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Of "demons", countering terror with terror, Mistaken identities,justifications, and the need to revisit Human Rights andInternationalHumanitarian law

Of "demons", 
countering terror with terror,
Mistaken identities, justifications, 
and the need to revisit Human Rights 

and International Humanitarian law


Supposedly, this should been made in commemoration of Martial Law last September 21, however, this writer had made something important that made this writeup made late instead of its intended date.

At first, it seems that everyone is waiting to resolve issues related to the title, knowing that the today's Aquino administration is trying to make itself righteous in its standing, such as winning the peace as a substitute for winning a battle, of transparency in midst of todays issues, and even trying to acknowledge a shortcoming in which people had resorted to complaining if not criticizing a regime and the people behind the malices being shown.

However, there are those within the same order who had tried to block means to complete justice, especially of those who are victimized by those who acted in the name of the law; worse, there are those who enact are putting the law in their hands, acting rather "above of it", and justifying everything illegal if not for the state, perhaps for the "culprit".

Knowing that how wonder these people, especially those in uniform, are behind imprisoning certain personalities, extrajudicial killings, forced abductions and the like also wanted those actions to be justified- that in the guise of National Security, fierce "Anti-Communism", or "Anti-Terrorism", and even nostalgia for the Marcos dictatorship in the guise of "Discipline", had used certain actions regardless of being contrary to human rights.
Yet ironically, they also banner human rights, while at the same time, some amongst their ranks also oppose human rights to those being called "Enemies of the state."

That once, this writer had remembered certain comments in Facebook years ago and said that they are against human rights, especially to those who oppose certain policies, such as radicals, by saying:

"Terrorists are not Humans... Human rights dont apply to them... Catch 'em and kill 'em!"

or even say this to justify further, that may affect those who are simply criticizing, or innocent:

"Murderers, Rapists and any other Criminal don't deserve human rights. Its an abomination that they seem to get better treatment than the victims of crime. We pay to keep them in Jail, we feed them, pay for them to be released and pay for defence lawyers to defend them. ITS NOT ON!! Criminals need to be removed from society in a way it won't cost us to much."

And worse:

"Human rights are GAY."

In order to justify that repression is a sign of strength such as a machismo one.

Obviously, these comments sound ridiculous knowing that they justify disregarding human rights all in favor of a stringent security measure that involved extrajudicial actions.

That somehow made the image of the state negative regardless of their justifications.

The Argentine experience
and its indirect relation to the Philippine situation

In Argentina, there is a rhetorical revice used in its judicial process disqualifying arguments that appear to morally equate violent political subversion with illegal repressive activities carried out by the state.

This idea, known in Spanish as "Teoría de los dos demonios" (Theory of two demons), tend to say that the military or any group allied to the state are rather trying to respond "terroristic" action of the enemy to their own concept of "terrorism."
That in the Philippines it is indirectly followed by the state in regards to maintaining National Security. For example, the Escalante massacre, made by the Philippine Constabulary during the Marcos Regime, was made primarily in response to the growing threat of rebellion in the province of Negros Occidental that was ought to be stopped, and yet these protesters, were rather simply invoking the right to protest against repression and demand social justice, as mandated in the universal declaration of human rights. Only to end being killed in the name of National Security and be justified their actions as rebellious and subversive especially in a province where a growing rebel presence becoming stronger those times.
Same as the actions laid during oplan Bantay Laya I and II of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Just like the earlier Operations of the past administrations, it had to disregard the agreements concerning human rights and international humanitarian law, and using the armed actions of the New People's Army as its justification to abduct or illegally arrest certain personalities such as critics, or even family members and to some degree, those arrested by mistaken identity.

However, the theory was often be vented upon, be attached to those who plead to support "national reconciliation", sometimes appealing to the Christian idea of "forgive and forget" yet not all are willing to accept it- knowing that the theory meant justifying revenge, especially to those who are victimized by the state.
Worse is that, the main criticism of the state's measures, is that how come a state is expected to enforce the law and respect human rights, even when repressing violent criminals that do not show such respect.

But speaking of "Violent criminals that do not show such respect", does it include those who are fighting for their beliefs? Such as those who, on their behalf had iron discipline amongst their ranks? Remember, both GRP and the NDF had agreed in a statute concerning Prisoners of War, and that includes observance to International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, but do both observing it? The NDF, with its NPA had done so and being codified since they have their "Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention" that includes "Do not ill treat captives" and "Do not take liberties with women."
but how about the GRP, through its AFP? Some, if not few may observe a semblance of discipline and adherence to the rule of law, while most of them aren't, that somehow showed the ignorance in observing Human Rights in favor of overtly interpretation of National Security.

That somehow involves the near intentional use of terrorism to counter the enemy's in the countryside. Marag Valley for example, the military had to destroy the community at the valley in response to the ambushes and tactical offensives made by the rebels, same as disregarding Sagada as a "Peace Zone" knowing that the Rebels afford to take passage in it.

Using Denial and at the same time Justifying

"We have no political prisoners..." Thus said then President Ferdinand Marcos in regards to the issue about his regime having political prisoners according to a report made by the Amnesty International.

During the Martial Law period would say that captured insurgents, as well as political opponents are considered as "Political Prisoners" in which the president had insist not, and instead describing them as common criminals accused of certain criminal cases other than Subversion and Rebellion. Ninoy Aquino for instance was accused of Plaza Miranda bombing yet in fact he was an opponent the president himself.

But nowadays, despite recognizing the political status of certain personalities, of men and women imprisoned in various detention facilities around the country, the alibi made by Marcos continues as to see people who are fighting for their beliefs, whether armed or not, innocent or directly implicated, face prison for charges committed or not.

One of which was Ericson Acosta.

Known for his poetry and his contribution to Filipino contemporary culture, was arrested on his way to San Jorge town from Barangay Bay-ang proper around 10 am. There he was arrested without warrant by elements of the 34th IBPA led by 2nd Lt. Jacob Madarang.

Prior to the arrest, he was accompanied by a barangay official and was carrying only a laptop and some personal belongings. With threats, soldiers instructed Acosta’s companions from the barrio to carry on, since they were only interested with the “Tagalog” whom they suspected of being a high-ranking NPA rebel.

Acosta, whose unfamiliar appearance such as a thin, skinny one wearing shorts, tshirt and sporting a long hair and carrying a backpack with a laptop for his research on farmers and fisherfolk made the military accuse him as a rebel, given torture and imprisoned for months until its release due to the pressure of artists and personalities knowing his innocence despite his activism.

But unlike Acosta, who is well known in both activist and cultural circles, there are others who continue to languish, especially those who are imprisoned due to mistaken identities like the case of a security guard who was mistaken for a rebel leader. He's given torture and imprisoned to see not just actual political prisoners, but those who shared the same fate of being mistaken as rebels and hence undergone the same procedure just like those from the past where a head of state chose to deny than acknowledge his prisoners as more of political than criminal in their inclinations; and at the same time justifying their actions to the extent of fabricating like what happened at Acosta with someone planting a grenade in his bag and hence accusing him further of illegal possession of deadly weapon!


Since people had also condemned the violence of the guerrilla radical groups like the New People's Army, Alex Boncayao Brigade, and muslim groups like the Moro National Liberation Front or its "Islamic" counterpart, or even obviously terrorist groups like the Abu Sayyaf (the ends, the means, or both), they also feel that there are also atrocities committed by the Armed Forces and their associates, like the CAFGUs, CVOs, and even cultist groups especially during the Martial Law regime in 1972, Cory Aquino's Low Intensity Conflict and Arroyo's Oplan Bantay Laya I and II.
Knowing that they have a different moral status, ever since the state under Marital Rule had given the Armed Forces a degree of control to certain zones of control had also sought the means "terrorize" the citizenry by means of warrantless arrests especially due to mistaken identities, to much illegal ones like kidnapping civilians, forced disappearance, or illegal arrests without trial or recourse of habeas corpus.

Morong 43 for instance, they were being arrested with a questionable warrant of arrest as its basis, that somehow also deemed as illegal; yet the captors, despite using a questionable warrant, had to insist that they are members of the New People's Army and will do everything, even create fabricated means to justify their actions-that also make a number of them be fully acknowledged their commitment and expressed no regrets.

The examples said in this writeup may leave a series of questions how these happen, or how a state who has to observe a free flow of ideas rather aggravates existing problems such as using terrorism to counter terrorism the way Argentina, Indonesia had in its past.
And knowing that the state had trying to rally its people under a nationalistic pretense in curbing "terrorism", people are still opposing their moves as well, knowing that as more and more innocents, sympathizers, or combatants fighting for a real social change are killed by those who tries to do the former. Worse as they who tends to observe the rule of law are also the ones who are justifying that according to theirs a "dose of their own medicine."
The system may justify everything, including the past mistakes of their enemies that end up acknowledging their mistakes, while its culprits becoming their propagandists alongside certain criminals in uniform.

But still, like the final scene of Orapronobis, revenge may still be an option to those who can't accept the necessity of the courts, lobbying and the like, countering a demon who pulls everyone backwards.

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"My Dear, Darling Miah"

"My Dear, Darling Miah"

My Dear, Darling Miah,

At first, thanks for everything all despite our differences we had. Been much into the pen whilst you enjoying with your friends, especially with Marina; with the latter whom brings colour into every work this writer had.

However, for quite some time, you had been a good character reference not because of your charm and friendliness, and instead, your wit that oftentimes worth remembering in a way this person had watched his favorite cartoon and comparing you always to one of the major characters featured sometime.

But, admittingly speaking, despite all the differences had, this writer ought to say that you've been a guiding light for some time, not to mention that some of my works lies my yearning for you; mentioning that you've been "giving life" to those as to inspire this person who has to pay tribute.

Strange isn't it? Being inspired from a party girl, a model, rather than a typical intellectual? Who loved fashion while the youngest sister of her's chose books and business matters? Perhaps, despite that, or rather say all after noticing your wit may also worth imagining to consider you for someone studying from one of the halls in Diliman, will it be from Benitez? Malcolm? Palma? Plaridel hall as different from what you are in the gothic-esque edifice?; and instead of Uniform, seeing you wearing shorts, shirt, sandals and carrying a backpack if not a shoulder bag and a book in hand.
Well, just find it abit easy to imagine, perhaps you had made me happy no matter what this writer has, and if you are absent in their company seems that this person makes abit sad for you aren't there. 

But seriously, out of many people this person had met, few such as Yna, Jeanne, as well as you, who, somehow add colour and smile to a person who had been lonesome and estranged by most, if not many; yes, this person may not enough handsome, yet he showed sincerity and willing to apologize in every mistake given if not choosing to remain silent in matters ought not to intervene. 
Call it weirdness, but if one cares to know who this writer is, why not? If people dare to judge and scorn this person, who are they anyway aside from joining in the fray and talking at this person's back, to the extent of giving threat and blood? Anyways, been tired and sick of arguing and instead conveying through writing rather if not getting serious at work thinking it's a minor matter to deal with.
Or perhaps, despite changing times, all but trying to be a gentleman regardless of their nonsense just like the good old days where class as worth better than a dozen of styles not to think or perhaps brag of, lessening spending as much as possible after the past of make believe and delusions made this person had to stop; and instead enjoy having a few company with people "good enough" as to provide inspiration other than having a chitchat.
Not to mention that the way you see people somehow true, and give charity to them, especially all after seeing some of your pictures, all reminds of this person seeing the mass and fighting for their needs in joining every demonstration other than expressing through blogwork and stuff; that somehow showed the difference yet carries the essence of serving, one by giving them gifts, the other by acknowledging their struggle and fighting alongside them knowing that one has to give a fair share of the hardship not just living by crumbs alone. 

And despite all these somehow lies the bottomline that, both of us caring yet having different paths in showing with if that's the case, and this person has to give a snappy salute for this! Knowing that you showed beauty, but for this writer rather say that you carried the mind that guides the heart and everything you have. 

That somehow made as well, again thinks you're worth to be cherished as a friend, if not a "lover".

As time goes by and you are finishing your studies at that old Gothic school, perhaps this writer again bid thanks, same as your friends that somehow made this person happy in times of his loneliness. 

And if we meet again, make sure that we have a long time to talk and reminisce back. 

Comradely greetings,

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Seeing ruins out of illusory progress

Seeing ruins out of illusory progress

(or all after seeing people on high
afford to brag their "achievements"
yet fail to achieve their "aspirations")

At first, this writer seemingly had to revisit his lifelong study on culture all after weeks of writing about politics. And knowing that culture and politics are interconnected, it somehow includes how the system treats its culture; whether it encourages high culture, or just peddling canned ones and reducing heritage to those what tourists ought to see upon; leaving some, if not most old ones suffer as what the title goes.

Quite strange indeed, especially in regards to most people who, with their ignorance, sorry to say so, didn't notice the prevalence of every edifice such as an Hispanic-era villa, a post-war chalet, or a factory in Pasig as part of heritage that is being lost time and again. That one by one had to be demolished out of a superficial progress no matter how prevalent it was and contributive in a supposed growing society such as today's Philippines.
That made certain personalities such as Paulo Bustamante of the Filipinas, Stephen Pamoranda of the Heritage Conservation Society, and yours truly somehow felt lamenting as to see old buildings left rotting then eventually demolished all for the sake of that illusory progress being peddled upon by the governing elite.
Especially that these elite are thinking about prime lots, demolishing existing yet remarkable ones, and built near meaningless ones that tries to make the place pleasing, or just a mere aesthetic kitsch with some "modern" interiors to satisfy the "developer"'s own pocket. 

That somehow brought this writer a question after seeing things around him: why the denial of connecting culture and politics? Other than seeing personality cults, news programs, and stuff that involved politicians? Of mocking every state apparatuses because of their inability to distribute social services efficiently?

As most readers of this page would say that they will complain after seeing politically-laced articles in a supposed page about culture and the arts, not knowing that again there lies connection between the two.

Yes, it is indeed both political and cultural, that in most cases that as politicians, other than making piecemeal projects to cultivate their personality cults (while using people's money), had used icons and stuff to justify their so-called "ideas" that are rather plain and simple "bombast" and "rhetoric" that sneers people both eyes and ears such as today's media that speaks "obeisance to the order" being sugarcoated and re-worded as "cultivating change" or even "national unity", the latter somehow frequently used these days, especially if that is accompanied by a "Pintakasi" scene where farmers or fisherfolk carrying a nipa hut and describing it as "unity and cooperation" in order to become "heroes" of today.
But sadly, these are reduced to statements and most of it are used to justify order in a degenerating society marred by scandals just like Manchus whom ought to use Confucius's words to justify their rule over the Han Chinese, or the Friars using their homilies and their so-called teachings from the Bible, abit different from the scripture itself, over the brown-skinned people of the Indies; that, eventually becoming "ideas", "mores", as being codified in the minds of everyone and if disrespected be deemed as a heretic in their eyes and liable to be executed just like those from Saudi Arabia for not wearing an Abaya!

And to think that those plain simple bombast, rhetoric, so-called "morals" and other mind conditioning stuff those on high invoke much, also reflects "the set of attitudes, beliefs and sentiments that give order and meaning to a political process and which provide the underlying assumptions and rules that govern behavior in the political system" as defined by the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences.
That somehow, personally would deem it strange, knowing that from those people on high (who are behind those desperately-made ideas) had taking pride that they are born to rule yet obviously they are trained to rule, molded in the antiquated folkways while at the same time trying to present themselves as "progressive" as they treat the entire matter, issue as a "masquerade" that is, full of bombast, rhetoric, some realization of aspirations that is, not enough to call it realization.
worse, had spend their's and the people's money for unproductive purposes, or simply to "earn",  contrary to what they're speaking, such as:

Former President Manuel Quezon spending Php 900.000 from a budget of Php 50 million just to beautify Dewey Boulevard while presenting "Social Justice",
Of Imelda Marcos currying funds from both public and private institutions just to built grandiose projects and telling the poor that these provide inspiration yet failing to distribute social services efficiently under the "New Society",
And a series of projects, such as roads, bridges, flyovers, "socialized" housing, even schools and other concrete bullshit all made by politicos in their respective areas, from "Philippines 2000" up to "Strong Republic",  with a part from their pork keeping on themselves and at the same time, like the past, capitalize at their personality cults;
creating a mockery of progress that is, a facade trying to keep the real face such as landlordism, corrupt bureaucracy, and rampant poverty.

Obviously, quite beneficial indeed to see some improvement, yet at the same time, these are just piecemeal projects to tell that the system as capable of steering development despite disregarding major issues that are really serious to tackle upon such as land reform, industrialization, improving existing health and education facilities, that is, far from what the media and misinterpreting people as giving doleouts to those who are clamoring for.

Or let's say, there lies the hypocrisy of the ruling class who present themselves as benefactors yet they simply squander the money of the people in near meaningless projects, save a few for piecemeal ones. Supported by those who, still has a full stomach, a TV, central heating and an annual holiday in the sun he will not vote to remove the system who's behind the entire mess and instead choosily targeting certain people such as corrupt personages as well as "negative" issues.

Or rather say, they've been silenced and becoming apathetic.

And with these matters also affects culture knowing that these people on high had to brag to the world the wonders whose real intention is to keep the inconvenient hidden from the eyes of the rest. That the foreigners had no right to participate in opposing the rotten state and instead contented in the illusory fantasies made by those who also tolerate demolishing remnants of a forgotten heritage what conservationists dare to oppose upon.
Worse, those who demolish continues to harm and demolish further!

That somehow made this writer afford to write time and again all about politics in a page supposedly all about old buildings, heritage, music, and other countercultural stuff.

For now, here's Reinhold Gliere and his "Hymn to the Great City." A tribute to something that is nearly lost.

Au revoir.

Friday, 20 September 2013

A simple message this September 21...

A simple message this September 21...

Well, it is pretty much obvious for this writer to make a simple message in commemoration of Martial Law.

That despite all seeing facades of glass and steel, of bridges, roads, and other contributions made by the Marcos regime, the scars, bruises, threats, even the corpses of those who dare to oppose continues to cry justice against the perpetrators, both living and dead, as their cruelty continues to haunt and justified further by the generations of those who carried on their repressive actions.

That despite all seeing reforms, old tensions continue, and aggravate further as the struggle for land, jobs, bread, and justice continues while the old order continues to whip the masses' backs with policies detrimental for their well being; most reforms, both past and present are rather pieces of paper and some quite lucky to be enacted, and circumvented thanks to the politics of patronage and corruption.

Yes, this simple examples somehow showed that despite modernity, there are barbarians who are still in power trying to underestimate the people. Everyone may have seen the contributions of the so-called "New Society" such as roads, bridges, modern facilities, yet the so-called Oligarchs and Technocrats aggravate old tensions that made "New Society" as same as the "Old", with modern trappings served as toppings for continuous repression.

Quite strange, but true for most people to see; and in this day, in commoration of this day of hatred, everyone ought to swore never again to a period, no matter how "disciplined" the people were, wanted something that is based from their aspirations and not those what is presented yet failed to fulfill because of their degeneracies.

Thank you. 

All after seeing tension within the Children's city

All after seeing tension within the Children's city

(Or the struggle for Universal Health Care over Public-Private Partnerships 
in Government-controlled medical center systems)

"I just could not understand what is going here: Isn't the PCMC government owned and sitting on government land? And does the NHA own the land where PCMC is situated and, if it does, on what authority does it own this land?
I believe the better approach here is to inventory what the national government owns and make strict rules on the proper use of these real estate properties. And don't let multiple government agencies have authorities on these lands, just one central agency is sufficient. Otherwise, these properties would disappear from being government owned."

These are the words being stated in an Inquirer commentary regarding one of the most recognized medical centers with it's property being looked upon by commercial interests. As the Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC), also known as the Children's City, had faced notices, especially those from the National Housing Authority (NHA) directing it to buy the Quezon City property it has been occupying for nearly 34 years.

As according to the reports, the property, controlled by the NHA, was priced at P1.1 billion, and the hospital felt that this demand amounted to an eviction notice. The hospital had even long been requesting the national government to donate the land or even help finance it so that the hospital would be its registered owner.
However, the former seemed to be much likely as the call from the PCMC to the government, noted that previous presidents had also donated government land to the Office of the Ombudsman and the Court of Tax Appeals, consisting of portions of the 6.3 hectares occupied by the PCMC. And because of the donations, the hospital had been reduced to 3.7 hectares.
Lately, the NHA had sold 2,500 square meters of the hospital land to the National Economic Development Authority’s Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) for over P83 million, and even gave an “ultimatum” to the hospital to avoid the expiration of the budget allocated by the national government to the PIDS for the purchase of the 2,500-sq-m land.

That somehow meant for the PCMC to struggle in order not to get evicted, especially by the government whom oftentimes afford to speak about the need for affordable healthcare yet in fact, isn't. So are the other institutions (such as Orthopedic or Quezon Institute), that had been threatened much by the policies whose reason is to cut down spending and start getting "Self Reliant" with the help of private institutions; yet, with the issues such as billion-peso pork barrel scams and others, a mockery of a priority.

Right was the words of Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio, knowing that private enterprise had becoming an orientation including those of government institutions such as health care, as she said in her call for affordable universal health care:

"Allow me to talk about the Philippines. Our latest total health expenditures as a nation is a measly 7 billion dollars, give or take. This is the total amount Filipinos spent on health care including reproductive health care. Clearly the system can be rationalized as much of our health spending is irrational. But savings from rationalization could be used towards strengthening the health care system so that it can meet a large unmet need. This amount is less then one percent of what we continue to pay the banks to pay debts incurred by politicians more concerned with their own form of wealth accumulation than with our well-being. It is small change compared to the trillions lost in the latest financial crisis. A single system of health care with minimal or no cost at point of access is entirely possible for the Philippines. Why should it be impossible for others? Why demand less?"

Well, personally, seeing PCMC being ordered to be evict than having its lot be donated from the state isn't a surprising move. Noticing that the government had been neglecting much of its obligation especially in regards to health care and even securing its property; and with reports such as PCMC, as well as earlier ones like the National Orthopedic Hospital, and even the National Center for Mental Health, and others facing evictions, if not getting commercialized by private institutions, it is pretty much obvious to show disregard in midst of bragging about health insurance to the people while 76% of nation's wealth being enjoyed by 40 richest families in the Philippines.

As according to the underground group "Patriotic Group of Medical Practitioners" (MSP), in its statement, said:

"Even the basic right for ensuring the health of the people had been one that is turned into a lucrative business of the state and its cohorts. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, known as PhilHealh, had been selling medical services in midst of rampant poverty over the people. The privatization of 26 public hospitals and entering capitalist investment through Public-Private Partnerships in certain hospitals is itself neglecting most poor Filipinos of basic right to health in order to gain much more profit both foreign and domestic capitalists."

