policies of the system such as the "Priority Development Assistance Fund" been discussing about.

And in regards to the title of this writeup, it's better to be direct and incorrect this time such as in venting rage, for chanting "junk pork", "abolish pork", and the like is not enough-seeing that the present Aquino administration is both washing its dirty linen while justifying the "fund" they're speaking.

And the fact that the system, such as Aquino and his clique, along with his supporters and her followers in and out of Malacanang, Congress, and even the Supreme court had speak through and through in spite of their worries, the people, the "bosses" mr. Aquino had said during his "Inauguration" had rather felt dismay, rage, all thinking that the "righteous path" as all but an illusion, a killer highway, all but shit guised as gold so to say;
And with the events such as marching at Luneta, and others leading to Mendiola as its proofs of a growing popular mistrust, will these people on high, from both Malacanang and Batsasang Pambansa care not to think and continue doing the usual denial and justification? Perhaps, like any other administration who promised prosperity, progress, stability, peace, it's all but giving an illusion, that in practise they failed to meet the aspirations of the people, particularly the farmers wanting land be redistributed directly, of workers for good standards of living and decent wage; or worse, the corruption prevailing, alongside repressive anti-people policies had aggravated class struggle especially what militants described their society as a "semi-feudal" and "semi-colonial." Where was the unity they've speaking of when in fact the gap between rich and the poor continue to widen? So much that since 1986 and 2001 these people on high had hijacked and making fools especially those who had promised an agenda such as Land, Jobs, Justice, Freedom and Peace; not to mention that they've unearthed devils that put everyone into peril and benefited those who had put money upon. How come Napoles, according to the news got millions by selling to the military 500, inferior plastic helmets from Taiwan and had re-described as Kevlar helmets from the U.S. in exchange for a in exchange for a P3.8-million contract? So much for the P500 million of pork went to fake NGOs and P10-billion pork barrel scam involving the scammer and her clique, along with lawmakers from Senate and Batasan.

And now, (to use some of paragraphs from Mao Zedong's writeup) as these people on high, whether they're from Malacanang, Batasang Pambansa, Senate and even at the Supreme Court at Padre Faura have stood facts on their heads and juggled "black" and "white", fooled people with a series of promises, half-truths and to some extent, false flag operations, stifled opinions differing from their own like those from the communications group describing the protesters as "Hypocrites", imposed both silent and noisy terror in the cities and in the countryside, and felt very pleased with themselves as they enjoy in their bidding and someone else gaining in having a share of pork in their itchy hands. Yes, they all have puffed up their arrogance as they fooled the people and deflate their morale all after given promise such as a "righteous path" like yesteryears of "strong republic" and a "new society".
"How poisonous!" As the late Mao Zedong stated in his writeup that this person had ought to use the title as his!

Anyways, since this writer had heard their chants of "abolish pork", "oink...oink...oink...oink..." and other chants pointing directly against Aquino and his retinue, or even those who are affected and doing the same procedure of deny and justify; why not instead realize what Simoun Ibarra, Elias, and Kabesang Tales had awaited for?

Let the Nitroglycerine lamp raise in the name of the poverty-striken people!
Let the flood of tears, blood, and sweat of the oppressed masses and dismayed taxpayers give threats
to the corrupt imbeciles discreetly doing wrecking for their self gratification!
Enough of illusory peace!

And sorry for the anti-Chinese people reading this, but at least give them some these: