Sunday, 6 October 2013

Of golden pigs, sowing confusion and aggravating tension within the present social order

Of golden pigs, 
sowing confusion 
and aggravating tension
 within the present social order

Despite giving few or fewer figures, people, including bystanders had afford to visit
and heed the call for transparency, and to prosecute the perpetrators
of the infamous Pork Barrel scam (Souce: GMA news)

At first, this writer has to congratulate those who vent rage against the present system at Makati last Friday.

That, as hundreds of people, mostly from different sectors, as well as bystanders coming from different establishments around the business center, had afford to heed the call to consistently expose and oppose the present order's corrupt activities, especially those of today's Development Acceleration Program (DAP) that is, a mutation of the much assailed PDAF, known by many as "Pork Barrel."

Golden pig made by BAYAN, made as a mockery of the corrupt system and its love for money,
hence analogous to the golden calf that made people worship. (Source: Inquirer)

Starting with this golden pig being presented, as well as given incense  the protest seemingly quite peaceful, ranging from agitating the people for social change to a series of songs such as Bobby Balingit singing "Mabuhay ang Pilipinas", the protest in Ayala, different from earlier protests against pork, wants to get beyond the topic, especially seeing how the present administration and its cohorts in the legislature had to wash their dirty linen such as acknowledging there are flaws in their DAP program.

Mentioning the golden pig, people in Ayala at first felt thinking that the effigy would possibly be burned since it carries a subliminal but negative message like any other effigies such as what was used during SONA. But instead, it was made to create a mockery of the administration, or rather say the system's love for self gratification such as having everybody's money for their own enrichment. Yes, like the Golden calf and other man made deities, the system had loved money so much as to give merely crumbs, if not a sufficient chunk to the people badly needed; worse, afford to get from their hardships that made their über-materialistic tendencies the root of their evils.

The government had afford to underestimate them, that according to the Makati police they were just 2,500 or below who are those participating in that event, minus those who came from their offices and watch the entire scene, even for two hours understanding why these people had afford to march, chant, stood, watch and fight against the system's justified and systematized form of corruption.  
That somehow made their cohorts, known for their apologetic stances afford to malign the event, describing the numbers as few compared to last time's million march in Luneta, yet how come despite they're "few" yet brave enough to get wet in the middle of the rain or having a shade such as in BPI or Insular Life still watching people like former state Treasurer Leonor Briones, as well as Freedom from Debt Coalition's Lidy Nacpil-Alejandro giving facts and figures concerning the pork barrel issue as a justified source of corruption, that made this writer, redescribed as a silent cause for economic sabotage.

Love in midst of rain and anger
Adding on the protest scenes that there were lovers (such as the one with a girl wearing a nurse's uniform) had also afford to watch, hear for hours in the middle of the rain and adhere to the cause as part of their lasting, committed, relationships. Lovable isn't it?

And in regards to those people who continued to malign groups, sowing confusion, wanting to break the opposition against the scam and its instigators, including the president himself, seems that they are stucked up in their computers, making crass comments and stupid stuff, instead of mobilizing themselves and speak their voices knowing that they themselves had also afford to oppose the Pork Barrel yet too loyal to the instigators behind the mutated PDAF they called DAP. 
That, with their very own words, they afford to call those who oppose the administration, particularly the militant left as hijackers, especially  those from the partylists whom once had their share of funds (of course, like any other legislator they use funds to support their pet projects) yet failed to understand that the militant left had consistently opposing not just the neoliberal economic measures that costs people their jobs, whilst the corrupt practises that in its very essence and action, treats their obligations within the bureaucracy merely as a source of their personal income rather than a service to the people; as well as ignorant in knowing that it is common then at the legislature to have legislators have a share of government funds for certain projects, that includes sectoral representatives in which most had end up in medical assistances, scholarships, building and repair of certain facilities with proofs being shown to justify; but does not mean that they should cease opposing pork barrel and instead focus in their priorities as legislators, rather than project makers thanks to that damn PDAFs.

And knowing that these people on high had afford to malign, seems that they themselves, especially those who speak that they are against PDAF, DAP, and any other equivalents, rather chose to side with the devil, just like what happened in 1905 wherein the Russians, knowing that the Tsar can heed their voices directly, had to march to the winter palace, knelt, and prayed for a constitution and reforms, but what did the Tsar do? He gave them...but in an expense of their lives that made its survivors gave up their loyalties to their Tsar and instead clamoring for social changes in a then modern yet backward society.
Yes, that these modern-day Sturves (named after Peter Sturve, a Marxist turned Liberal), just like their earlier counterparts being stated, had afford to utilize progressive rhetoric to justify Aquino and his actions, that DAP program and the 450 billion peso "presidential pork" itself as true to its name of accelerating development such as those from the countryside; but if so then how come there are still unpaved, muddy roads, if not bridges and buildings using substandard construction materials? And to those who clamor for military modernization, the failure to pressure the administration to buy real modern weaponry instead of second hand American or British junk since these people on high had afford to gain millions, billions from that said acceleration program? 

Anyways, its plain and simple that just because they are the Left they should be opposed their protests, that these people protesting were paid, but come to think of this: had these people whom playing safe in their statements afford to confront the police and again, like any other writeups this writer had made, had afford to go beyond the so-called order? Nope! Nor they even don't call for a tax holiday or any forms of civil disobedience to justify their opposition to PDAF, DAP, or any other bullshit the present administration had, nor directly assailing the system that failed to check corruption, enact direct but long term reforms, and efficiently distribute services knowing that the Philippines had afford to gain a degree of progress that is, not been felt by the vast majority of people! 

And mentioning that these people, including this writer that were allegedly being paid, had they given free this and that during those times? Nope! How desperate the system and its apologetics to say bullshit to see people venting rage against the issue and the perpetrators behind, just because Makati is a Binay country? What a shallow minded statement thinking that those who protest are simply just aligned with the traditional opposition, that they were unmolested by the police and afford to have tents with loudspeakers and Brazilian-inspired dancers; and since Makati is an opposition bulwark then how about Manila during the first wave of protest against Pork? Manila's being controlled by Estrada who is part of the opposition! Are the people behind those protest paid as well? Not to mention that some are rich people who even afford to take pictures of themselves as "protesters" yet on the next day cannot go out of busy schedules? Seems that some, if not most people whom are becoming apologetic to the present administration, if not obviously hypocritical had partially or entirely disregard the right to protest, or in Diokno's term, the right to revolt that includes assembling in the major arteries of Metro Manila.
Well, true are the words made by Tonyo Cruz in his writeup knowing that the ones who hijack aren't those from the militant left who chose to give up the pork and advance people's interest despite being given like any other legislator within the Congress, and having tactical alliances with certain politicians including those who are affected by the issues in regards to sponsoring bills and agreeing in certain programs, perhaps people should be thankful that they don't even steal the coffers, nor support the interests of those who care to exploit, whether it is America or China with the latter narrow-minded ones insist much in having the domestic Left, rather than the business-minded technocrats, as pro-Chinese:

"During their free time, they go around town with their anti-Left, Red scare tactics. They know fully well the anti-Left biases of people and they hit on this to the hilt. For their efforts, they received encouragement, congratulations, link love and endorsement from Manolo Quezon, Abie Valte, Edwin Lacierda, Jim Paredes and other diehard supporters of President Aquino.

We could only guess the motivations of this group of netizens and bloggers, but they should not act as if they are above us or better than us or, worse, one with us. They are solidly, militantly, shamelessly in favor of the pork barrel system. They defend the President. They cannot be part of the anti-pork movement.

But by meddling into our affairs, by faking concern about the conduct of protest actions, by trying to interfere and to influence messaging, by insinuating and inserting their pro-pork selves in anti-pork discussions, they try to hijack the movement."

Same as Renato Reyes in regards to people being called as "hakot" crowd, being paid, or what by those apologetics:

"It’s not as easy as writing a press release or making a Facebook meme. And these groups, the workers, the farmers, urban poor, professionals; they all made their own sacrifices to make the event a success by mobilizing their members from the communities and workplaces that were relatively far from Makati."

Anyways, to sum it all, these people desperately trying to counter the growing clamor to abolish pork by "reforming", and defending the present administration by comparing it those from the past such as Arroyo's. Quite strange so to speak, that they even said that PDAF, DAP, the presidential pork are means to support developmental projects, that Aquino is far from his predecessors, that his administration had improved the economy, and even joining, as in having a joyride in the people's call to pass the Freedom of Information act! 

And since they want to pass FoI and justifying DAPs, as well as the so-called 450 billion peso "Presidential Pork", then it is ironic to think about the right to inform and at the same time the right to gain sums of money from rigging biddings, kickbacks, NGOs run by themselves and their dummies, as well as contracts that resort to the creation of substandard projects. Worse, the use of foreign funds and foreign contracts like what happened during the Arroyo regime. 

That somehow made this writer expressed the same opinion as Tonyo Cruz's knowing that the system, as well as its apologetics, are themselves desperate to counter the Left, that they are trying to act progressive, if not populist just like the past administrations bragging about the economy yet failing to distribute social services efficiently.

Worse, that they themselves, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats, as well as self-serving members of the bourgeoisie rather aggravate existing tensions that made the people still felt the same old bullshit being covered by a façade that is, modern.

Such as high rise buildings and shantytowns, paved roads, modern bridges side by side with  feudal estates.

Why not? (source: Showbiz Government)
Personally, the events surrounding Aquino, Pork Barrel, Napoles, and the corrupt bureaucrats within the State apparatus had made people wanting to break the flow as they open their eyes and sought the sickening fact that is far beyond the words the present administration said of; that the economy have been improved, and yet with scandals existing,  alongside failure to distribute social services efficiently, then would say that is the economy really improved? Perhaps, the rich and the morally corrupt had felt it over and over with hard cash and brand new bullshit, whilst the rest think of it as an illusion being justified by façades in Metro Manila rather than affordable goods, efficient services and improved living standards.

And as to those who said about the event being hijacked, of turning the protest against pork into a call for an ouster, it is Aquino himself who said about that people have the right to impeach him because of his negligence and the scandals being done. "Impeach me!" As what Aquino said earlier; and yet it can be deemed as impossible according to Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago according to her comments,  yet at the same time it can be realized knowing that the people are becoming discontented by the issues the president and his henchmen involved, as well as tired of listening too much illusions given yet far from realities. 
So if that's the case, then will the people afford to impeach him? Oust him? After all, “At the end of the day, sovereignty resides in the people, the people decide where we will go,” as what Mr. Aquino said via a Philippine Star article.

And that same discontented people also decide as well to dissolve the dilapidated social order in favor of a new one based on their aspirations far from those what the system had insisted; not to mention that people would care to think that is, beyond the administration and the parameters of order. In a way that the once idealistic Crisostomo Ibarra in Noli me Tangere became the realistic Simoun in El Filibusterismo; or rather say, they are willing to give a dirty finger, a bomb to carry and a gun to fire against the system that made bullshits happen over and over. 

Especially with today's greed-motivated nonsense.