Well, the statement from the underground somehow shared the same thoughts as certain concerned legislators do. Especially those led by Leyte representative FM Romualdez, with their resolution, made specifically in regards to the PCMC, said:

“Pursuant to the constitutional policies of the 1987 Constitution of recognizing the vital role of the youth in nation-building, protecting and promoting the right to health of the people as well as adopting an integrated and comprehensive approach to health development which shall endeavor to make health available to all the people at affordable cost wherein the needs of the underprivileged, sick, elderly, disabled, women, and children shall be prioritized, the State should donate the land that the hospital presently occupies to the PCMC in order that it can fully fulfill its objectives without the threat of eviction by the NHA...”

And since FM Romualdez and his cohorts whom calling for a resolution having the property be given to the Children's city, then why not insist the government give a bigger chunk of the national budget to the state-controlled medical center system than just getting contented in private aid? Some, if not most of these establishments are even donning specialized Health Care, such as PCMC being mandated to provide pediatric care and training programs, and a hub for clinical research.

And since the government been desperately trying to improve existing health facilities and at the same time handing most to the private sector in a guise of partnerships, the latter is pretty much obvious that they are looking after the lot not just on the establishment itself and its expertise, that also meant sacrificing those who often going on queues for medical appointments or even confine and waiting to die simply because of negligence (such as those from Quezon Institute, wherein some patients, if not lucky to be given support such as from a private foundation, are there just to die).
And if these issues continue to persist, then what's next? The Heart center? Lung? National Kidney and Transplant Institute? Or even the entire Philippine General Hospital after one of its buildings used by a private medical institution? The issue on Philippine Children's Medical Center, as well as earlier ones like the National Orthopedic Hospital and the Quezon Institute, is a pretty much serious issue, mentioning about property as well as improving health facilities, that nowadays much likely to fell on private hands in a guise of Public-Private Partnerships with a state rather choosing to disregard securing people's health;

-not to mention that they kept on bragging its own health insurance policies such as distributing PhilHealth cards.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dictators, opportunists, and a Democracy left in the hands of the struggling Elite - A lesson from Robespierre to the Jacobins of today

Of Dictators, opportunists, 
and a Democracy left in the hands of the struggling Elite
- A lesson from Robespierre to the Jacobins of today

"The true democracy is the Democracy of Plato, which is followed by "evil dictators" as the mainstream media say. The Democracy of Robespierre of the Communist French Revolution is what the mainstream media supports, and it is what the Philippine Government follows, no wonder that the Philippines is now in a decrepit state, unlike in the time of the last follower of Platonic Democracy, Ferdinand E. Marcos.."

- From a misunderstood person from Facebook claiming to be a "Democrat"

Well, Democracy? Perhaps this writer would call it "nope" for most dictators cannot consider themselves as democrats and often equating it to mob rule. And since one speaks of the Greeks carrying its legacy, the Democracy during Plato's period, mistaken by the one whom quoted as "Platonic democracy" was itself an Oligarchy, limiting itself to a privileged gentry of males, of aristocrats per se, while Robespierre tend to make Democracy "popular" through the French revolution, that somehow meant destroying the privileges of those old "democrats" that was, under the clutches of the aristocrats.

Quite strange though so to speak regarding the post being made, equating French revolution to the Communists? Well again, Babeuf, one of the Jacobins had been speaking for a communal living prior to Marx whom elaborated further with his writeups Das Kapital and the Communist Manifesto. The French revolution had been more of a liberal root what most conservatives, especially that person whom glorified the "Greek democracy" of his make scorn of it, and yet even the Fascist Mussolini had been influenced as well by those who took the idea of the French revolution such as Sorel and Proudhon, they are even Anarchistic as well with Sorel who justified violence, strikes, as would serve to enforce solidarity, class consciousness and revolutionary élan amongst the working-class. The storm of the Bastille, the actions at Versailles, at the Tilluries somehow solified the solidarity of the French commoners against the ruling class, so was the tribunals to justify revolutionary justice, in which made others who are scared of deemed "chaos" as if the former as orderly.

And as this writer tend to read the above quotation, seemed that he was mentioning about Marcos as a follower of "Platonic democracy" who's against the Jacobins past and present, yes that he's a dictator who tried to preserve the order by putting certain "changes" and other stuff, yet Robespierre said in regards to those people like Marcos himself:

"If they are Caesars or Cromwells, they seize power for themselves. If they are spineless courtiers, uninterested in doing good yet dangerous when they seek to do harm, they go back to lay their power at their master's feet, and help him to resume arbitrary power on condition they become his chief servants."

Again, true that Marcos had been instituting dictatorial rule, and justifying further by calling it as "constitutional authoritarianism" and making certain reforms a la Napoleon and describing himself as a "revolutionary" thanks to Media decades before; that somehow made Robespierre himself said right that they sieze power all for themselves-not to mention Imelda, Ver, Ramos and Enrile wanting power as well; also not to mention that even today, those who had joined the current administration are a hodge-podge of past administrations helping to preserve the dilapidated social order masquerading as democratic and righteous.

Meanwhile, the system would afford to speak Robespierre-like, especially in regards to the present issues the Philippines encountered; and with its people had started again and again, from social media to the streets, all to vent rage against the corrupt aristocrats whom oftentimes speak populist-like or revolutionary yet failed to realize the promises often said years ago, would somehow speak the same quotation such as what the French revolutionary said:

"I will not remind you that the sole object of contention dividing us is that you have instinctively defended all acts of new ministers, and we, of principles; that you seemed to prefer power, and we equality... Why don't you prosecute the Commune, the Legislative Assembly, the Sections of Paris, the Assemblies of the Cantons and all who imitated us? For all these things have been illegal, as illegal as the Revolution, as the fall of the Monarchy and of the Bastille, as illegal as liberty itself... Citizens, do you want a revolution without a revolution? What is this spirit of persecution which has directed itself against those who freed us from chains?"

Right was Robespierre to say those words pertaining to people who, while speaking on behalf of freedom, had pointed their words those times against those who tend to exploit the revolutionary scene just to destroy those who tend to uphold, remember Aguinaldo and his clique, alongside the ilustrados whom ousted the plebian-minded Bonifacio and his band of lower-class intellectuals for the Katipunan leadership? So are the ilustrados whom, parroting the American occupiers clamoring for "Peace" instead of struggling for independence during the Philippine-American war! True was what Robespierre said about traitors whom guised as patriots especially those who use the sentiments of many merely to preserve their prestige.
But, in a modern sense, true that there are certain officials whom once joined the 1986 and 2001 revolts that toppled Marcos and Estrada, of affording to say some goddamn bragging rights such as certain reforms being put to action; and yet despite all their near-nonsense statements, how come some, if not most amongst their ranks are pulling backwards simply because of their personal gratifications such as corruption and at the same time exploited the aspirations of the people with some piecemeal "reforms", "programs", and the like? Yes, one dares to speak like Robespierre, and say why not prosecute the congress, the Barangay assemblies, the businessmen, and others whom supported the administration to realize their so-called projects? of certain laws being passed? Just because there are certain people who kept their power too firm as their prestige? Perhaps, that goddamn 1986 and 2001 revolts should been deemed illegal, as illegal as the constitution itself and the aspirations of the people that these people on high dare to imitate yet failed to realize, worse that they aggravate past issues that made the Philippines failed to realize its aspirations!

And again, this writer may know much about people nowadays such as those who had protested at Mendiola, EDSA, Katipunan, Mendiola, as well as other parts of the archipelago. But since people had clamoring for change, yet confining themselves into an illusory peace, or so-called order, one would dare to ask like Robespierre: "yes, they want Change, they want Revolution, but what kind of Revolution if it confines itself to 'order'? It's not revolution as what forefathers done! Even the late Gandhi can't consider it as a revolution as he and his followers, in pursuit of social change had to beg differ such as disobedience to the extent of imprisoning themselves and others because of their aspirations.
Or let's say, if they call for a revolution, then why they aren't acting revolutionary by going beyond the issue? It's not all about Aquino, Napoles, Corruption and Pork Barrel- it is the rotten social order that made these happen, what is this spirit of persecution if some failed to point against the system and instead the administration, or to certain officials, to Napoles? Seems that other than the radicals who took arms in the provinces, certain people like the controversial Marlene Aguilar and her friends had to raise their middle fingers, so are the hackers whom wanting to hack government sites as their propaganda of deed; while the rest had gone a protest for a day, and not at all afterwards aside from a few who perhaps used social media as its continuation.

Good for those few, but when will they come back to the streets and start beyond order? Is everyone rather accept the above quotation using Plato as the reference? Using social media isn't enough to call it a substitute for mass action and civil disobedience, of getting beyond the so-called order what the system speaks of. Yes, true as what that misunderstood person stating that Democracy is indeed Greek in its roots, that Plato, Aristotle, Socrates or Pericles had enjoyed the benefits, yet that Democracy was the same Democracy that again limited to males, rich, and excluding the women, the youth, and the poor. Or was that guy quoting mistaking Athens for Sparta? Even Marcos himself, who used revolutionary rhetoric had to use certain individuals as references only to justify his rule than to create certain social changes other than discipline and order- not to mention that despite parroting patriotism, he had to rely on the aid of IMF-WB, of certain Oligarchs, and the Imperialists such as the U.S. regardless of his "reforms" that served as "toppings" for state-sponsored repression guised as Democracy.

That, again made the late great Lenin said this:

“Freedom in capitalist society always remains about the same as it was in ancient Greek republics: Freedom for slave owners.”

And that freedom for slave owners are also the ones behind that Greek Democracy people beg to oppose and differ. That these slave owners, Landlords, Oligarchs had been represented at the councils, Parliaments, Estates-Generals, National Assemblies, Senate, Congress, any other legislative crap to say they're Democratic yet failed to realize the aspirations of the people.
Yes, just like the ancient Greeks what that misunderstood person said, Freedom for the slave owners, obligations for the commoners! Freedom to exploit the slaves of today's generation and accumulate wealth from their blood, sweat, tears for their self gratification, all regardless of their empty-handed promises, piecemeal reforms, programs, and nonsense rhetoric that brings everyone through the ears. 

Anyways, as today's issues tend to aggravate past tensions, of LumpenBourgeois trying to keep their faux-prestige same as the corrupt bureaucrats and the old rich, these people, like the old Greeks of the past had to continue keeping their "rule" firm by carrot and stick in its subjects, not to mention that they shouldn't been blamed for seeing these same people with all their sugar-coated promises being said upon to them simply because they are regularly being shown by mass media. Worse that, with tensions still continue to aggravate, the one whom speaking about "Platonic democracy" as ideal is the "Democracy" Plato himself beg to disagree! Mentioning that the Philosopher himself had rejected Athenian democracy on the basis that such democracies were anarchic societies without internal unity, that they followed citizens' impulses rather than pursuing the common good, that larger democracies are unable to allow a sufficient number of their citizens to have their voices heard, and that such democracies were typically run by fools.

Furthermore, According to a post made by Dr. Dimitri Kitsikis, said:

"A better word to express people’s power is laocracy, laos in Greek meaning the people, while the demos means only those that in ancient Greece had civil rights, who were demotes, i.e. a very small minority (slaves, women and non citizen residents, the metoikoi, being excluded). Modern democracy is the oligarchy of the capitalist class, it is in fact bourgeois dictatorship."

And that dictatorship, led by a privileged gentry who controlled politics, economy, culture, with all of its wrath given, will rather made the common people dare to struggle against them, to the point of getting beyond the frontier and make a sea of blood that waters the tree of freedom. The democracy of the people is itself Laocratic as the people themselves, not the modern-day Demotes carries the political and economic power that ideally speaking, should been entrusted.

Call it a dictatorship for the many, a tyranny of the majority, but that "Democracy" people idealize about (contrary to the democracy being practising) is of virtue.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

"Let us protect brotherhood and unity like the pupil of our eye!"

"Let us protect brotherhood and unity like the pupil of our eye!"

At first, this writeup was made out of certain issues regarding the standoff at Zamboanga made by a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front and the Aquino administration. That conflict, resulted to deaths of both sides, somehow undermined relations that had gone near-strained thanks to the territorial conflicts in a scandal-ridden country.

Obviously, people, with their comments in social media sites had started to rally on the side of the government simply because of "national unity" against those "separatists" simply because of never-ending differences, chauvinism, and even equating Muslims to terrorists and other issues that puts a certain national minority into a bad light, and hence liable to be ostracised.

However, that said issue is also meant an eye opener not just because the Moro issue is a prolonged problem, mentioning that these Moros, whether they're Maranao, Tausug, Badjao, Sama or Yakan, like any other national minorities had its unique culture, way of governance, life in general that should been given consideration; but sadly, people care to undermine it, especially by the system and its cohorts who falsely preach unity yet with its chauvinism had end failed to win hearts and minds by these people.
Not to mention that these minorities had situated in areas known for its natural wealth. That the Moros had its oil, pineapples, seafood; or with the Cordillerans and its gold, silver and even rice grown from its terraces.
But again, people treated them as minorities, and like others in the Philippines, being deemed as victims of the majority's own chauvinism and its near-meaningless expression.

Everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, have shed a sea of blood all for brotherhood and unity of all ethnic-communities, of nations, and people themselves had to go beyond their communities all to create a greater society not to mention that in a  Filipino dictionary includes every unfamiliar word from a certain dialect, that in every culture shows a strong, woven one that ideally signifies the unity of peoples in midst of issues prevailing; yes, it cannot allow this brotherhood and unity to be destroyed or undermined or within. 
Not to mention that there are certain individuals or cliques that pushed exploitation for their own benefit without any respect to the people. That the warlords in Muslim Mindanao and Cordillera whom, collaborated with the present system had intensified Moro's and Cordillerans struggle for self-rule, well-cannot blame the latter for their struggle, simply because they're minority and thus should be disregarded while exploiting the resources coming from their community?

No! says the minorities and others who demand respect for their communities, as well as struggling for genuine unity amongst peoples! If everyone really demands peace, so should be respect and equal treatment in a way observers speak about the system should acknowledge agreements made by the MNLF and the MILF. Why disregard the MNLF that brought this kind of standoff? Just because the government treats the group as a spent force to be disregard while focusing on another? The Moro issue should been taken seriously not as a purely military one as the system do if that's the case- mentioning that the Moros are themselves a community similar to the Basques and Catalonians in Spain and not as a mere subjects of a castilian majority; and yet people, with all their chauvinism had disregard and at the same time exploit the resources found in their communities, that somehow meant anger and hatred for those people living! Yes, true that self determination is the call of these people for they're exploited and bereft of respect, that somehow made justified though the use of violence as Cordillerans over the lowlanders and the Moros over the so-called "Christians" who failed to walk what they're preaching! 

But at the same time, these affected minorities had yearning for genuine unity amongst others who showed a face that is human and deserve of respect as a stepping stone for a lasting peace, unity and brotherhood of all peoples.  That togetherness ought to genuine, and not a short term nonsense that is, built merely on sand as what the system and its supporters usually presents of- thinking that those who really yearn for unity are those who are being exploited, disenfranchised, affected by the issues and willing to dismantle their respective systems in favor of an order that is genuine,  just, principled, and progressive; that regardless of their differences they are  equal groups that wanted to coexist peacefully in a growing, thriving society they aspire to build upon, there promoting their similarities and interdependence in order to overcome national conflicts and hatred. 

Again, it is indeed difficult and treated much as figments of imagination. Personally, during this writer's college days, had sought groups willing to break the barrier such as activists speaking amongst fraternities and varsitarians and setting up councils that often used to settle disputes; yes, that idea somehow meant forging unity beyond differences, for let's just say "for the sake of attaining peace" within the university, and if so, but how about the country itself with a population of 98,215,000, and speaking major languages and dialects?

Well, as the system had benefited in dividing the nation, of repressing the laboring people, of disenfranchising the masses whilst benefiting from its sweat and brow, then it is the latter who's willing to forge back and create a real unity and brotherhood based from realistic aspirations both past and present; willing to traverse the sea of blood if possible;

and in its realization, will never be destroyed or undermined from within.

That's all this writer ought to say, just because he borrowed terms from the late Marshal Tito simply states that the issue of National Unity should be on the basis of respect and solidarity as communities binded together.

Thank you. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

"When will the people break their Peace and start carrying the sword?"

"When will the people break their Peace and start carrying the sword?"

All after seeing continuous protests against Pork Barrels,
Corrupt Bureaucrats, and the LumpenBourgeoisie

by Kat Ulrike

 photo 1233064_233707070113166_920560619_o.jpg

Luneta, Mendiola, Katipunan, EDSA, up to the provinces, the protests keep spreading. As the latest controversy regarding corrupt officials and their funds accelerates, their issues continue to pile up. That from pictures, bureaucrats trying to act innocent, consistently denying to the extent of being forced to acknowledge after being pushed by their so-called consciences such as Drilon, and Aquino himself alongside the Lumpenbourgeoisie like the Napoleses.
Yes, as the system, in its decomposition, regardless of their promises, and its half-realizations, had nearly dragged the people into the abyss, had again consistently trying to make their subjects ignorant such as so-called rebels taking over the city where the LumpenBourgeois came from; as well as other scandals in which trying to make a pile out of it just to create conditions.
But despite all these, the people of the Philippines, particularly the laboring people are now indifferent to see such issues been given. If possible, willing to end that goddamn nightmare as what Quezon said about running a nation like hell but can be changed.

 photo 1272107_233707536779786_27963288_o.jpg

Seeing Collegialas again protesting,
of Clergymen disfellowshipping
of a system "struggling"
Oe'r a people raging

Well, as people seemingly getting annoyed on what's going on in the society, would like to say that most, out of judaeo-christian moralities had to oppose immoral moves made by an antiquated bureaucracy that tries to present as "new." That the prayer rallies at EDSA shrine last September 11 and the protest at Luneta last September 13  tends to invoke their spiritual side to counter the carnal desires people on high had engaged upon, with some knowing that some of the ranks in habits are also colliding with the corrupt that should be ostracized, and even disfellowshipped because of colliding with them. Remember the bishops who were given SUVs? Of then-President Arroyo supported by a Bishop despite clergymen calling for her resignation?

Anyways, what this writer still sees is that the church had been divided in terms of their opinions regarding the present administration or the system that controls every administration, that one speaks on behalf of total change as what Deogracias Iniguez do, while others prefered to be silent- not to mention that some had been once collaborating with the late Cardinal Sin during the two EDSA revolts of 1986 and 2001.

 photo 620861_233708123446394_1423429437_o.jpg

But still, the good thing is that they are indifferent in regards to the controversy, regardless of their backgrounds and their stances such as out of their moral convictions while the masses out of being disenfranchised in the distribution of social services.

Not to mention that this writer, personally would say that it was quite nice to see Knollers (from Maryknoll), direct from their classrooms taking the streets out of their opposition against the controversial scam and the fund itself, that they afford to take pictures of themselves opposing that goddamn pork barrel and making some noises at Katipunan, making a concert into a party of rage with some new wave or rock bands, ethnic-esque musicians playing in a makeshift stage as a support; not  also to mention that there are certain personalities like Juana Change, one of the "opportunistic" personalities some, if not people used to say, afford to take stage and give shit against those who speaks of change yet failed to do so.

But, aside from the catholic-run schools and clergymen, how about the protestants who chose to seek truth from facts?
True to their heritage that they protest against a corrupt system such as what Martin Luther and other reformists had been given, they had to take stand and oppose as the faithful felt the outrage by serious plunder made by certain officials, as well as misuse of public funds that are supposedly for national development; again, the LumpenBourgeois had silently doing sabotage that brought a tremendous wreck in the society for their own gratification.
As what the statement from the National Council of Churches of the Philippines said:

"We demand the abolition of the pork barrel system and the direct allocation of taxpayers’ money and other public funds to public hospitals, schools, public housing and other social services. We must remove the discretionary power of individual politicians and government officials over such funds for greater transparency and accountability."

"When will the people break their Peace and start carrying the sword?"

But as far as this writer hath noticed, like any other protest against this hell of a kind issue being shown on live TV or printed in a newspaper, still quite strange that there are people who are against that goddamn Pork Barrel, to Napoles, the legislators involved, and Aquino himself, and yet despite opposing these personalities, why not the entire system that had brought these controversies happen? Especially who can't even give land to the landless, peace for the war-ravaged, and bread, justice for the hungry and still opposing the unjust?
Well, again, all despite their promises had rather left it as mere sheets of paper than to be realized through actions; people had noticed Aquino's clumsiness in curbing down corruption, of Estrada, Enrile, and other affected legislators trying to wash their dirty hands in front of an angry mob denying their corrupt actions made by Napoles and her clique,  of failure to control prices of commodities and low purchasing power of peso. Yes, people had been fooled, coerced, suffering for decades as the corrupt and the oppressor satisfy whipping the backs of the common man. 
Also to remember that modern things often side by side with the old problems, that modern roads, bridges in the provinces are side by side with the haciendas and other large estates farmers wanted to till for themselves and not for their masters; so is Privatization, Public-Private Partnerships, Technocracy, side by side with Kickabacks, Pork Barrels, and a corrupt Bureaucracy.
And no matter how modern the facade yet the system as rotten, still the people will always clamor for the better. And one will dare to break their peace and start carrying the sword as what Christ had stated in Matthew 10:34.

Anyways, as the proceedings continue, there will be more disgusts to unleash from these affected yet denying crooks and the nameless ranks of the LumpenBourgeoisie; and with seeing protests coming alongside a prevailing socio-economic crisis, sorry, but this writer may ought to say that one after another will break its "peace" and willing to take the "sword", to the extent of sacrificing their life and limb just like what news reports consistently report with.

Or let's say, willing to sacrifice themselves as Crisostomo Ibarras and start becoming Simouns willing to support the Eliases and Salmones of the present-day generation.

A las Barricadas! A Lucha Continua! El Pueblo Armado Vencera!

Thank you.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Of remembering and reliving: reflections after watching Lean the Musical

Of remembering and reliving:
reflections after watching Lean the Musical

Well, at first, this writer had to give thanks to those who had keep the Lean spirit alive. That, through the second time around of playing one of Gary Granada's works would say that there's a chance of fulfilling the struggle-especially in this continuing past people had tend to struggle with.

This writer somehow found quite noticing that most people tend to disregard activism as a spearhead of change-that, as depicted in some scenes played at Lean the Musical, radical activism been depicted as noisy, fight-thirsty mob willing to confront the police aside from venting messages too common in the ears of the people.

But with certain intellectuals like Lean Alejandro, or even earlier ones like Joma Sison or Antonio Zumel, would say that there are some used terms that, although at first came clean, still carries the stigma of militancy that is, acceptable in the ears and minds of the common people. Activists? Perhaps one dare to call them as civil society, so are the use of english for some time in making statements that captures as well the idea of a middle-class intellectual working in Makati. The result? Solidarity, if not support such as what happened in Edsa II or at the Ayala mob duringt he days of the Arroyo administration. Not to mention about the confetti that came from the windows of every office building as a sign of support for those whom the system deemed as subversives and hence, part of the order of battle such as what Alejandro, Olalia, and others written and cost their lives.

And as this writer continue watching, would say that yes, there may be technical problems such as walking while singing not in front of the microphone, a bit unpolished movements and one of the characters abit confused in singing. Mr. Katsch Catoy, in a discussion with yours truly, even said that 40% of the event carried such problem being stated in this part; yet still the essence of the play is as somehow good enough to recapture what this writer used to listen into their songs, originally sung by Chicoy Pura, Dayang Barrios, Cookie Chua and Noel Cabangon.
Also according to Catoy that the original rock musical was somehow influenced by Jesus Christ Superstar as it used modern theme such as in music, or perhaps mr. Granada had to utilize, after his research about Lean Alejandro's life includes the culture of the Marcos and Aquino administration such as those of tucked-ins, rock music, and others that made the musical militant but groovy.

Quite strange for others, especially first timers in watching that said musical with its pop-culture inspired music, but the musical provides something that not all militants, although carried the right line has no right to be creative such as what the late Alejandro made. That one person, although afford to read the classics, also has to create something that is applicable for the times same as advancing the struggles of the people in a society where agriculture is predominant, corruption and oppression as prevalent, as well as inequitable distribution of wealth and not enough closure of gaps between rich and poor.
Not to mention that they do have personal lives such as love and relationships, just like how Lean fell in love with Lidy Nacpil (with the song "Panata't Pagibig" and "Kasal"), whom became his wife and mother of their only daughter, Ruslan. The scene where they tried to balance personal lives and those of politics, in which Lean, then running as a representative of Malabon-Navotas had to bid farewell from his wife that also acted as his campaign manager! ("Kadre de Pamilya" as what being said) Quite comical, but true especially for a person whose cause became rooted into their lives.

And yes, not to mention that there may be others who continue giving stupid statements against activists, of those who add certain personalities in the order of battle, but where are they when the clarion calls for an action against a repressive system?
Perhaps, they chose to remain deaf, apathetic, not to mention that they still consider activism as hindrance to progress and stumbling block to traffic; and if some afford to "make a joyride out fo the issue" as if acting too cautiously in their moves like opposing a certain issue but not the system who had made that issue happen such as Napoles and the pork barrel scandal in which most people care to chant against the issue, the senators, even Aquino himself, but how about the system that made these happen? Few dare, aside from the militants who consistently attack in the name of national liberation and a people's democracy. The events at EDSA and the confettis showered in Makati's buildings somehow provided examples, but how about the issue on land and social justice like what happened in Mendiola? That people had to march in Mendiola (that had led to a massacre) after seeing disaffection with a president with empty-handed promises (especially those of resistributing land) as somehow one example of these.
That somehow made Lean said:

"It is in Mendiola where their promises been buried."

That until today been doing so.

Anyways, Personally, this writer may somehow still cling to the Granada original with its guitar and drums being played, a rock musical so to speak; although also find it appreciative to hear Karl Ramirez's redinition that includes techno. Quite modern though so to say, yet still carries the same spirit as the Philippines can't move on from its continuing past such as repressive order and its effect. It was back in highschool when this writer had listened to the songs based on that musical, then downloaded at (now downed), and nowadays somehow both honour and pleasure to watch the play itself that is being done at Aldaba hall, University theatre, UP Diliman.

Again, Cheers and continue the struggle for justice, relive the Lean spirit!

Lean the musical will run on September 14, 16, 21 (3pm and 7pm), and September 13 and 20 (7pm only) at the Aldaba Hall, University Theatre in UP Diliman. Tickets are available at P250 for non-UP students and P200 for UP students.

For ticket inquiries, please contact Jenica Bacud at 09163210485.

And for the Lean Alejandro CD (the Gary Granada original), are sold at UP Shopping center and other "books for less" outlets.

Militant, but groovy again! Lean the musical stages for the second time

Militant, but groovy again!
Lean the musical stages for the second time

A lot of nameless individuals had sacrificed their lives facing the line of fire during and after the Marcos regime. Other than Ka Lando Olalia of the Kilusang Mayo Uno, Priests like Fr. Tulio Favali, and women militants like Lorena Barros, there are others who had been in the Universities, studying their lessons and yet keeping the militant spirit alive, using different terms yet carries the same stigma that contributes to the growth of multi-sectoral struggles for Nationalism and Democracy, one example of those militant intellectuals is Leandro "Lean" Alejandro.

As part of their 41st anniversary, as well as in commemoration of 26th years of Alejandro's demise, the UP Repertory Company stages for the second time of the Lean Alejandro the Musical, originally written by folk singer/composer Gary Granada.

The said musical was made back in the mid-1990s, and although abit influenced by Jesus Christ Superstar with its pop and rock music, the said musical tends to invoke the 80s generation, with its original cast included renowned artists like Chikoy Pura (of the Jerks), Bayang Barrios, Cookie Chua (of Color it Red), and Noel Cabangon.

This time, directed by UP Repertory alumna Kathryn Manga with the music re-arranged by Karl Ramirez (of Pagbabago), "Lean" tends to recreate scenes not just to remind of the late mass leader himself and his exploits, but also to celebrate a continuing past of social relevance, with its list of re-arranged yet meaningful "militant but groovy" songs and a cast that includes militant leader Vencer Crisostomo with his role as the main character.

A snippet of his life

Known for his militant idealism, Lean Alejandro had led the masses, first the UP studentry, and eventually the Filipino people in resisting the Marcos regime and struggling for genuine, militant and patriotic society alongside Lorenzo Tañada and Lando Olalia. He also ran as representative for Malabon-Navotas under the Partido ng Bayan, in which he end defeated by Teresita Aquino-Oreta. His militancy and charisma, although it had brought support from the people, also got the ire of the right-wing elements, that eventually cost his life, in the age of 27 during the destabilization plots against the Aquino regime in 1987. Along with Olalia, as well as nameless others who had been known for opposing the growing militarism and right-wing fanaticism of the post-Marcos era.

And still, his case remained unresolved for decades. People still continue calling for justice for the long list of militants and innocents killed during and after the Marcos period. And with Gary Granada who had afford to make a musical out of Lean Alejandro, and this time re-created by Manga and Ramirez, the militant spirit lives on, this time groovier than ever.

Lean the musical will run on September 14, 16, 21 (3pm and 7pm), and September 13 and 20 (7pm only) at the Aldaba Hall, University Theatre in UP Diliman. Tickets are available at P250 for non-UP students and P200 for UP students.

For ticket inquiries, please contact Jenica Bacud at 09163210485.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

"Party!" Assessing a sample of Quotations from Jeane Napoles


Assessing a sample of Quotations from Jeane Napoles

At first, it seems that the people couldn't stop venting their rage against the system, especially the present Aquino administration, with all the controversies unraveled such as the latest issue about the "Billion" peso Pork Barrel scam.
The said issue affected both the administration and the opposition due to the transactions by both sides with the people's money end up carried away by the wreckers of state-that somehow made people felt the rage over the said "fund" that's supposedly allocated for local development such as roads, bridges, granaries, irrigation, and other stuff what most project makers, or rather say, legislators afford to"earn" along with private profiteers engaging.

These set of quotes, mostly came from Jeanne Napoles' Tumblr page, reflects the bourgeois decadence made by this modern-day Bitch, along with her mother who had used the people's coffer for their personal extravagance, yes, that from the parties they've officiated to the diamond-stidded shoes and expensive stuff, all at the expense of the suffering people who had wanted peace, land, and bread.
Napoles, like any other oligarch, landlord, and corrupt bureaucrat, would say that they should be deemed as LumpenBourgeois due to their eagerness to manipulate to support the existing system, often turning to crime such as swindling governmetn funds for their personal benefit; yes, there may had been some token contributions to brag of like roads, bridges, irrigation and others, but these are made primarily to impress as if they are trying to appease the people with their trying hard acknowledgement of their aspirations.

That somehow this writer, as well as others, felt the disgust for they, alongside others who are steadfastly defending the order, are the refuse of a past that is ought to dismantle and forgotten.

1.) the one with the party quote…Life is a PARTY and you are my VIP

Like any other bourgeois that had lived in decadence, Napoles may had not noticed that she's squandering the money of the people. That once, the former Queen, Marie Antoinette had not noticed that she's the spouse of the head of state, and in every party she organized, every extravagance she had done, every gold, silver, livre being spent were those taken from the people whom working hard and ought to pay for it; so were the nobles who had afford to do the same as Marie Antoinette did.
Yes, life is indeed a Party for the elite, but as for the laborers and even some of the middle class, it isn't-especially with the truth unveiled, what kind of party Napoles did? Was she mocking the third world that she can afford the millions coming from the coffers of the people?

2.) I always loved fashion but ever since I started going to FIDM, I just fell in love with it even more. Christian Louboutin shoes are definitely my favorite, right after YSL shoes because they are my comfiest heels! But these shoes are my favorite :) i love sparkly things and I love swarovski on my shoes <3 nbsp="">

Like Marie Antoinette, that spoiled lady who afford to brag that she loved Swarovski crystals in her shoes is as if everyone afford to buy it; like Imelda Marcos, as if that shoes Ms. Napoles afford to brag can be justified as a guiding light for a developing country thanks to those diamonds and expensive crap whether it was been given by friends or spent using the cash coming fron the blood and sweat of the masses. 
And since Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat Cake", then that bitch of today can afford to say "let them wear shoes" thinking that most of the people whose taxes end up in her wallet can't afford to buy those Yves Saint Laurent's, or Christian Louboutin's the way Imelda Marcos afford to buy Salvatore Ferregamo's thanks to the Tantoco's with the money coming from NASUTRA (National Sugar Administration).

3.) I am actually quite happy that Manny Pacquiao won his fight against Shane Mosley but when you tell the public you are going to wear yellow gloves as symbol to fight poverty, don’t let your wife wear 7Million worth of yellow diamond earrings then. 
Hhhhhmmm but then again the color yellow in the Philippines is so political and I don’t want to get into that :D that’s why I’m in the fashion industry! :)

Made years ago during the fight of Manny Pacquiao against Shane Mosley, her comment seemed to be that as if she sympathize with the poor by telling Mr. Pacquiao's wife not to wear 7 million worth of yellow diamond earrings on that bout.
But, for Chrissakes, how about her mother who afford to get at first, a billion out of fooling the military with Taiwan, or rather say US made, Plastic, Or rather say Kevlar helmets? And the recent events involving billions of pesos coming from congressmen and senators through her pseudo-Non-Government Organizations?
It's not sympathy, but a mockery out of it as this writer sees of. She may had been in the fashion industry as if she can afford to escape the inconvenient truth how politics, economy and culture are interconnected with each other!

4.) the one with the Royal Wedding…
I remember when I was 9 years old, my first time in London, I saw magazines with articles saying who can Prince William marry… Most of them are his distant relative, well thank god it was not one of them. haha
I have to admit Kate Middleton’s dress was timeless and classic, but I still don’t know if I like the fact that it is way too similar to Grace Kelly’s dress. I guess all the hype of the wedding made me expect a lot more, I mean Princess D had 1,000+ pearls sewn onto her dress. thats #winning! hehe :) 
She still looks stunning though, I can’t believe she is a Duchess now!

Sadly, Princess Katherine chose to be simple, even the designs made by Kim Kardashian been thrown for it looked too silly for a sovereign; Prince William rather chose to focus on the affairs of state such as the military, not to mention that he's better than his father, who's too old to be the King and people would look for a young but fitting to rule, although symbolical in its role.
And since Jeanne Napoles had reminded of a typical Filipino who had loved to watch beauty pageants, of trying hard to get posh, she's far from what she idolises for, for Chrissakes, she's more of Marie Antoinette, rather than the British Royal Family who afford to brag everything while the vast mass, her fellow Filipinos are languishing in Poverty! Queen Elizabeth even ought to pay her personal taxes as well being a British citizen and hence obeisant to the laws given.
Furthermore, what Napoles aspired had been done already. Remember Irene Marcos and her wedding to Greggy Araneta at Ilocos Norte? Or even the attempt to wed Imee Marcos to Prince Charles according to rumors? 
"That's winning!" as what Napoles said, yet the church had been crumbled months later and the people complain about spoiled food from Via Mare! Such extravagance wanted by The thief's daughter had wanted to emulate those on high, but still she fail to show the value of nobility such as acknowledging an inconvenient truth with humility.

5.) Everywhere I go, there’s bound to be something with this kind of technique. Even Nike has it. More designers are beginning to harness the power of technology, this versatile and directional trend will become increasingly prevalent in the coming seasons. 

Um, well, since Jeane is a designer, and trying hard to get involved in the high culture scene with her lumpenbourgeois decadence, would say that the quite given is close to her so-called profession than the decadences she had involved in; yes, that designers had to be techie enough to modernise their talent such as in designing this and that, from shoes, dresses, even the comforts of every houses has to design in accordance to everyone's desires. 
But, these people who had harnessed the power of technology had emphasise purpose over form. Every creator, no matter how he/she designs bullshit has to emphasise "for whom?" And "why?" As its question given, and not just make and make for the sake of making, or rather say making just to impress and nothing at all; that somehow becoming prevalent thanks to mass production and people getting access to those manufactures in every outlet.
Even the Shoes made by Nike, other than being true to its name has to make a wearer victorious enough by making designs fit for agility, speed, everything what an athlete ought to and not just designing it for the sake of impression just like the earlier statement about diamond-studded stilettos.

6.) Amazingly, I don't give a shit <3 i="" nbsp="">

A typical commentary of those who are trying hard to be rich and famous so to say. Like the latest comments made by the so-called "rich and famous" (such as that goddamn Miley Cyrus perhaps,) yet uncomparable to those who had made better contributions, Jeane had tried to be herself and even trying to dissassociate with her mother's such as living in America and trying to make prestige of herself as a promising fashion designer- but if she doesn't give a shit and trying to make her own, then how come she had to hid her Instagram, Facebook, Wordpress and other social media sites she've registered? 
Perhaps, compared to Gretchen Barretto would say that Greta doesn't really give a shit in regards to the issues involving the Baretto family compared to Jeane who, despite affording to say such a word to quote with end up hiding as her name became synonymous with the current controversy people discussed about.
Or let's say, if you don't give a shit about the issues given, why not ignore and continue posting? 


Well, here are other quotes this writer ought to get but for now these are the least to be given. All ranging from glorifying extravagance in a debt-ridden society marred by poverty, these LumpenBourgeoisie had nothing to think except escape from the wrath of the people simply because of the latter felt being robbed of their hardship that is, supposed to be for developing what they wanted. 

And instead of roads, bridges, why diamond studded stilettoes and expensive food that reminds of former President Arroyo and her one million peso dinner at New York? Not to mention that some of the money used in that goddamn Pork Barrel  are also used to pay debts ordered by IMF and World Bank! 

Anyways, right is the words of Lourd Ernest de Veyra:

"Sonofabitch! There are so many starving people in this world yet you're still a Fashionista!?!"

No matter she tried to be rich and famous, of trying to emulate the Kardashians and other "high society" people, still, she's a third world crap who tries to act like those who end up being killed during the reign of terror
-not to mention that the French people of the past didn't fight against the Monarchy out of "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" alone, but of "Bread, Land, and Peace" that until today, Filipino people still fighting for.